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  1. I can only think of nick price and rickie fowler, anybody else think of any others? particularly anyone close to price's tempo? Thanks!
  2. I'm not really a 10, i'm a 5.3 I just don't post on here much, haven't changed the clubs in my signature in a while either
  3. I've already researched that, just wondering if others have played in any to see what the quality of the fields are like or other experiences
  4. Has anyone played in one of these? And if so what was your experience, the quality of the players, quality of the golf course, etc? I'm going to play in the SC Amateur this summer, my first real big tournament you could say, and I'm trying to piece together what it takes to even make it past qualifying and so on. Thanks!
  5. How can a pro golfer do so poorly? If it was john daly I'd understand, but wow didn't expect that from a former Euro tour winner
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Bradley has another great year in 2012, I'm not saying he'll win a major, but maybe a WGC and some other events. Everyone talks about long hitters, why isn't he in the mix? I've seen him in person and he can hammer the ball, and also his putting is great, he wields a long putter like nobody's business. I'm sounding like a Keegan homer here but I really like how the guy plays and I'm expecting more from him soon. Also, I'm looking for Woodland, Stanley, Cauley, and other young guys to break out, while I expect (as said above) guys like Steele an
  7. Does anyone use something like this? I want something for my computer that I can enter in all my stats from my rounds and it can then tell me GIR, misses left, right, which clubs miss where, sand saves, etc. I'm willing to spend some money on it if it gets any good recommendations.... what do you guys think? Thanks!
  8. I was at a u.s. open local qualifier in 2008, watching some of the guys getting ready the day before when I saw something like that. There was a foursome of young guys, college kids I'm assuming as it was the closest qualifier for anyone from the Clemson team, and they were goofing around at this par 3 green. The green runs off about 4 feet down on the front to really well mown chipping areas, and they were practicing flop shots. One of the guys says, "hey watch this", and opens up one of his wedges all the way, and takes a full, hard swing at it. The shot wasn't more than 10 yards, and hi
  9. Or how about a big break show with strictly mini tour players? The closest I can recall to that was big break mesquite years back, that was my favorite big break because all of the players were genuinely good. Nitties and Every were both on there, and they're both consistent pga/nationwide players now.
  10. There was a recent clip on golf central about guys on the hooters tour. They've done half hour shows hear and there occasionally about the mini tours, but why can't they get maybe a half hour/hour show going once a week for these guys? I'd love to watch and learn the stories of these guys, whether they be just out of college or long time dreamers, it'd be cool to see the talent level and drive that's really out on these mini tours. There was a 3 page article in the most recent issue of GOLF magazine all about the various mini tours, and it was one of the best articles out of a magazine in a
  11. To me it really depends on how much better you want to get. What I'm saying is that if you're goal is to get down to scratch, play from championship tees, etc., then yes you're going to need to learn how to hit down on the ball with a divot. The distance on shorter courses doesn't show up much because the distance you hit the ball is fine to play most courses, but the big reason is spin. Hitting down on the ball creates more iron spin, thus longer shots. The spin created is also needed to hold greens on a course with fast greens, etc. So essentially, if you're happy with your game w
  12. I have looked at the guide before, but I just wanted everyone's opinion on what the best day to go is, if there are tee times etc., just things you wouldn't really know unless you had been
  13. I'm heading down to atlanta for the wednesday practice round of the PGA, and I was wondering before I buy tickets if wednesday is the best day to go? Also, are there set tee times, what time should I try to get there, and can I bring a folding chair with me? I'm hoping some of you know from experience, any answers or other information are greatly appreciated! P.S., its not my first pro golf event, (masters, nationwide tour stops), but it is the first practice round I'm going to.
  14. I've been trying to consistently get into the 70's, or at least that is my goal for the summer. So i'm coming down the last hole earlier this week, and i'm 7 over for the day (par 71). I get my approach on the last green in regulation, but on the lower tier. I'm thinking, uphill, 3 putts gets me a 79, and I proceed to four putt...... Then, just yesterday, I'm 10 over with two holes left. The 8th (played the back first) is a ridiculously easy par 5, and after a good drive I stuff the approach about 3 feet for an eagle. Now i'm thinking, sweet par the last to get a 79. Get o
  15. It has to do with what shot is going to leave them with the best percentages. By this I mean, say that the hole is located on the extreme right side of the green. On tour, this is very common, so it only makes sense to hit a little bit of a fade into the hole, because that way even if he mishits it, he's still on the middle of the green. Its all about managing your misses, and shaping your shots helps you do exactly that. If he had chosen to hit a straight shot to the hole, but accidentally added a little cut to the ball, he has just left himself short sided. Plus, its still hard for a to
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