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  1. "In time" we all break down somewhat. He's trying to be the best he can be right now, I don't see this as a long term thing. He also has a good team around him, this has been years in the making of getting his body prepared to swing like this. I have a buddy who does long drive and he just took 3 months off the give his CNS a break. Says that when he's going fast, especially in competition, he's almost on the verge of blacking out, heart rate gets super high. That might be more of a concern for Bryson than hurting a particular body part because of how amped up he has to get to take the go
  2. 70, 72 and 72 this weekend. Solid start to today's round lol
  3. Can't find the article or blog but I remember reading about Paul Wood (PING engineer) talking about how from a physics standpoint, more compact heads worked better for more skilled players. Basically a longer/wider face makes it harder for the better player to square up the face and hit the center. This bit hints at it.
  4. Just want to add that it's also related to ankle dorsiflexion. So for the last month before each round I'll take the grip end of a club and press it into the top of my calf as I rehearse the backswing and early downswing. Basically I don't want that angle from the foot to the ankle to change. Puts me in a position to work through the hip joint, which means that knee won't collapse inward. Gives me a good feel and reminder before and even during the round.
  5. Oh yeah no doubt. I'll do swings with a band to help create that wider knees feel. It's tied to all the work I've been doing to improve my hip joint stuff. This was a couple days ago.
  6. Haha, I only put the net up for my online geek sessions. But feel free to use me for any help with the wife. It's actually a great net, quick and easy to put up and take down.
  7. What I'm working on in the video below. Push/abduction of the left hip with the arm lifting more in front of me and working the ribs under. Seems like a lot but they all work together, getting the good, gradual push helps angle the body (ribs) so the arms can work up and not against my pec. Important for me because then I don't have to shift the arms out on the downswing which causes me to shallow.
  8. Finished second in a club tournament this weekend. Crazy turn of events being tied for the lead with two to play, can see the post below. Sent this to a buddy today on some feels that have been working lately. Figured I'd share.
  9. Very solid! Great sweet spot travel from 5-7.
  10. Sorry to say that I'm out for Sand Valley. Just got invited to an am event at Bend Golf Club.
  11. If it were any other player there wouldn't have been an issue. I've played Torrey several times and lived in the area, it can get very soft/soggy, especially after all the rain.
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