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  1. I was fortunate to grow up at the club with "no tee times" and it worked basically like @vonbonds described at his place. Where I was in San Diego and now in Vegas, you have to make tee times. I get the frustration of having to make times but the private club has changed in the last decade or so with more ClubCorp/TPC/Troon clubs and fewer equity options. The higher end (less members) should strive and maintain a "no tee time" policy but for most private clubs it's going to be tough because they have to accommodate more than 30 rounds a day. Not really sure the point of Rymer's tweet.
  2. Four birdies today, all repeats. One more round for the month.
  3. Two birdies today and checked off #4, my nemesis hole! Changed my strategy and hit 3-wood off the tee instead of driver. Two more birdies and two more rounds to go. Honestly, I'd be really surprised if I birdie 8 and 14 in the next two rounds but I'll be trying hard. Pretty cool I've gotten this far 😎
  4. Well, only one birdie today but it was a good one, checked off #10. Three more birdies needed with probably three more rounds left in the month.
  5. 2 birdies today, both repeats.
  6. 74, missed some easy shots/putts and some bad mental mistakes.
  7. Yep. It's going to be tough. I hardly ever birdie 4 or 8. Probably have my highest scoring average on 4, it's a really awkward drive for me and the green is effectively small, just doesn't fit my eye.
  8. 7 birdies today, six repeats and checked off the 11th hole.
  9. 68, 7 birdies, one bogey and one double.
  10. 56....😛Par 3 challenge today at the club. All holes converted to par 3's, mostly playing from rough hitting over trees or teeing off from a tee box and playing the previous green. So teeing off #6 forward tee to #5 green. No birdies, two bogeys, yardage control was terrible. Shortest hole was 60 yards, longest was 173.
  11. Three birdies today, got #12 which is a big one. Best hole to make birdie because it typically holds up for a skin.
  12. There is a group at my club that is still playing with Dec handicaps because they refuse to believe the new ones are accurate 😂
  13. 75 in not fun conditions, cold and high wind. 5th straight Friday game low gross 💰 Hit the driver very well, irons were good, putting was mostly better. Missed two short downhill putts but then made several other good ones from 10ft and in. Most of my bogeys were good/solid shots that landed pin high and went over the green. 7, 11 and 14, all shots at the flag that were solid and went over the green. Tough to get it up and down if you miss a green at Summerlin, especially long. Kind of like Pinehurst, rolls into a collection area and grass is not dormant and grainy.
  14. Session with Mario today, been about a month since the last one. Was on the right track with my feels yesterday. Ditched the trigger move I was experimenting with in the 1-9 swing. Didn't provide enough momentum on the backswing to recenter things aggressively enough. If things can't get "lined up" at 4-5 I'm going to have to stall, slide and flip at it. Good swings (one below) feel like I don't do anything on the downswing, zero "work". You got it, happy to share.
  15. Little better today with the arms as a result of better positioning of the body. Less tilted back, more "on top of it" in the right pics. Can almost see some daylight in the left pic below at 6 with the left hand and right thigh. Not trying to do anything different, just making sure to keep up the speed in the backswing so my upper body is in a better position to swing the arms down in transition. Trying to avoid doing anything "manually" on the downswing and just let it be a byproduct of good sequencing and momentum built up on the backswing.
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