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  1. Five birdies, checked off some good ones today, 6, 8 and 17.
  2. @iacas hit the nail on the head with his post. The simplest answer I can give is I'm trying to make the swing as "reactive" as possible. @phillyk, it makes sense what you're seeing with the drill swings and I'm sure it looks like there is a lot of movement going on, I'm just emphasizing movements that become much more subtle when I'm hitting a shot. For now I'd rather err on the side of having good flow and being a little off on my alignments. I've also seen some videos of my swing on the course and everything is much more toned down, the trigger and the amount of movement right. As Erik mentioned, the trigger or the early shift right helps build some momentum into the swing. You see this with a lot of great players, they do something to get the motion started and "propel" the arms and club back. Some are more evident than others. I'm basically trying to find what works best for me, from a feel standpoint and what can help encourage some positive things in my swing. I started adding some kind of trigger (it's evolved a few times) about 2-3 years ago. When I went from not playing much to playing a week. It helped me play better on the course with less effort, allowed me to get the motion started without "thinking". I was too static before, there wasn't any "flow" to the swing and the speed was on the slow side. More within the parameters of not moving too much side to side. I had been rotating that right leg/hip too much around, not enough "stretch" up that right side. Thanks and yeah the idea is to make that a byproduct of how the body and pressure is moving to create that change of direction.
  3. New month, four birdies today.
  4. Long post. Trending in the right direction. Today was five straight rounds under par. Did a Facetime session with Mario this week. Here is the "before" and what he saw: "Keep working that trail side climb earlier to get the recenter fractionally sooner. Shoulders are getting a little "rounded" at the top. Will reduce the linear needed from here to get the pressure onto lead foot then the force back can happen quicker. Pressure can still be on the right of COM then tilt and shift over to the lead lead from here. If you lift up each foot back and forth quick the pressure shifts left to right quick but the body COM does not move. If you drift right too long or too slow, the COM will drift with the pressure shift for too long on the trail side. So if it just breaks the red line then turns on it the COM shifted to the trail side and is ready for the arrow tilt from the trail and to move over to the lead quick for the larger moment arm." Based on that I'm going to experiment with unweighting the left foot more, allowing the left heel to raise. Here are those swings. Better. Feel wise on the course I’m more “aware” of how different the unweighting is compared to a couple days ago, feels “taller” on the backswing. Doing a drill with a light kettlebell and the step drills to enforce the feels and momentum. Then some pitching. Keeping it simple. Arms soft, sternum forward of my belt buckle, sternum stays forward
  5. From our GM, And my parents sent me this Petition · Allow Golf in California with appropriate procedures and safe -guards. · Change.org Allow Golf in California with appropriate procedures and safe -guards.
  6. 71, 69 this weekend. Won my match yesterday 3&1. One of those events where you play a match every two weeks.
  7. 5 birdies today, checked off hole 7, others were repeats. Five rounds in March, birdied or eagled 10 out of 18 holes.
  8. Sticking with the early shift and "push outward" feels l mentioned in my last post. Also, keeping up with the step drills to key in on the "closed while shifting forward" aspect of my swing. But there is a reason I have a tough time keeping the upper closed. My shoulders keep spinning open in response to the "skipping a rock" trail shoulder external rotation My tendency is to go super external with my trail arm, left shoulder works down and around. My brain isn't going to allow for right side bend (which I need a lot more of in transition) with the ER trail shoulder because it's a double shallowing mechanism. Excessive ER forces me to to get the shoulders opening with the knees staying flexed to make sure the excessively shallow club hits the ground. Reason those drills are good is because it helps me keep the right side "wound up" as I shift (along with the right elbow), I don't coast the left shoulder forward. Upgrades at 6, handle more forward, result of having more right side bend and room.
  9. 5 birdies today, checked off holes 5 and 13.
  10. The golf teaching industry is in the best place it's ever been. Real data/science is being infused into the industry, there are several great certifications to receive, great people to learn from, technology allows for more information to be shared, swings to be easily captured/analyzed, Trackman, K-Vest, pressure mats give you unbiased data. Having said that, Brandel is right, maybe not the best choice of words, but most instructors are not qualified to teach. They spread and recommend mis-information. If golf instructors were doctors, you'd have a lot of dead patients due to malpractice. While not directly aimed at the PGA, anyone who has had to go through the program knows what a complete joke it is. Brandel is right, a lot of the change and good information being shared in instruction is coming from guys on YouTube, Instagram, independent web forums 😉, guys who started down an untraditional teaching path, it's not coming from the top down. Here's a list of the top 50 instructors in the world, there are plenty of guys on that list that will do more harm than good. Personally, I've taken lessons from two of them, Dana for full swing and David Orr for short game. I think I would only recommend seven of them to someone (full swing). The 50 Best Teachers In America - Golf Digest The 50 Best Teachers In America: The definitive list of golf's best teachers, as voted by their peers
  11. Yep I did for March, I eagled it last time I played it, so it was a repeat.
  12. 71, 70 this weekend. Greens were punched, obviously putting was tricky but the soft/sandy made it a lot easier than normal.
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