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  1. DTL and face-on from today, working on same stuff.
  2. Right, I did it once on the green during a qualifying round in college....it counted 😫
  3. Raising too early because the chest isn't opening, upper center is a bit behind the lower center. At 5 you would want them on top of each other or the upper a little ahead. Left is earlier in the week. Leads to flippy pulls for me.
  4. Continuing to shoot good scores, lots of rounds in the 60's. Shot -2 in the SCGA mid-am qualifier and playing that tournament this Monday/Tuesday. Currently playing to a +4 at my club. Long term piece to start. Sticking with the theme of getting the com of the club further and higher on the backswing, I've been doing a lot of practice and rehearsals feeling my wrists stay uncocked (ulnar) on the takeaway. My tendency is to do the opposite, head and handle works down and the shaft rotates around it's com too much too early. From there it's going to be hard to do anything but force the grip out in front of me, which gets me super shallow. Basically I want to be more like Rory or Dechambeau on the takeaway which would do a few things: - hands have to ascend sooner (feels like I'm literally picking my hands straight up) - easier to stay centered - easier to lower in transition - will lessen the amount I force the grip out which gets the com to fall behind me I'm doing this by continuing to feel myself "upload" before the club moves back and actively feel the handle raise on the takeaway. Can't "push" down on the grip if I do those two things. Shorter term piece as I'm struggling with shots trailing left, especially off the tee. Issue is as I'm feeling the steep hand path (my last post) my chest is staying closed for too long as I'm doing it. To get the chest to open earlier the image I have in my head is that I have a laser pointer sticking out of my sternum and I want the laser to point to a spot in front of the ball by impact, so that gets my left side to stay lower longer in the transition/downswing. That's what I'm working on here with the steep hand path. I give the backswing stuff a "B". The slow-mo shots were hammered. On course or play feels are the same: - Trigger move - Complete my backswing - Hit it as hard as I can Some pitching practice, gradually increasing the distance with each shot. This is the most improved part of my game the past several months. Feels are: - Chest in front of the ball at 1 - Left arm rotates while maintaining extension in left wrist - Turn chest, stay flexed over, right arm is passive
  5. Some good examples and visuals here.
  6. Lately I've been really solid from 110-115 with my gap wedge. I choke down a bit, play it in the middle of my stance and can be aggressive with my speed.
  7. 69, 69 this weekend
  8. 72 and 68 this weekend
  9. 72, four birdies, one double and two bogeys.
  10. 68 yesterday, 16 greens, five birdies, one bogey. 66 today. 14 greens, one eagle, four birdies.
  11. 74 Saturday, 68 Sunday and 67 today. Had three eagles today, the one on #2 is basically a birdie though. Ball is starting to run out again, hit a perfect drive, caught the downslope and hit wedge to a couple feet. 3-wood on #4 from around 270 downhill/downwind to 10 ft and hybrid from 240 on #17 to 4ft, again downhill and downwind.
  12. @hoselpalooza in case it's not clear, I'm not saying everyone should look exactly like my posture on the right or that it's even "perfect", both pics are a bit exaggerated (mostly the left one) to highlight the pieces. Think it would be best if we didn't nitpick examples I was trying to provide, goes against the point of the thread/advice. That's why I included a bunch pros, each a little different than the other but all share similarities and none have that ramrod straight back with the eyes up look.
  13. @hoselpalooza, feel free to do whatever you want, I'll stick with what the best players have always done. Also having an erect back doesn't make sense for a few reasons: - everyone at impact has a rounded back - it's easier to rotate from a more rounded setup - easier to see the ball from a rounded setup - rounded posture promotes the core to be more engaged, which protects the back This guy is good friends with Chris Como Chris Como Golf Coach Chris Como's philosophy for teaching the game and his ability to relate and improve the performance of golfers at all levels separates him amongst his peers. He utilizes a strong component of technology and Biomechanics to...
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