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  1. Golf tournament cancelled today due to all the rain this week. Kinda worked out because now I can go to my son's rugby game.

  2. At Terranea for an Adidas media day. Nice resort right on the coast and got a room with a cool view. Playing their nine-hole par 3 course tomorrow, looks pretty sweet.

  3. Switching from Time Warner to AT&T today for internet and TV. Internet speed is ok with Time Warner but it goes down once or twice a month and we're fed up with it. AT&T sold us on faster internet speeds, more reliable connection, better cable/TV package and it's $50 less a month. AT&T U-verse looks pretty cool and more user friendly that was TW has.

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    2. mvmac


      Off to a crappy start. Internet is sketchy and the TV stopped working last night. Hopefully the AT&T guy can figure it out this morning.

    3. iacas
    4. mvmac


      Everything is great now (fingers crossed). Not sure what the problem was but the guy re-booted the system and got rid of the TM router. 

      Internet is definitely faster and I'm liking the TV stuff, which is also faster.

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