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  1. My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    As I basically said in my posts, his hands drop for a reason, it doesn't "just happen". Figure out why, make improvements and go from there. His takeaway/backswing creates a domino effect of compensations.
  2. Option two for me, just more in my peripheral vision.
  3. Born with Clubface Control

    Damn I keep forgetting to do this, have to do it tomorrow.
  4. OT: You're not a PING customer if you still play Eye 2 irons You'll hear the same kind of thing with people calling themselves PING "die-hard fans" or "loyalists" that are still playing Eye 2 irons, couldn't be farther from the truth.
  5. Well I don't know about that, lawsuits are pretty expensive
  6. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    Good example of how technology is hurting players #justkidding Was playing with our group today and someone said the caddy was to blame. Sure to some small degree but at the end of the day it's mostly the player's responsibility to take care of that kind of stuff. Unless Crane told his caddy "make sure all those stickers are off my clubs". Even then he's the player, kind weird he didn't notice it when he was warming up on the range.
  7. Yes and for shorter shots (or in between yardages) use the flighted feels I shared. It's worth experimenting with but stance width probably won't make a dramatic change. It's most likely something else that is effecting impact.
  8. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    The Orange Whip is a training device, not a club, and may be carried during a stipulated round. Swinging it during a stipulated round would be a breach of Rule 14-3 Yeah I have a fairway wood shaft I use for sticking my phone holder rod in. I typically take it out when I play, mostly to lighten the bag a bit. I'm pretty sure I can carry it during a round, @iacas can you confirm? According to the rules "A club is an implement designed to be used for striking the ball.... composed of a shaft and a head". I'm thinking the shaft (which isn't even functional because the tip is outdated and won't fit on any of my woods) falls into the "rod" category.
  9. I'll share this thread, I'm sure you've seen it before but might be good to go through it again. I rarely make full swings with wedges. When I do I'm making the same swing as I would with a 7-iron, ball is just back a little further, like just forward of the middle of my stance.
  10. Born with Clubface Control

    Quick story about clubface control which I'm sure many of you have already heard. When Nicklaus hit that famous 1-iron on 17 in '72 he said he felt he took the club back a little too shut and had to hold it off more coming into impact. That's an example at obviously a high level. Some players just have a better sense of the sweetspot than others. You're misinterpreting what Key #5 is about, @iacas already replied to you but it's not about "manipulating" the face during the swing. Where? Mine is (by design a bit) but I don't see it with most people that post their swings. Also not everyone that posts their swings is a 5SK student. Being a little shut is a lot better than being open. This is mostly my opinion, not something from 5SK.
  11. Club fitters like Club Champion, Cool Clubs, Hot Stix are doing very well with PXG.
  12. Backswing stopping point

    Abs stretching = arm lift Abs tightening = easier to rotate with good sequencing
  13. My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    Keep working on the backswing pieces. Right hand/arm riding on top of the left all the way to the top. For the downswing, I would work on this drill/feel. Make slow swings, film it and keep doing it until the picture changes from the hips being square to rotated left of the target. Check out these guys, http://evolvr.thegolfevolution.com/
  14. I know you probably don't want to hear this but it seems like it's more of a technique/mechanics issue. Are you just not hitting those shorter shots solid?