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  1. 72-73-72 this weekend at Summerlin.
  2. What the hell was he thinking?! Agree you could definitely make the case he should be penalized twice.
  3. Very similar swings. The "flat" swing almost looks too under on the downswing. I don't think your issue is shallowing, this is the upright swing.
  4. 71, 72 and 71 at the California Golf Club in San Francisco this week.
  5. 64 in singles in the Vegas Cup, won 1up.
  6. Especially when he's the net club champion 😉#teamirish
  7. First match of Vegas Cup, us (Summerlin) versus TPC Vegas. Won our match 5&4, I had six birdies for the 14 holes. Tomorrow is alternate shot then Sunday is singles.
  8. 72 yesterday at TPC Summerlin
  9. 68 and 69 this weekend. Been scoring like crap lately so it was good to put a few solid rounds together.
  10. Been a while since I've posted, played in A LOT of tournament lately. Stroke play, member-guests and scrambles. Mostly decent results with some bad play mixed in. One more tournament this weekend, then looking forward to having a little break and working on the swing. Some recent notes on what I'm working on: - Humerus hanging more at 1. Left arm feels more internal and soft/hanging. Should have some space between the top of tricep and pec. Check with stick on the ground drill. - Rock the body, bounce the feet to initiate upload. Left leg loses some flex. - Push off left foot, head moves up and right and stays up on takeaway. Hands stay in the same spot. Pause for a second or two. - Club swings back via rotation of core. Feels like I’m turning very level while throwing the club straight back along the target line using my core/right ribs. Check slack in arms. If arms bend, turn could be too tilted or pelvis is turning too early. - 1-2, isolate feels of toros turning while lower body doesn’t move. Feels like left knee stays in place as toros rotates to my right. - 1-2, if club gets inside the hands, hands "bank" outward, check rotation rates and feel butt of the club point more towards me longer. - For left misses and general downswing rotation and lowering. Towards the end of the backswing get the belly button pointed towards the target as soon as possible, laser pointer image. Drills: - Upload, pause for a couple seconds, coil and hit it. - Upload, elevate club above ball swing it forward as body starts to load right and sling it back (stop at 4.5 or hit it). - Elevate club well above the ball, like 6 inches, stay up on takeaway and hit it. - Mace work and imagery. Use the body to throw something heavy behind me.
  11. Letting my trail arm "fly" has been a great thing for my game. What's important is that I don't try to "place" the right arm higher, it's synced with my pivot. I'd film the swing first though to confirm it's actually tucked. Trail elbow might have nothing to do the distance lose. With the younger guys now, I'd say it's the opposite.
  12. Last week, 74, 74, 76 at the Oaks course, 73, 75 at the Canyons course, both at TPC San Antonio. 67 this Wed at Paiute from the white tees, around 6,100 yards. 68 today at TPC Vegas.
  13. 71 yesterday, still struggling with the driver, cost me some shots. Putter saved me a few times, made a couple birdie putts from 20-25ft. Put some time in today with the driver, hopefully got it worked out.
  14. At the end of the day, who cares what his secret was. It won't help your game because it was specific to his feels/priorities/faults.
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