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  1. I hit the Rogue Pros the other day. Nice looking heads for a players game improvement iron, biggest negative is that they don't sound great. Pretty similar design to the AP3. I'd say go with what you like the best, I wouldn't worry about the tech being newer.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    And every hole was uphill and into the wind back in the day
  3. I get what you're thinking but golfers that are getting fit and/or taking lessons are in the minority.
  4. 2018 Honda Classic

    Yes it is/was his brother-in-law. Biggest change they made that is noticeable to the eye was getting his eyes/chin down at address. Basically every 5 years he works towards making his golf posture better so five years from now he'll look like this
  5. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Probably a better question to ask after Tiger has played several events for the year. Jack had a bit of a resurgence in his early 40's after not taking things too seriously in his late 30's. Went winless in '79.
  6. 2018 Honda Classic

    He spent some time with George Gankas at Riviera.
  7. Play the ball closer to the right pic (and Luke Donald in my last post), more room for error. Also this.
  8. Amazing some of the weird responses the post received. Here are the examples I posted. This one of Noren is probably closer to a pitch but same idea. And I'll add this one of Kuchar and Donald.
  9. This is interesting. This with taking the best 8 out of 20 might skew things to have people's handicaps a little lower than the "USGA standard" way of doing it. Yesterday we played in cold and windy conditions. Had a couple choke 7-irons into holes where on Sunday I was hitting a sand or lob wedge. Greens were dried out, playing fast and firm. Shot 74 and felt like it was good as if not better than the round on Sunday.
  10. My Swing (mvmac)

    Same feels. Couple swings after the round yesterday. Wouldn't mind seeing the hands a little deeper/shorter on the backswing but I like the "flow" of the movement. I've been trying to doing more filming after rounds because they'll look closer to my "play" swings than when I'm just out there practicing. For example, here's a swing from last week that I would say is ideal for me. Hit the crap out of this one.
  11. What @David in FL said. Have your pro call their pro. Yeah LA is a different deal and you can't compare it to other places in the states. There's a lot of people, a lot of wealth but only so many private courses. For some clubs in the area members are restricted on how many guests they are allowed to bring. I don't blame them or think of them as being snobby. They paid a lot of money to play one of the best courses in the world and not have to deal with making tee times weeks in advance (or not at all). They paid beyond a premium for something and they should be able to enjoy what comes with that. Very tough to get an invite to LA CC no matter who you are, they don't like celebrities. It's just a step below Cypress or Pine Valley in terms of that. And Bel Air is currently closed for renovation. I'd recommend reaching out to San Gabriel CC, great course. He didn't call you lousy, he said it was lousy to label people or clubs “snobby” because they won’t let anyone play their course.
  12. Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    This is an UPlifting thread
  13. Still the same kind of thinking though. Long game is just referring to full swings off the tee and approach shots. So driver, irons and some distance wedges. Short game is referring to pitching, chipping around the greens and obviously putting. If you find yourself pitching/chipping a lot, then the long term piece to work on is full swing to hit more greens. Now obviously if you're hitting a decent amount of greens and when you do miss a green you're chunking and blading a bunch of shots, then yes that would be a glaring weakness and you would need to fix that.
  14. Mixed Bags Making A Comeback?

    OEMs are cutting back on how much they're offering players this year, especially TaylorMade. So you'll see more mixed bags. Also some guys like Xander Schauffele are in a transition phase. Dufner is trying out a bunch of drivers, playing Mizuno irons mixed in with his previous Titleist stuff. Potter is a Srixon guy but is mostly playing PING clubs. Even had a Glide wedge.

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