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  1. I really like the travel of the sweetspot on the backswing. Kinda Nicklaus-esque. They just stall a bit and it happens after impact. Can see how the belt loops are rotating all the way to impact.
  2. Ha, I actually never brought it up to him but good to hear things are working out well. He's a good instructor, I'm sure it was in his game plan all along.
  3. Something I was fooling around with the other day. Not doing this to "fix" my tendency to tuck my pelvis a little on the downswing (will always be a part of my swing), more to feel how doing this drill gives me some good feels for improving my right side bend on the downswing. The more I can repeat this the less I'll drift my upper center forward from 4-4.5, and the better my rotation will be. So I can get more like this on the downswing. Doing the practice above reminded me about an alternate shot tournament I played in last year where I hit the ball really well. Basically the main focus was repeating a feel I get when I do a Mike Bender drill. The Bender drill is different to what I'm doing above but the feel I get is similar. The right side bend feel is a little scary to do when hitting a ball because it feels like I'm going to chunk it
  4. Amount of people that are waiting to take up golf but can't because of the USGA.
  6. Nike doesn't make equipment anymore.
  7. Here's the irons he's using.
  8. Not to trying to confuse you but want to add these terms in case you hear them. Kuchar's instructor (Jim Hardy camp) would call that one-plane while someone like Jason Day would be two-plane. Basically if the left arm matches the shoulder tilt at the top of the backswing you're one-plane and if the left arm is more upright you're two-plane. Most pros are two-plane, like these guys. Cool, yeah don't get too concerned with it for now (unless you do something weird with your arms), the body stuff is more important. If you do a good job with the pivot and the arms are more upright naturally, then go with it. As you can see with the guys above, if you cut their arms off their body position's look fairly similar, they're all fully turned and rotating about 90° to their address inclination (amount they're bent forward at address).
  9. It does and you generally see good players get "steep" (more vertical shaft angle) on the backswing so they can shallow on the downswing. This isn't always the case but it's fairly typical. Here's Rory and Adam Scott at the top of the backswing, you can see their shaft alignment is similar to mine with the top of the swing position you were referring to. Early downswing, I wouldn't call these guys steep on the downswing. The shaft is starting to shallow and mid downswing (left arm parallel) their shafts will point at the ball or a little outside of it. Steep would be pointing inside ball. Here's my early-downswing. It's moving from a more vertical position at the top to a more shallow alignment. Steep and shallow would typically refer to shaft angle or torso/body angles. With the above I think you are referring to upright and flat, in terms of the position of the arms? So upright would be someone like Jim Furyk or Nicklaus, flat would be Matt Kuchar or Ben Hogan. Most players are kind of a hybrid. In the swing you referenced, yes I was trying to work the arms a little more "in front of me" on the backswing.
  10. Maybe they did a reshuffle and he was "out"? He missed 3 straight cuts before LA.
  11. Ok so basically off topic but thought it'd be fun to post with the talk about his clubs before he was a pro. This is from '91, Eye 2's. From '92 LA Open with Eye 2 irons. I think he was using Callaway woods. This is what was in his bag when he won his first two US Amateurs TaylorMade Burner TaylorMade Tour Spoon Mizuno MP 29 2 & 3 ironsMizuno MP 14 4-PWCleveland 588 Chrome 56°, 60°PING Anser 2 Then in '96 he changed a few things Cobra 9° Deepface Titleist Pro Trajectory 15° Mizuno MP 29 2 & 3 ironsMizuno MP 14 4-PWCleveland 56° and 60° 588 wedges were RTGScotty Cameron Newport To keep it on topic, I agree he probably won't depart to the look he's been used to the past 20+ years.
  12. I think we have different definitions of "steep". If anything I can get too shallow. Shaft points outside the ball, steep would be pointing inside the ball. Club basically inline with the hands (earlier swings it's inside the hands), steep would have the club outside the hands.
  13. Instructor Eric Cogorno has been sharing some good stuff on social media lately and I came across this video on swing feels, check it out. I agree with Eric, the swing thought that works for you right now isn't "it". The result of the "feel" can change over time. This is why it's important to film your swing, to see what's really going on. An easy example would be what I saw from a lot of S&T golfers who were doing the swing for a decent amount of time, working on a feel like weight forward on the backswing and eventually their heads started dipping down and towards the target on the backswing. From my own experience, while I've had basically the same priority pieces for the past 3-4 years, my feels for improving those issues have evolved (below, just go through the last several pages). I think it's fine to experiment with different "feels" and run them by your instructor. Obviously I don't mean to experiment every practice session (or with what your priority piece is) Instructors are there to identify a priority piece(s) and suggest thoughts/feels/drills, golfers have to take some responsibility on figuring out the feel that works best. Let's say you slide your hips back on the backswing and you were suggested to do the wall drill. What should you feel when you're on the range practicing? I don't know, do the drill and see what you have to feel to do it properly. Some golfers might feel the left knee rotate more inward, some might feel the right hip turn back and around, some might feel it with how their left shoulder moves, some might feel something different. What's important is getting the feel to translate to the improved motion. Like I said, check in with your instructor, I send mine texts every so often with a quick video asking, "I'm feeling so-and-so, what do you think?".
  14. If you took the video on your phone (and if you have an iPhone).