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  1. 74, 74 and 70 at Summerlin, black tees.
  2. Come on guys, let's see some West Coast submissions!
  3. 74 from the black tees. Four birdies and lots of bogeys.
  4. 69 from the black tees. 7 birdies, one double and two bogeys.
  5. Huh, it was good when I played it in late May.
  6. 69 on Wed at Half Moon Bay Ocean course and 65 yesterday at Pasatiempo from the back tees.
  7. Brooks Koepka on why he showed up 45 minutes before Sunday tee time Brooks Koepka had little time at the course before his tee time, but it didn't bother him. "I don't know why everyone else is in a panic."
  8. Would also recommend checking this thread out. I'm not a fan of Hogan's weak grip for most players.
  9. This was a solid one. Slightly pulled with a little draw. Experimenting with a different transition feel, something Mario came up with. Hit some of the most solid shots of my life this last week. Literally feeling like I spread my elbows apart from 3.5- 5, more of the right arm separating from the left. Idea is to force me to lower and steepen the shaft without the left arm zeroing out at 5. Left arm could get too far out when I felt my right arm stay more on top in transition, which creates too many pieces to manage. I think this 5 is better, I'm actually lowering a bit, right shoulder is a little more retracted, left arm a touch deeper and the knees are where they were at 1 (better rotation). Impact has more of that "open with right side bend, with right arm flexion" look.
  10. 73 at Olympic Club Ocean course
  11. A lot of guys here have a designated "rock club" lol Yeah let's see some West Coast support and submissions!
  12. I played it about two months ago. It's in great shape and a good mix of challenging, fair and getable holes. Rough was really thick so keep it in the fairway!
  13. 68 on Wednesday from the blue tees (6400) and 72 yesterday from the black tees. No golf today 😑
  14. As @iacas said, anyone can be a pro or stay a pro, it's not like you get drafted or something. I think if you play more than three seasons on the PGA Tour you should probably be ineligible from getting it back. Anything less than that there should be some sliding scale, I don't know what that might be but probably in the 5-year range for getting your am status back. If you played mini tours and hardly made any money, then it should be more like a year. A little pet peeve of mine is when you have some of these former pros who weren't successful as a pro play in am events, do well and people kinda scoff at them, "oh, he's basically a pro". Well no, he's got a regular job now, he was good enough to give it a shot (like many college kids do) and it didn't work out. I don't feel like that player has an unfair advantage or trying to take advantage of the situation. They still have to work at their game and still have to go out and shoot the score. To me the whole pro thing is mostly just a title, there are plenty of amateurs who are better than pros that play for a living. I'll take Stewart Hagestad over plenty of pros. There almost needs to be three categories. Tour players, golf professionals who want to play in events against other pros for money and golf professionals who aren't interested in competing at a high level. I guess the line could be where your main source of income comes from.
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