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  1. Also known as Keys 2 and 3. Steady head doesn't mean "completely still, non-moving head". Key #1 can allow for a little movement up and down and/or side to side (especially with the longer clubs). The head will also rotate, Duval and Annika for example have steady heads. Basically Key#1 is a result of a good pivot, you don't see good players move their heads several inches up/down or side to side, it stays relatively steady.
  2. 43 minutes on the grip but when it comes to the actual swing just "swing the club head"? Sorry, couldn't help myself. Watched the first 12 minutes and will try to get to some more tomorrow. Basically he just talks about the palms facing each other regardless of whether it's strong, weak, neutral and how "bad" grips can work for certain players.
  3. I've only watched a few of his videos and would agree they're "ok"....depending on the piece. I do give him credit for trying to come up with simple, relatable feels and cues for certain parts of the swing. As anything with golf instruction online, just make sure the advice your getting has something to do with your priority piece.
  4. Only a few more days to get your applications in! Please keep posting your submissions. You don't want to miss a chance at playing in this great event! If you're interested in being a candidate for the Red Team, let me know ASAP! Until the last team member is chosen, it's not too late to get picked.
  5. He was 5 under through the last 5 and finished -11 on a tough course (overall for the week), 3 strokes ahead of Kuchar and 6 shots ahead of the guy in 3rd. I'd say he had his A- game for the week. I feel that Rory is closer to having more Tiger-esque abilities compared to Spieth. With his length, ability to hit it high, relatively straight, he's prone to get hot at times, he has the potential to dominate a course and the field, kinda like Tiger did. I think Spieth has to be a little bit more "on" than Rory to win a tournament.
  6. I voted for Rory. I think Augusta really fits his game and he's due for another good golf streak.
  7. Yes, pivot wise it might almost feel like you're hitting a cut but with how the elbow and shaft works the path is fairly neutral or a little outward (outward relative to your body lines). You can hit draws or fades, just depends on your alignments at address.
  8. Yep that's definitely better!
  9. Good point. He's not the most accurate player off the tee but he does hit a lot of greens. Putting wise, yeah he's good and seems to make more of those 20-25' putts than the average guy but he also did miss a few short ones early in the round. You can't win three majors of the career grand slam and not be a great ball striker.
  10. To me it looks like your head moves back from 4-5, body stays closed and your hand path works down rather than down and out. This will steepen the shaft and lead to what I think you're seeing at impact. @iacas, are you seeing something similar?
  11. With Spieth on 13, I think you have to consider that he was waiting for an official and the ruling wasn't straightforward.
  12. I voted yes. They bring different insights and credibility to the table that non-winners can't. They got it done when others didn't which makes them more interesting to hear from.
  13. I'm rooting for Spieth. I don't agree with how long it took him on 13 but I appreciate what a gamer he is.