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  1. 73, could have been a good one but no bueno with the short game.
  2. Nice post @iacas, I like the updated definition of connected, makes a lot of sense to me. Yes, the arms basically load "up" as the pivot provides the "in". This is where 3D can be really beneficial because the look of players on the backswing can skew things. If you want to improve "connection", probably better to ditch the tees under the arms.
  3. Same left knee backswing feel. As a result on the good ones, I’m also feeling that I’m loading “deeper” into the right hip, like the head of the joint is shifting back but not rotating. The better I can tap into those deep rotators, (almost like I'm "spiraling" my torso), the better the arms the club head work. Not even thinking the arms or club. I like how steady the head is. Long term will need to get the arms and pivot more synced up. As I abduct the right leg in transition I need to keep the upper rotated a bit longer. At 6 my body is basically at impact position but arms/club lag behind so I have to wait for things to catch up (flip).
  4. 72 yesterday, 72 today. Friday's round stats.
  5. 73 yesterday, 69 today
  6. It was pretty funny. Hit like 20 shots over them and they barely moved. From yesterday, little time with Brian on K-Vest. Better!
  7. Starting to see the ball go a bit farther on the course. Start lines have been really good, driver has been great. Main focus is still on left knee and ramping up the backswing speed. Not thinking about it when I'm swinging but have been making more rehearsals and drills at home with the backswing expansion piece. I remembered when I was working on that before and 6/7 was looking good. Beauty of keeping track. Couple centimeters better? lol, left pic is a touch further into the downswing. I've done better, body position is more what I want with the right pic.
  8. 72, hit it well, didn't make any putts.
  9. 69-69 this weekend. Pro shop had to post the round yesterday, this is today's round.
  10. Using Mevo for measuring speed. 7-irons Driver
  11. Review video basically says it all. Couple swings after today's round. Also got on K-Vest earlier in the week with Brian. Have a session with him tomorrow and Mario will be there.
  12. 70 yesterday and adjusted 71 today. 17 wasn't my hole this weekend, doubled it yesterday and triple today.
  13. Crappy scoring weekend with how I hit it.
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