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  1. mvmac

    Hogan Twist Takeaway

    Little off topic but goes to the credibility of the video. Hogan also didn't have his arms super externally rotated at setup (elbows turned under, elbows close together), like Bertrand is demonstrating. This is right before he starts to take it back.
  2. mvmac

    My Swing (mvmac)

    Filming my swing for basically 10 years now, wow, time flies. Change in the pelvis at impact is pretty cool. Wish I knew then what I know now....but I'm sure we can all say that. Going down the S&T road was probably the worst thing I could have done for my game but I made some great friends along the journey. Don't have swings of me in college but I remember having the torso fairly vertical and even leaning a bit left at the top, so trying to add more tilt/extension while trying to get the hands more inward was no bueno. Would have been better if I went with more of a Bender pattern. Facial expressions during the swing hasn't changed 😂 With the pitching, working on hitting more low-mid nippers from tight lies. Feeling a little more "flow" with the clubhead, less extension of the right wrist and right arm going external early. Would like to see the toe be more rotated.
  3. mvmac

    Hogan Twist Takeaway

    Has this guy ever looked at Hogan's swing? 😂 Agree with @iacas, if anything Hogan is doing the opposite. IMO Hogan had more of what's called a lagging club head takeaway, meaning the club head "lagged" behind the hands on the takeaway. I just don't think you can get in these positions with twisting or rolling the forearms while adding extension (cup) to the lead wrist. I agree he maintained or maybe added a little extension in the lead wrist early takeaway, almost "pushed" the grip end back with the heel pad of the left hand. Right hand above left, well away from his right thigh. If you twisted you can't create that amount of width. Look at how the right elbow is well away from his rib cage. Hands and shaft almost inline at 1.5, again don't think that can get there by rolling the forearms early. Right hand on top of left here. I have some thoughts on how this allowed him to get to the top with such an externally rotated right elbow, might do a video on that soon.
  4. mvmac

    My Swing (mvmac)

    The knee spread is just a by-product of how I'm moving my torso and stretching things on the backswing. FYI I'm not trying to go dual external rotation with the legs. Ideally the trail hip would move to slight ER or less IR than where it was at the top and the lead hip would be internal until later in the downswing where it releases to ER via rotation of the torso. It's more of the right knee buckling early than what's going on with the left leg. Yeah my tendency is to lower the head during the takeaway, lift it towards the end of the backswing, coast in transition and knees have to sag to get the club down to the ball. The most recent swing in the green shirt was good, you can see the head doesn't lower early allowing me to lower in transition (hip flexion), "encouraging" the left knee to extend. Both. I'm trying to rotate in a way to create separation between the shoulders and hips in transition. I'm exaggerating how much I'm holding the shoulders back and what you see with the head/knees is a reaction to that. I also know that it won't be like that when I play or go full speed. The goal is just to keep it trending in the right direction. Any change will lead to better ball striking. Nice work, that's some great gains for an iron.
  5. PING G410 and Epic Flash (mostly for the USF colors).
  6. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    69. Got off to a good start, -4 thru 6 then missed short birdie putts on 7, 11, 13 and 17. Legit bogey on 14 after a bad swing and a horrible 3-putt bogey on 18 from 15ft above the hole. 5 birdies and all of them got cut for a skin and didn't win the team bet. So basically all I accomplished today was further screwing up my handicap 😛
  7. mvmac

    Are you a mudder?

    Voted for the second one. I think I like that expectations are low when the weather is crappy. Some of my best rounds lately have been in cold/wet/windy conditions.
  8. mvmac

    My Swing (mvmac)

    Swipe to see the swing, not posed positions 😀 Feels are: - Flow up and right (upload) - Rotate right ribs back and around - Keep right side "back" in transition, keep the stretch longer - Straight left leg at 5
  9. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    72 in the rain. Played in a one-day member/member best ball. We shot 72 net, 70 gross lol We ended up winning low gross.
  10. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    72, four birdies, four bogeys. Short game needs some work.
  11. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    72 at Encinitas Ranch, one double and two birdies. Practice round for a team play match in a few weeks.
  12. Right it doesn't matter how much it will help, what's important is that it will help. You've got nothing to lose by leaving it in.
  13. mvmac

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated. Sure being fit will help and even doing more golf-specific exercises are great but let's say you put me back to where I was 5 years ago when I was 60 pounds heavier and the only goal was to improve my game and you gave me these two options: 1. 25% fitness focus (including golf-specific exercises) & 75% golf focused (range time, drills, practice at home, short game and putting practice, playing a couple times a week) 2. 75% fitness focus (including golf-specific exercises) & 25% golf focused (range time, drills, practice at home, short game and putting practice, playing a couple times a week) I'm going with the first option. I just think if you want to get better at golf, you need to do golf stuff. No amount of working out is/was going to improve my mechanics as much as putting in the time on the range, doing drills, deliberate rehearsals at home, getting quality instruction and playing on a regular basis. Also look at a lot of the old-school golfers, early 1900's up to late 70's. Yeah I know, Gary Player, Frank Stranahan were big fitness advocates and Nicklaus would jog the golf course and play speed golf but most of those guys didn't lift anything heavier than a glass of whiskey. There might be some special circumstances where someone could have serious mobility issues and addressing that with fitness first could then allow them to perform the motion they are trying to achieve. But they still need the quality instruction/guidance to know what they are trying to do with their body/swing. Someone could get really fit and operate under the idea that they need to (insert golf swing myth) and get worse. There was a period on tour where lifting heavy and getting stronger was popular but it's evolved to more functional training, more focused on stamina, mobility, stability, less heavy weights. That's kind of the cherry on top because those guys are still spending hours hitting a lot of balls, practicing short game, playing, etc. All those guys are going to hit it far even without working out. Not saying working out doesn't help, I'm pro-fitness, but when it comes to improving at golf, there are more important aspects to consider. I know a guy that started doing long drive for fun. Went from swinging in the low 120's to low 140's and made it to the finals last year. The speed bump happened because of his change in mechanics. Fitness wise he stopped lifting heavy and started focusing more on mobility to deal with some injuries he had. Now he's doing MMA-ish type of workout routines that compliment what he's trying to do with his move. If he had just done fitness stuff and didn't change his swing he wouldn't be carrying the ball 380 yards. He also teaches and helps players swing faster/more efficient and fitness isn't part of his instruction.

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