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  1. Please add me to the first list, Committed to be Considered list, thanks!
  2. These swings were before my seven protein shakes 😂
  3. Working same priorities and feels. Mostly practicing in the gym since the course is closed to members for the tournament. Driver and 7-iron Mevo swing speed numbers.
  4. Wife also sent them a message.
  5. Sent. Hope they change their minds.
  6. As my hip mobility/stability has improved, mechanics has steady improved. Now starting to shift the focus back to the expansion of my upper back, something I was doing a couple months ago but didn't have the hip mechanics to support it. More expansion will help/helps me do many thing that I need to get to where I want to with my ball striking (less dynamic loft, more speed): - Improve horizontal adduction of the lead arm (reason I get that narrow look at 3 and get that torso stall/lift) - Keep my rib cage down on the backswing but get extension and rotation above the diaphragm, so I can "compress" down in transition, use my legs properly. - Wider setting of the wrist angles which is REALLY important for sending signals to my 🧠 to continue to turn and accumulate power. If my arms wrists start hinging too early it tells my 🧠 to stop turning because it’s using another lever source for power. - Stretches my left lat and puts me more in a position to add force across the shaft in the downswing. For a visual, I think Lee Westwood does this as good as anyone, good pic of Dechambeau also creating that stretch as you can see with his shirt creases. It's more about pulling that left side across than pushing it across (rotational force transmission). Ok, that's the why/what, having fun learning more about the anatomy and how it all connects. Here's the "how" and how I'm keeping it simple. Brian came up with this band drill that I can slip my hands through and wrap around my back. Feels for me is that I'm trying to stretch it using my back, like if someone hand their hand between my shoulder blades and I'm pushing against the hand (expansion). So basically trying to create as much stretch as possible and keep the stretch in transition. Really important for me because if I lose the stretch that's when I lose the ab compression and legs buckle under me, can't keep the force on the grip and I flip it. Going slower with these backswings to change the picture. Have a few weeks break between tournaments, club is closed for the tour event, so going heavy mechanics work. Getting the hands further forward without "thinking" about it. Right knee is kicking under me less.
  7. Yes it will help. Without being able to fully shift left and straighten the leg, it's going to be tough.
  8. 73, could have been a good one but no bueno with the short game.
  9. Nice post @iacas, I like the updated definition of connected, makes a lot of sense to me. Yes, the arms basically load "up" as the pivot provides the "in". This is where 3D can be really beneficial because the look of players on the backswing can skew things. If you want to improve "connection", probably better to ditch the tees under the arms.
  10. Same left knee backswing feel. As a result on the good ones, I’m also feeling that I’m loading “deeper” into the right hip, like the head of the joint is shifting back but not rotating. The better I can tap into those deep rotators, (almost like I'm "spiraling" my torso), the better the arms the club head work. Not even thinking the arms or club. I like how steady the head is. Long term will need to get the arms and pivot more synced up. As I abduct the right leg in transition I need to keep the upper rotated a bit longer. At 6 my body is basically at impact position but arms/club lag behind so I have to wait for things to catch up (flip).
  11. 72 yesterday, 72 today. Friday's round stats.
  12. 73 yesterday, 69 today
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