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  1. 74, as good as I hit it yesterday I felt like I've never swung a club on a few holes. Made four birdies.
  2. 64 in our Red, White and Blue tournament. Won the gross division. Format is you play six holes from the blue tees, six from the whites and six from the reds, got to pick which ones you teed off from. Index right now is +2.5 and my handicap for today was +7, so gives you an idea of how short the course was....but still have to keep it in play and convert. Great thing is I don't have to post it! 👍
  3. My interpretation is that it's similar to cracking a whip. With pros, their hips start the transition/downswing with a rapid acceleration followed by a rapid deceleration. So the speed or "work" you're putting into the club is the results of the torso, arms, legs accelerating and decelerating. There is kind of a chain reaction from one body segment to the other, so you need the deceleration to provide the sequential transfer of energy. Basically I "brake" or stabilize very well and will never be able to override it. I need more juice on the acceleration side. Honestly, I most likely should have started playing lefty, it's my faster side and I throw lefty. This also makes sense for because I hit it the straightest when I feel like I'm swinging hard/fast. I get in trouble when I try to guide shots and then I can hit it all over the place.
  4. Thanks. It's also helpful to me to document it all and easy to share if someone asks what I've been working on.
  5. @Birish21, example to go along with myself and @ColonelCamp are talking about.
  6. Wind picked up today, blew 20-25. Hitting fairways is overrated
  7. Love that picture. Yep. let it come in. The knee is more of a reaction to how he is pivoting and unweighting the left foot. He does a good job of detailing this in his book, how it's being "pulled" back. The left knee "in" you would want to avoid is when the "weight" stays on the left foot.
  8. For the one or two people following this thread, want to clarify that I don't think you need to do all the fitness stuff I'm doing to become a decent player. I've been steadily improving the last 3-4 years without it. To get to where I want to go with my game I'm open to giving this fitness/corrective exercise stuff a try. To do that I have to do my best to fix some mechanical/movement issues, some that may stem from my body's ability to "load" properly. 💪 Thanks Dave!
  9. Last weekend and today.
  10. Yes and why I get narrow with the wrist angles on the backswing. Can't stretch of expand on the backswing. He explained it to me by describing how the body is made up, of mostly gas and liquid. How air is distributed is very important. I will say this, when I do my breathing my feet feel like I just got a massage, no tension. I can flex from the hips without any tightness and my hip IR doubles. 4th workout this week, burned 1K calories! Swings from yesterday face-on view was a bit off but definitely some improvements. More "compression", 2 is better and 6 is probably my best.
  11. Got connected last week with Brian Chandler, a performance trainer who specializes in golf, works with Ryan Moore, few Korn Ferry pros and a bunch of college players. Typically not into that sort of thing but figured it couldn't hurt to get an assessment, glad I did because it was very informative. Connected with everything I've been trying to do with my swing for the past couple years and why some of it has been a struggle: - Why the club head tends to bank inward at 2 - Lack of speed (driver is 106-108mph) - Over-rotation of pelvis on backswing - Sweep/flippy release with knee sag Below are notes I sent to Mario, he came with me for my first session Monday. - I have a wide rib cage which makes core compression harder to do and speed wise isn't very good. Tiger has a perfect ratio with wide shoulders and narrow hips, optimal for ground forces (funnel concept). Narrow rib cage can create a lot of speed but lacks control. - My thoracic is compressed, lacks mobility. It's straight and doesn't have any kyphosis. - Easier for me to go anterior pelvic tilt and elevate the rib cage. Tend to stand more anterior with a disengaged core. I'm already "stretched" out so there is nothing to expand from P1-4. - Really good ER with the hips and very poor IR - Overall mobility really good, especially with the feet/ankles and arms/shoulders. My good feet/ankles compensate for my lack of IR and thoracic mobility. - Need to expand more in the backswing via spine, more eccentric stretch of fascia slings. - Use all three power sources evenly, which is why I hit it straight. Deceleration side is faster than my dominant side, another reason I hit it straight. - Currently use pelvis rotation and a lot of arms (scapulas, shoulder elevation/flexion) to "cheat" backswing pivot. No stretch of sling from left hip to right shoulder. Makes it hard to compress the core in transition and into the downswing. - P1 will feel like my belt buckle is rotating upward (posterior, core compression) then hip hinge from there. Feel a little stretch up the hamstrings and glute engagement. "Weight" will feel more middle of the foot or even a bit on the heels. - First thing he gave me was four breathing drills to expand the upper back and compress the rib cage as the posterior chain is engaged. Next month the plan is to do four workouts a week and breathing corrective exercises three times a day. We'll see how it goes, I'm willing to give it a shot and encouraged by the way the swing looked today after three sessions with Brian. Here are swings after the workout today. Really good facility, Brian is planning on adding a motion capture system and force plates. Focus is on the setup, feet square, pelvis tuck/ribs down, hip hinge while not adding knee flex. Swing cue was to move my sternum/ribs to move the arms/club back and at 3, feel the shoulders protracted and the upper back expanding (pic below). Basically trying to create as much space as I can from the grip to the chest but doing it with my upper back and not stretching my arms. Difference from previous swings is that I'm getting more pure thoracic rotation and not using excessive extension. Ideally the femurs would be a little more ER, best example would be the guy below me, lower leg IR, upper leg ER so it's much easier to go IR in the trail hip as I rotate back. Example of a couple of the breathing exercises, this is one of his coaches.
  12. Last week did some shot zone collection with Mario on Trackman. Continuing to work on the same pieces with some tweaks to the setup. My typical tendency, too much knee flex, torso bent too far forward. It's amazing how different these two pictures feel. Then had this round on Sunday.
  13. 72 yesterday (40-32) and 65 today. -11 my last 27 holes 💪
  14. Oh yeah for sure, same feel.
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