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  1. I'd say so. When I fitted people I never expected any tip (even though I didn't make a dime off fitting people). It was really nice when people would though. One of our pros fit a doctor into some new clubs. The pro helped him with his swing as well as figuring our the right clubs. Guy tipped him $150 because he said nobody had ever worked with him that hard. But I digress.
  2. Not intentionally but in a junior tournament one time I almost hit a friend in the group ahead of me. He was about 260 out (I remember lasering) and at the time I was happy to hit it 240 with roll. Well I apparently was able to hit the drive of my life and flew it about 10 yards short of him and it hit hard and bounced right by him. I felt bad I honestly didn't think I'd even come. I apologized and all he did was laugh and say you'll never hit another one that well.
  3. Yep. Snow was starting to go away then it snowed yesterday and today! Oh well supposed to get in the 40s this weekend so hopefully that'll help. I'm ready for my 913 to come in and the snow to go away!
  4. I'll play Titleist before any other brand unless I really don't like the club. I get a good deal on Titleist stuff so that's what I play. Guess which Titleist club I don't like (except for putter).
  5. Yes. For me this app has helped me realize I need to get to the ball FASTER. For so many years I always thought you needed to swing slow to make good contact and all the stuff people preach about not swinging hard. I've now realized its not able swinging hard or slow just swinging fast. It's definitely helped me increase club head speed and when I first started using this app and used it a lot I noticed a big difference in my scores. One of the first tournaments I used it in I shot even par on a tough course I had never played before.
  6. Tried a few pairs on at Dick's Sporting Goods the other day and I immediately fell in love with these shoes. Ordered a pair in white and black. Can't wait for them to come in. I was afraid they might make me too close to the ground but I didn't get that feel.
  7. Your local golf store should be able to order 8-PW in the AP2s. I doubt there will be a big distance gap. Although I'd say try the AP1s first and if you want the AP2s for the short irons order 'em.
  8. If I were the fitter I'd want you to stick with a 10.5 because that launch angle is too low in my opinion. Spin rate is also too high but this probably is more a swing issue than anything. If I'm fitting someone for a driver I'm going to look more at getting the launch angle correct. Did you happen to notice what your angle of attack was?
  9. A 19* 3 iron is relatively strong. If I had a 3 iron for my set it'd be 21* which is the same as your 4 iron. I'd recommend a 3 hybrid and possibly 4.
  10. Thanks. Yeah I'd say selling them for under $500 would be a great deal for whoever bought them.
  11. I'm considering selling my 712 AP2 irons. 4-PW 1/4" short with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. Only used it for about a season so they're in good shape. What would a reasonable price for these irons be? I'm considering selling them for about $420-470. Is this a fair price? I guess I really don't look at the price of used clubs too often.
  12. Interesting swing thought even if you don't come over the top. I want to try it.
  13. Are you figuring in the cost of the shafts too? If it were me I'd just get new clubs.
  14. Mostly just learned from playing. Still learning more and more about course management.
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