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  1. I've experimented with it myself and while I really like the general premise of the method the results were mixed. I wanted to try it because it seems like it simplifies the stroke and will help produce good impact numbers (handle forward while rising). The tough thing is it's not easy to find a putter (other than a Bettinardi) to try it out. One of the guys I play with has a Kuchar putter so I was able to try it with a putter with enough loft. My tendency was to either roll it perfectly or pull it. I couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing differently. Here's what I think it was. With my standard stroke I can arc it inward too much on the backswing and loop it it back over on the through swing. With the Kuchar set-up the handle is more forward so the putter can have a tendency to arc even more inward. I even experimented with it with an adjustable length putter I have and got similar results. If you go out and try it one thing I would recommend is making sure the entire grip stays connected to the left forearm.
  2. Yes, the reverse revving the motorcycle feel puts the left wrist into palmar flexion (bowed). Originally I thought @gregsandiego was talking about "rolling" the wrists/forearms to close the face, which is not a good feel for most golfers, especially high handicappers who already roll/flip the club.
  3. Feel free to post a pic or video. Without seeing it I'd suggest making sure the butt end is leaning forward a little and not leaning back (adding loft). And do the test where you set-up to a putt and drop a golf ball from your left eye. Want it to have the ball drop on the ball line or just inside of it. Having the eyes outside the line typically leads to pulls.
  4. Nobody is more disappointed than Tiger. Tiger still moves the needle more than any other player so anything he does is going to be news. If he didn't move the needle they wouldn't cover him as much. Seems like people will be disappointed by Tiger no matter what he does. Whether he talks about how he's hopeful to play or whether he keeps quiet and withdraws the week before.
  5. It changes the nature of the game, from a sport in which we play into a uniform hole into one in which we bang the ball against a deflecting/dampening object. It does make a difference. Did you read the OP or see the videos I posted? The flagstick offers an advantage: it dampens the speed of the ball, allowing the ball more time to fall or killing speed so it stays close to the hole.
  6. You might be more willing to if you knew that running a putt 2-3 feet isn't a big deal because the come backer is much, much easier with the stick in. Not really, the numbers illustrate that golfers of all handicaps will be helped by keeping the stick in.
  7. Not really IMO. Basically flare the feet, bump the hips forward at address and keep them forward on the backswing and downswing. Not saying changing it will be easy but I don't see it being complicated. Feel free to start a swing thread and we'll take a look.
  8. First thing I would do is take a look at your posture, your torso bent forward too much IMO. If I drew a line straight down from your armpits it would be in front of your knees and end up on your toes. Want to have it looking more like this. Armpits over the knees and more on the mid-foot. More on posture, I think this will help you rotate better, so you don't get so closed on the downswing (which would lead to the hooks you described).
  9. Best thing would be to start a swing thread so we can see what you're doing. There could be numerous reasons you're hitting it off the heel.
  10. Yep for sure, most of the time you see the effect with the head movement.
  11. Agree with @Jack Watson, ball looks too far back. Play it further forward and instead of just standing up on the downswing, work on rotating the hips and torso more on the downswing. Example so you can see the differences, not saying you have to look exactly like this but gives you an idea.
  12. @jcspigler2010, the takeaway is going to look more inside than it actually is because of the camera angle. Good article to check out. Also try to post a face-on if you can. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing With your swing your head moves down and towards the ball quite a bit on the backswing and it looks like the arms get too far "behind you". So when you change your distance to the ball you're going to have the chicken wing in order to avoid hit the ground. There will also be path consequences if your weight is falling forward. You can see on the followthrough how you're trying to balance yourself. Here's how I'd start to go about changing things, can do this at home. Set-up facing a wall with your forehead an inch or so away. Make practice backswings with your hands on your shoulders. Feel what you need to do to make sure the head doesn't contact the wall. Then film yourself practicing that feel with a club in your hands and see if/how that changes the picture. Use that feel when you're hitting balls. On the range I would do the drill, hit a couple balls, do the drill, hit a couple balls, etc. Start a swing thread a post yourself doing the drill or working on the feel with a club. I'd be happy to share some possible "feels" but want to see a face-on swing first (swing thread would be best).
  13. Happy Birthday @iacas!