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  1. You missed my comment about "at the range" which meant I had hit real balls to see the improvement. I should not have been amazed at the consistency because it is a much more compact and simple move through the ball rather than what felt like a swing arc from previous lessons. I feel like I now have a chance to maintain a repeatable golf swing without many hours of practice each week. Golf will be more fun now.
  2. SUCCESS! By following the tip from the "Hogan Pivot Drill" (above), I was able to eliminate my casting as seen below. My club is still delayed by the time my hands have reached my legs. Ok, lots of other things in my swing to improve (moving head and sway in the backswing) but this was a major improvement in distance and consistency at the range. Feels like a completely different and easier swing. More repetition.
  3. Getting that coordination between the turn and the downswing seems so easy in a way and yet powerful. I am hopeful.
  4. Mike: Sorry, I didn't mean to be disagreeing with you. I am only trying to understand. Clearly my arms and body are not working right and clearly I have swung my arms out before turning my hips. I do get my hips turned but so late that, as you said, my lag is "toast". Looking at video swings is new to me which is exactly why I asked someone else to look with an experienced eye. By trying to turn the hips and letting the club follow along (my wording from that Hogan video) I think I am getting the timing better. It seems like the body turn does the work and the hands and arms are just along for the ride at this point. Been playing for many years with many lessons but it seems like I am just beginning to understand. I don't ever remember being taught this part of the swing and yet it seems crucial. I will practice some more and put up another video. Thanks
  5. Yes I see that but the two images are not at the same position. If you wait a little on my video you see quite a bit more knee movement and tilt angle. I still think you are right about the hip turn on my swing not being adequate but it seems awkward trying to coordinate my hips and my arms. I just found this video and it seems like it might be something I can practice to get my hip turn more active. "The Hogan pivot drill"
  6. Yes, I see that but I also see that in my swing. My head is well behind my hips and I have that same body tilt. I don't know how to capture the single frame to a URL and put it here but I assume you can see it in the video. The difference is that my club is ahead of my hands just after impact.
  7. Ok, I see I need to turn more and slide less on the backswing and that will give me a bigger turn. How does that translate into a later release on the downswing?
  8. I would like to start over! Chasing the casting thing was a waste of time and really messed up my swing although I learned that this is a very helpful and friendly site and that iPhone cameras scan top to bottom. I still would appreciate swing advice. Here is my swing, pre-casting worries: It seems that I have only about a 90 degree angle between my arm and club. That should be less, right? I seem to have an ok shoulder turn and hip turn. I seem to have an ok hip turn and slide at the beginning of the downswing. My arms seem near my body. I usually draw the ball so my swing plane is ok. When my hands are close to my legs the angle is pretty large so something was wrong earlier, right? What can you guys see?
  9. Thanks everyone, and I will take the answer to my original question as: casting is both an effect of earlier errors and a video illusion so it does not need "fixing" separately. My efforts at fixing it were an ugly diversion and I will post on my swing at the Member Swing site.
  10. Hey MS256! Would you look at this video and stop it just as my hands get to my hips. Is that what you mean by shutter roll? So the club is not actually curved? If so, then by trying to eliminate casting, I really messed up my swing. This video is the Before image. You can see that I have rotated my shoulder on the backswing, rotated my hips through the swing and am in balance at the end. I should forget casting maybe? Thanks Bob
  11. Erik; I have posted questions about my casting on Instructions and Playing Tips. Should I have been using this forum instead? Bob
  12. Thanks everybody! Obviously I changed my swing a lot to correct the casting and not for the better. - In my first video I did have a shoulder turn and hip turn although I also have a reverse lean and buckled arm. - In the second video I had neither a hip nor shoulder turn and lunged my hips left while throwing my whole body left to get the butt of the shaft leaning. So it doesn't seem that the video by lacas addressed the casting problem except that I need to clean a lot up before worrying about casting. I like the comments that if you don't have the basics right, there are a lot of bad results that you can't correct either. Seems like I need to work on : - hip and shoulder rotation during backswing while not letting my left arm buckle. - hip rotation NOT SLIDE early in forward swing while maintaining balance and letting my body tilt - If I understand everybody, the casting should be less of a problem but honestly I am not convinced of that yet. Question: Which forum should I be posting this in, Member Swings or Instruction and Playing Tips?
  13. OK, I tried the Me and My Golf lag drill and I think it helped. Video below. It is often a good idea to over-emphasize a movement to get the feel of what is possible. Sure enough, by thinking about over "pushing" the shaft angle I was able to avoid hitting sharp hooks with a very closed face. I think my lag is better since at impact the shaft is either straight or still slightly leaning. I am not scooping at all. On the other hand, I do not have the 90 degree shaft angle when my hands are near my legs and I can see the club face getting in front of the shaft WAY before impact. Gil, I have to say that it IS possible to have a hip shift starting the downswing, with arms tight and still cast. Never underestimate human incompetence! Any suggestions welcome. This current swing feels very much like a punch rather than an athletic swing move.
  14. Hey, here is a possible solution! YouTube automatically showed this to me after I played my own video (spooky)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQpvMwAOLwo I will try this and let you know if it works. It is exactly my problem at least.
  15. Ok, I removed my swing and replaced it and it works now. I hope you can see that I start the downswing without casting and with a hip turn. Everybody says that if you start your hip turn before swinging then a relaxed swing will result. Not for me. You can see the casting effects in the bottom half of my downswing. The club is actually bent towards the ball rather than staying stiff. Awful, and yet I am hitting the ball fairly well and straight. I know I am missing a lot of power and consistency though. Help please.
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