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  1. My Swing (sharpljp)

    Yes but more importantly is where the grip lies in the fingers. Not sure what that means but the right hand shouldn't be on top. First pad of the index finger sits against the aft side of the shaft.
  2. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Next rules update will designate two-foot putts as gimmes Hopefully if it's that clear and that many people see it, then the USGA official designated to the telecast will also spot it. But you know eventually something is going to happen and the official is going to miss it.
  3. My Swing (sharpljp)

    To add to what @iacas and @saevel25 said, check out this thread on the grip, looks very weak to me.
  4. Mac O'Grady Swings

    @Yff Theos, Erik and I are just trying to help. If you want to discuss then we're fine doing that but we're going to counter anyone trying to put Mac on a pedestal. I've been through it dude. You've watched some recordings from his clinics in the late 80's. Clinics that are now ancient information, even to Mac. The McCord clinics are before Mac figured out the trail knee extends somewhat on the backswing. Think about that, the Mac of today would disagree with the Mac of the late 80's. Even the hours of recordings we have from schools in the mid-00's is now old information. Golf instruction has evolved well past TGM and Mac. Sure it's fun to talk about MORAD but let's not delude ourselves into thinking it's "golf science" or the best information out there. Mac is now trying to learn from the PhDs and 3D ball flight guys. With the videos I have, yes, but whose knows, next week he could have changed it. He uses schools/students to experiment with ideas. Even if it's 1-2-3 it would still be wrong. I'd rather not do it in this thread since this is a Mac thread. Worked for Jack, Palmer, Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Tiger, Norman. They didn't take it back too low. If you pivot correctly that doesn't happen. Honestly, think of how many guys are in the HOF that have a early set takeaway, very, very few. Dealing with all the rates early in the takeaway is much harder and can lead to more errors. Like I've said, Mac played with CF fades. Guys he taught couldn't play in tournaments going CP. @iacas is correct, when I say knee linkage I'm referring to the knees changing flex. I honestly don't know what you mean by level knees. If the only way you can have level knees is to have the stance closed then Mac didn't have level knees when he played CF fades in competition. Grant Waite was the only player to get a pass to go CF. I can easily say it's not, he's just honest. Erik is one of the top golf theory guys in the business and has the math and science to back it up. If you want to keep him being your hero, don't get to know him. The Mac stories are awesome but everyone gets kicked out of the circle eventually, even George Hunt. Erik never called you a troll, he's just trying to get you to think critically, outside of the TGM/MORAD box.
  5. Mac O'Grady Swings

    I've heard the same thing, by people that saw him in person but his career or stats didn't back that up. If it were true he would have a career similar to Boo Weekley, Charles Howell, Keegan Bradely or Jason Dufner. Not trying to hate on Mac, I'd take his career right now, just looking at it objectively. Things he got wrong. - Correct ball flight laws. Ball starts in the direction of the face and curves away from the path, Mac was into the "old" ball flight laws. - Accumulator release. It's not 4,1,2,3. There is a little "press" of the lead arm into the body in transition, the pivot and body "lead" the way early. Then the arms, wrists and forearms are "releasing" gradually from there. If you start the downswing by releasing the arms you potentially give up speed and can mess up the thrust sequence. Want the COM (center of mass) to move perpendicular to the mid-hands point to create the most amount of force applied to the club. - Release points (or how to achieve them). Good players actually "spear" the club away from the top and then "pull" the grip towards them coming into impact. Not a lot of "holding the wrist angles" going on. You don't want or can't add radial deviation. - P1-2, early wrist set/arm fold. It can work but it's a lot of timing/effort to get the rates correct. REALLY tough to play golf and swing fast doing it. Easier to go more "one-piece" with the trail elbow higher, potentially creates more speed, stretch shorten cycle. - All the pressure points in the grip. Not really how you apply pressure or torque to the grip/club. - Pitch elbow. Not needed, just a vanity thing. If anything it's possibly easier to achieve having the trail arm more neutral or slightly internal on the backswing. When you stretch a muscle it'll "counter" in the opposite direction. In other words if you go pitch elbow from 3-4, it's tough to maintain the condition coming down. Mac actually was kinda neutral at 4 but tried to get guys super pitch. - The CP pattern for playing golf on a golf course, using it to hit shots longer than a 9-iron. - Tracing baseline, most players load the shaft "off-plane" at 3 going back and get it "on-plane" or a little outside the ball at 5. - There is probably more movement away from the target and "up" than he originally thought. COM shift. Big things he got right. - Foot flares - Knee linkage - COM moves forward and down in transition/early downswing. He didn't say COM, he called it COGs, separated them into lower and upper, which there is no such thing but it's just how he segmented the body. - Strong grip, long left thumb. - Eye stuff. - Posture stuff. - General motions of the torso to make a good pivot. Lateral bending with rotation and some extension. - Trying to break the swing into patterns. Not the actual patterns he came up with but the idea or the attempt because there are certain patterns that fit certain golfers. - To hit it high you need to have a shallow AoA, to hit it low you need to be steeper with the AoA. Not sure how conscious it was. It's just a way to create a little movement before you take it back. One thing about golf is that the ball isn't moving so having a pressure bounce creates a little flow.
  6. Mac O'Grady Swings

    In the context of Mac I haven't come across it very much. In the context of golf swing theory, I think it's a move you see a lot of good players have. Nicklaus talked about rebounding off his left side into the backswing in his book. Some instructors now would call it a COM "flow" (center of mass, where your belt buckle is). Alex Noren, Spieth, Stenson, Tiger have visible trigger moves before they take the club back. This guy or Bobby Jones might have had the best "triggers" in the history of the game. It's fine to discuss but we also want to make sure you don't put him on a pedestal. Speaking from experience here. There are a lot of smart and capable instructors out there right now, and their info is legit. Mac certainly moved things forward but any information you'll find out there about MORAD now is outdated. It's fine to learn what Mac was about by it's by no means the best information out there. Mac was just using cameras, photos and his own experience, can't compete with the tech they have today. Again not saying the Mac information can't be valuable, he got a lot of things right but if you wanted to get the most out of your time and money, going down the MORAD road isn't the way to go. An instructor the other day sent me a swing of a MORAD instructor, very model looking swing, hit all the positions, and I just shook my head that I use to think that was the swing that I wanted. Being an expert in MORAD is like being fluent in Latin. Once you get past the basics it's not very practical. Yep
  7. Grades for Tiger's Performance

    A- Given how little golf he's played, how much he was struggling with his swing a couple years ago, how few rounds he's shot under par when he has played and how many surgeries he's had. I can't imagine any other player going through what's he's gone through physically and coming back and shooting -8 for 4 rounds in his first tournament at a course that isn't a pitch and putt.
  8. Yep @Lihu, just tag everyone. @Golfingdad @tristanhilton85 @Shindig @spider @bones75 @islavistan @Hacker James @Patch @gregsandiego @Hategolf @Bechambo @Big C @Pakoh @bmartin461 @tehuti @GolfSwine @jefkve @No Mulligans
  9. Not a fan of the basketball idea. Might make you want to "push" into the ball to keep it on the wall. The hips basically turn centered, you don't want to start a pattern of the hips "sliding" forward on the backswing with the left hip too high. Do the wall drill and/or have a chair against your right hip. Make a backswing where the hip slides along (not into) the chair for the takeaway and then comes off it as you keep turning back. You'll want to create a ball or two gap away from the chair by the end of the backswing.

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