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  1. In terms of gritting teeth Mayo isn't referring to the backswing and they probably aren't doing that on the downswing either. He's saying it to drive home his point that the swing isn't a "loose" or relaxed motion. Trying doing anything where you create a lot of force and be loose, can't happen. The grip is still firm on the backswing, if it wasn't you couldn't load the club upward. Check out how these player's biceps and forearms look on the backswing, definitely not relaxed or loose. Check out the "tension" (creases in the shirt) they create with their lats, shoulders, ribs to bend and stretch. Yes. For me it's just a result of a good grip. The grip feels very secure in my hands, like I said earlier, someone couldn't yank the club out of the hands. But at the same time I'm not white knuckling it. It's firm but I'm not actively squeezing it.
  2. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played Fri, Sat, Sun. 16 birdies for the three days. Unfortunately made a double on a par 3 each day. One 3-putt today, which was only my second one in ten rounds, so that's been a nice improvement. My best round recently was the 74 on Monday at the Farms. We played from the black tees except for the par 3's and it was windy. Hit 16 greens, two birdies and had a double with an OB. Just hit a ton of good iron shots and a lot of quality putts.
  3. mvmac

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    A very firm handshake is about right. The example with hammering a nail is also about right. With my grip someone couldn't pull the club out of my hands. I would be strangling the baby bird. Also this,
  4. mvmac

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    From my experience, not if the grip lies in the fingers properly. Think of holding a hammer, it's firm in the fingers/hand but your arm, wrist and shoulder are mobile enough to hammer the nail.
  5. mvmac

    PING G700 Irons

    i200 feel is much better. 700's are kinda like hitting a hybrid. If you are looking for something in the i200 category, new and shiny....wait until August/September. G700 meets i200.
  6. mvmac

    PING G700 Irons

    Just a 7-iron off a matt. Pretty much what you would expect: high launch, easy to hit, good ball speed, sounds a little hollow. They look very similar to the G400's at address. They are basically G400's on steroids.
  7. mvmac

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    Might be good to start a swing thread if you haven't yet. Without seeing your move I'd recommend looking at these threads.
  8. mvmac

    "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    There are opinions and then there are facts. Come on dude, use some common sense. Do these arms look passive?
  9. Horrible show. Very little actual shotmaking and the "drama" is so fake. There is nothing entertaining about seeing people hit off matts into large nettings in the ground.
  10. mvmac

    My Swing (klineka)

    Head lowering early downswing? Not a bad thing, it's something most good players do. Good. Left shoulder looks like it could work more under the chin. Make some practice swings getting the pitch of the shoulder steeper.
  11. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Last few rounds.

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