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  1. My natural golf swing sucks 😂 Swinging a golf club isn't a "natural" motion, from an evolutionary standpoint. The instructor basically said it all in the video in the first post, he got down to scratch when he was 16, obviously something that rarely happens in golf, he can't relate to the vast majority of golfers. For him those couple of feels with the feet gets him to make a good turn. Doesn't mean it'll happen for everyone. Not a fan of not looking at the ball. If you're going to train the motion, then train it properly. If your head is up then you're training a different pivot. Yes, everyone (even pros) makes a different swings when the ball is there One thing I do like is trying to relate the golf motion to a simple or athletic cue. Allowing the positions to "happen" because of the dynamics of the motion. Not saying this guy does that but it's something I'm seeing more with instructors I respect and I think moving in a way that creates some flow or momentum into the backswing is a good thing. BTW just to illustrate what a golf wacko I am....the way the instructor is describing the body motion seems like it's coming from the Bob McDonald drills from his book "Golf" (1927), Or Alex Morrison (1940). I guess what I'm getting at is it seems the instructor was on an "old school" kick when he was making the video 😉 Yeah this.
  2. mvmac

    Stop Aiming at the Flag!!!

    Got this email today 👍
  3. mvmac

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Nice work @saevel25, especially that last swing in the second video. Can see how the body is more encourage to crank up the rotation with the improved body and face inclination.
  4. mvmac

    My Swing (mvmac)

    Maybe the best backswing I've ever made 😁 Really love the way the hands work "up" to 2, how I have more side bend and stretch with my torso and the head is steady. Also like how there is less knee sag 7-10. Few weeks ago the head was starting to drift a bit right going back and started struggling with pushes with the irons and two-way miss with the driver. Was also hitting it shorter. Working on same stuff as my last post. This weekend hit some of the longest drives I've hit in a while and backed it up with solid distance wedges. To keep the feels simple, my little "cheat" on the course is just making sure the eyes are down at 1, exaggerating it bit, and that I do my pressure/trigger move (lightening the right heel) to start the motion. Helps me with the right side stretch/more teeter-totter shoulder movement and be dynamic with the transition/downswing. Getting in some good work with the putter. Just hammering the setup feels and trying to be as diligent with the putting as I am with the rest of my game. Good job with the eyes. Good job with returning the shaft to a similar place as it started. Overall flow with the putter looks decent. Adding a little ulnar to my left wrist at setup to help the clubhead stay lower to the ground on the way back. Putting sucked yesterday (putter head came lose, long story) but Sat/Sun made some solid 15-15ft birdie putts. Missed short putts have been right which I see as an improvement.
  5. mvmac

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Yes I'm similar, I tend to feel more "pressure" on the shots I "should" pull off. For me that's the fun of the game (along with the camaraderie of the group I play with), being able to execute on the course. Sometimes that's hitting solid shots, sometimes it's managing my misses and finding a way to still shoot a decent score. That's why I spend time practicing and working hard towards getting better, it's very satisfying to me to hit good shots, especially in tournaments. Others may just have fun walking around a nice green field getting some exercise, or hanging out with their buddies, that's the beauty of the game, you can make it whatever you want it to be.
  6. mvmac

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    I feel we're talking about different things here. I can't say one way or another whether someone cares more than they should. The game means something different to different people. If someone places too much importance on golf or playing well, to me that's a different issue than dealing with first tee jitters or making a 4ft putt to win a match. What I was getting at with my post was when you're feeling the nerves/pressure, don't lie to yourself that it's a pressure situation. Acknowledge it and try to rise to the occasion. Enjoy the opportunity to overcome the obstacle.
  7. mvmac

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Point is you can't just make yourself "care less" for something you want to succeed at. Working towards "enjoying the pressure" puts you in a mindset to overcome or deal with golf's many challenges. Never been a fan of mental "tricks" that downplay dealing with the variety of emotions that occur during a round of golf. I think it's better to acknowledge what's really going on. Something like, "yeah I'm a little nervous right now because I have a good round going, I want to hit this one solid and finish strong", than to say, "it's no big deal" because that's just lying to yourself.
  8. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    73, 70 & 70 this weekend. Course is playing more difficult than a few months ago, rough is up, there's like four to five different types of grasses around the greens and the greens are slow or dying. Club championship is coming up and it's three rounds of medal play so I was looking at this weekend as a pre-tourney and -3 would have won it last year by three. I think the closest player to me this weekend was +5. So hopefully a sign of good things to come 💪
  9. mvmac

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    No bogeys today. Could have been a great round, really bad day with the putter. Great saves for par on 7 and 12. Driver and distance wedges were solid. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/mvmac83/round/2369871
  10. Hybrid between my 4-iron and 3-wood. Callaway 815 Alpha, 19 degree. Finally getting a chance to hit the new irons in a couple weeks.
  11. mvmac

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    73 & 70 so far this weekend. Much better driving it than the last few weeks. The 73 was a lot better round than the score, some bad breaks, wrong clubs and average pitches. Greens are super slow at the club and five to six greens are dying or dead, just horrible right now. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/mvmac83/round/2366511 http://www.gamegolf.com/player/mvmac83/round/2368744
  12. mvmac

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Curious what the point of the questions is? Yes, I like to sometimes do the same thing for my own game, different ways of saying something similar can be huge. And always good to get the validation. Right, good point. Yes I'm seeing the sweetspot travel as reaction to the pivot. Might just take more mirror work and even filming yourself making rehearsal swings. Try the feels I suggested but as you work on it yourself add in your own input. This is part of "owning" your feels. BTW it would make sense that the "more left shoulder down" would feel more "restricted". Yeah I was pretty sure you guys had worked on this before but happy to come at it with a fresh look and confirm things.

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