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  1. Updated Nevada rules, have to start wearing a mask on the range, went into effect yesterday 👎 Doing a lot of slow reps, taking it to 4 withe knees staying over the feet and then breathing into it. Legs are looking more stable, matching up well with the handle being more forward/shaft steeper on the downswing. When I can keep the femur "spread" it feels like the club works "straighter" into the ball rather than under and out to the right.
  2. Keeping the inside of both feet pressing against the board from address to impact doesn't make sense to me. Not saying you want the feet to roll to the outside edge but pressing "in" at address makes it harder to get balanced at setup and load into the hips. If anything you want to use the insides of the feet to torque outward. You see more setups and backswings like these, with the femurs more "bowed out" (knees over the feet) than kicked inward. I think the board could be useful for some downswing feels, specifically from about A5/6 to impact.
  3. Giving TRUE shoes another try, these feels pretty good. I like how my left foot is given more freedom to pronate on the backswing. First couple swings are focusing more on the foot torque and creating as much tension as possible at 1 (glutes, core, feet) and keeping it during the swing. Spreading the ground on the backswing and downswing, hips can't get spinny if I maintain that stability. Hit some really solid shots working on that today. Then the last two swings are more on the play feel of turning the sternum.
  4. Basically unknown because it depends on how it affects his ability to rotate/stretch, could hurt his game. There's obviously more to it than just adding weight or adding muscle/bulk. What's impressive about what Bryson has done is that his mechanics have improved and he can still move really well.
  5. My thoughts are that it sucks and I need it to be different. Everything I do is related to changing this, getting the arm to separate from my chest, creating more lean, sliding the hips less and "posting" up more on that lead leg. A lot of it is a domino effect of moves or compensations happening well before impact. Draws with the misses being pull draws. Every once in a while a big miss will be a thin push. Some recent swings dialing up the "scaps down" feel.
  6. Don't want to jinx it but in the last week have hit several shots that just sounded different, more flushed. Doing a better job of creating "tension" at address and in transition of "spreading the ground" and working through those hip joints. With Mario today, working on an important piece that I've been drilling in the gym and at home with breathing and corrective exercises. Keeping the scaps "down" allows the torso to tighten and the shoulders to connect and ride on top of the upper ribs. Basically it makes it easier to rotate on top of the pelvis. Also when that clubhead banks inward at 2, that's when those shoulders shrug and the rotation is just coming from the shoulders and not the ribs/spine. I think this is going to be more of something I train and not a cue. Going to stick with the "turn sternum" cue or "turn sternum all the way to the top" image.
  7. Scoring hasn't been great the last few weeks but hitting it ok. That's golf, posting last five scores since I haven't posted in a while. No golf this weekend because of the weather.
  8. What @iacas said. How it's been explained to me. Basically we do better with movement being more task focused than body part focused. Internal: Turn my right hip back External: Turn my right hip away from the stick
  9. Updated swings. Hit these really solid. Dynamic loft is coming down 👍 Working on: - More stability in the setup (more torque with the feet), neutral neck. Goal is to keep the torque feeling during the whole swing. - Loading well into my right glute to shore up the right leg/foot on the backswing and give myself room on the downswing. - Starting the pivot by moving the sternum and keep it moving throughout the entire backswing. Reason why I have that tape on my shirt to track the sternum movement. When I've been practicing I've been doing a 32 ball drill I learned from an instructor who gets deep into the neuroscience. Goes like this. Make about 3-4 rehearsals on the motion you want, repeat the cue to yourself, then hit a ball focusing on the cue. Ask yourself if you that's what you wanted, basically did you get close to repeating the feel. Jot down yes or no in a journal (I use Notes on my phone). If you didn't do it, then make 3-4 more rehearsal moves and anchor those that feel. Repeat three more times. With the next four balls do the rehearsals, repeat the cue but when you hit the shot, just hit the shot. Again, check in with yourself and evaluate if you did it and jot it down. Then repeat the process three more times, so in total you're doing four sets of four reps doing your best to repeat the motion you want followed by four sets of four in play mode. Goal is to get to the high 20's or into the 30's which shows you're creating those new neural pathways. Goal is to not react to the result/shot and just evaluate how well you did the motion. More simple the cue the better and I'm told from guys that have gotten results that external cues are better than internal ones. Basically used my cue as a mantra when I was in a pressure situation when I won this tournament.
  10. Please add me to the first list, Committed to be Considered list, thanks!
  11. These swings were before my seven protein shakes 😂
  12. Working same priorities and feels. Mostly practicing in the gym since the course is closed to members for the tournament. Driver and 7-iron Mevo swing speed numbers.
  13. Wife also sent them a message.
  14. Sent. Hope they change their minds.
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