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    What'd You Shoot Today?

    68 yesterday. Played the par 5's in -5, had a silly 3-putt bogey from 20ft but overall solid round. Unfortunately lost $10 😛
  2. mvmac

    Steve Stricker, U.S. Ryder Cup Captain 2020

    And don't forget him winning six straight USGA championships as an am/junior.
  3. "Why can I hit my irons ok but slice my driver off the planet?" OR "Why does my 3 wood go farther than my driver?" These are two common questions we see on The Sand Trap and I wanted to put this thread together to help those golfers that struggle with hitting a driver. It can be a tough club to hit, especially if you are a higher handicap player or a beginner. The club is long and it doesn't have much loft. As I say in the video, the swing is basically the same as any other full swing you make with a few set-up adjustments. If you struggle with hitting a driver there is a very good chance that the path of the club is down and INward (across or left for a righty). So if we know that we can start to answer those two questions above, the reason is that you can "get away" with swinging down and across with some of your irons (mostly short irons) and your 3 or 5 wood (off a tee, off the deck could be a different story). The reason you swing down and INward can be varied but I'm going to go over some common mistakes golfers make. So while these set-up adjustments may not fix that issue 100%, they can certainly help you hit the driver more effectively and allow you to have more fun playing golf. For most golfers I recommend utilizing a positive angle of attack with the driver, especially for those of you that swing less than 100mph. The short and sweet reason is that a positive angle of attack allows you to launch the ball higher with less spin. If you don't know your AoA, I would spend some time on a FlightScope or Trackman unit, the information can be extremely valuable. Quick note, even though I've mentioned high handicappers, this is how I set-up to hit my driver and so do many other good players. I can just make my "normal" swing and ensure that I swing up. @iacas has an excellent thread on this, it's a must read: Address: Ball off or just in front of the lead shoulder Hips bumped a few inches forward to kick in some axis tilt (green line). The axis tilt will help me shallow out the strike and help me swing OUTward longer. I don't want to start bending my elbows apart to encourage the club to swing down and across. Feet are turned out about 25-30 degrees, knees are also rotated out slightly. I recommend this for all full swing shots, not just the driver. Just makes turning the hips, keeping them centered and on a tilted angle, so much easier. I tee it high. As you can see from the pics, the equator of the ball is about even with the top-center or even the highest part of the face of the driver. From DTL I have the butt of the club pointing at my belt buckle or even slightly higher. I wouldn't recommend having the handle pointed below the top of your zipper. If you want to draw it with a positive angle of attack, aim your feet, hips and shoulder a few degrees right. Backswing: As my hips turn freely my lead hip doesn't slide back. This will help me to get my lower center forward on the downswing and swing OUTward. The left pic is a common position for people that struggle with the driver and/or slice it. Hips slide rather than turn and the shoulder turn is limited. Makes it very difficult to get into an effective impact position if you look like this golfer on the left. Impact: On the right my weight and lower center have transferred forward while my head has remained Steady. Kicks in the much needed axis tilt so I can have a shallow to positive angle of attack. On the left, due to poor sequencing on the backswing, my lower center hasn't transferred forward, very little axis tilt. As a result my elbows are pulling apart and the club will swing down and INward, across the ball. Not something you want to do with a club you want to launch up in the air. Important! I am NOT creating the axis tilt by tipping my head back, the axis tilt is created by the lower center being forward (reason the lead hips staying forward is important) and the head remaining Steady. I'm not hanging back in order to swing up, all that does it create problems with contact and path. Handle "rising" on the right. Another indication that the angle of attack is shallow and I'm not "swinging across it". Note how the handle of the club is further away from me, very "bunched up" on the left. As I said earlier, you'll not only see me setting up like this but you'll also see some of the world's best players doing it.
  4. Some might call it a "chitch" or a "pip" (thanks Erik). This is a style of chipping that's more reliable than the "ball back in the stance, hands forward, lean left" style of chipping. Like with a traditional chipping motion, the swing is short, there is little wrist hinge but we aren't engaging the leading edge, there's very little shaft lean. We are still using the bounce like in a pitch shot, hence the terms "chitch" or "pip". We know bounce is extremely useful because it allows the club to glide through the grass. A traditional chip shot can still be useful on occasion but by far most of your short game shots should be utilizing the bounce, whether it's a standard pitch, bunker shot or this style of chip/pitching that I'm sharing below. This chipping with a putting stroke works great with irons off tight lies, in the video I'm using a 9 iron first and then a 7 iron at the end.
  5. mvmac

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Talked to a Japan tour player today and this topic came up. He said when he brings a caddie to a tournament the standard deal is $1,200 for the week and 10-7-5. 10% for a win, 7% for a top 20 and 5% for making the cut. If he uses a local caddie he pays them the local rate. I've seen a lot of people saying Ortiz should have been paid the 120K on social media.
  6. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    72, pretty happy with it, wet and windy today, course played tough.
  7. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    72 last week at TPC Summerlin from the TPC tees (6400) in maybe one of the coldest conditions I've ever played in. 71 today back home, hit 15 greens. Missed four birdie putts within 5ft and got a bad break where I drove it into a bunker and it plugged in the lip (made bogey). Not bad for the range being closed and only getting to practice once this week and not much last week either. This was my drive on 15, and it wasn't like it was a high fade, solid medium flight draw.
  8. mvmac

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Yeah it was a dumb move PR wise to not be very generous with the bonus. Can't really compare the usual rate with that week with Ortiz, completely different situations. John Wood is there for him every minute of every week, scouting the course beforehand, getting yardages, mapping greens and paying for his own travel. They can also act as emotional "support" and the good ones figure out when to give it and when to hold back. Ortiz is nowhere close to building up that "sweat equity" to earn 10%. If I was John Wood I would have been very insulted if my guy paid a temp caddy 120K.
  9. mvmac

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    As the thread title says, post a link to the scorecard, a screenshot of the stats, a hole you want to highlight, stuff like that. I'll start. Played nine holes at Bernardo Heights last Wednesday. It was one of those "boring" rounds where golf was kinda easy. Hit the driver well, had plenty of short irons in. Best shots were on the par 3's, 12 and 16. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/mvmac83/round/96347
  10. While there may be many grip styles used by the best players in the world, there are certain commonalities of a functional golf grip and I wanted to put this thread together to help illustrate what those are. If you found this thread by searching for information on the golf grip, welcome to our site, we have plenty of other great information HERE and make sure to JOIN, it's free! For any regular users of the site, hope this helps your game or confirms what you are currently doing with your grip. Some pics to highlight some common mistakes Lead hand Big NO in the left pic, grip in the palm. Right pic, heel pad on top, grip in the fingers, it will automatically feel more secure. General idea of how it should look Anatomical snuffbox. If you shot a nail directly through the top of the wrist (in that little indentation underneath your thumb - the anatomical snuffbox) the nail should come out directly through the bottom of your wrist and into the center of the grip. Most poor grips would have the nail come out the bottom of the wrist and miss the grip on the left side. This would indicate the wrist joint not sitting on top of the grip. This is an important aspect of the grip because the incorrect position would assist in early club head throw away on the downswing, basically the wrist joint can't support the downward force of the club. Two sides of the spectrum here. Too weak in the left pic, note the left hand isn't turned enough and the "nail" would be coming out of the left side of the grip. In the right pic, grip is too strong, left hand is rotated too much, lots of cup (dorsi flexion) in the lead wrist. This next bit is more of a variation than a commonality, but I think it's beneficial and probably something new even for experienced golfers. Left pic, short lead thumb, right pic, long lead thumb. Make it easy on yourself and go with the long lead thumb. Greatly assists in the mobility of the wrist hinge on the backswing and downswing. Trail Hand The placement of the trigger finger pressure point (first pad of your index finger just above the knuckle) is important. Too far under can cause the club face to appear too "closed", face aiming towards the sky at the top of the backswing. Too far on top can cause the face to rotate too far underplane on the takeaway. Left pic, pressure point is "on top". Right pic is ideal, pressure point on the side or aft side of the grip. Left pic, pressure point is "under", ideal on the right. Another common mistake in the left pic, right thumb is running down the middle of the grip. A more functional position on the right, just the upper right "tip" of the thumb is in contact with the grip. Left pic position can contribute more to "casting" or losing leverage at too fast a rate. The curvature of the rear hand fits into the base of the lead thumb. Other than looking at your hand position, how do you know if your grip is in the palm of the lead hand? Take a look at some of these clues. Left pic, the "V" of the rear hand is pointing at my sternum, should be aimed more towards my rear shoulder. In the right pic I haven't "loaded" my wrists enough, shaft angle is also too shallow. The shaft would be pointing outside the ball. Since there is a lack of structure to the grip, the shaft "collapses" and gets close to my rear shoulder at the top of the backswing. From there I will have to uncock my wrist angles rapidly to get the club back down to the ball. Golfers will also have a pattern of the location of the wear spot on their glove, under the heel pad, into the palm like the example below. The thumb can also get "shredded" pretty quickly due to the lack of stability in the hand.
  11. mvmac

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    I said that because he won and it he might have avoided the situation if he paid him 15-20K. Mostly agree and I think that's a problem. This is my issue with the whole thing is how people make judgements about others based on their income thinking what they would do with their money based on their current lifestyle. My wife and I have good friends that are worth as much or even more than Kuchar, several thousand dollars is still seen as a lot of money to them. It's a big deal to them when we pay for a meal/entertainment because their other friends never pick up the check. People in that position are often take for granted even by people in their inner circle. You don't know what other expenses Kuchar has or how many people he's supporting. @Vinsk you know this but Kuchar isn't taking home the 1.3M, half goes to taxes, then he's got his swing coach, agent, traveling expenses. Still a lot of money but it's gets divided up quick.
  12. mvmac

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Whether Kuchar can afford it or not is completely irrelevant, he basically hired a guy to carry his bag for a week. I certainly think he could have been more generous but not 50K and definitely not the 10% his regular caddie would receive. This should have never become public in the first place. Too bad he caved but it was the best move to end it, move on and keep his sponsors happy.
  13. mvmac

    2019 Newport Cup

    Thanks for starting the thread @iacas Looking forward to seeing the submissions and captaining another West Coast team 😎 👍
  14. Share any good swing videos of pro golfers that you come across. Can be from any tour. Lots of pro's swings on our YouTube channel. The Sand Trap YouTube
  15. mvmac

    X-Factor Linked to Back Pain

    Shocker, right? 😀 I'm obviously biased that I prefer more of a pivot that has some freedom with the lower body but I'll play devil's advocate a bit. This article is ok, they really only focus on Tiger and assume the back pain is due to the swing. Would be better to look at a much larger number of players and divide them into "restrictive pivots" and "unrestrictive pivots" and see if there is any correlation. I think any kind of swing is going to put strain on the back, especially if you do it thousands and thousands of times at high speeds. Couple things I want to point out. Regardless of pivot style, the hips and shoulders don't turn the same amount on the backswing but it's generally not something you have to think about, just the way we're built. There is also an x-factor stretch that happens in transition, again not something you can conscious "do". 'X-factor' golf swing linked to back pain Going for a supercharged swing could play havoc with your back, according to spine surgeons.
  16. mvmac

    My Swing (iacas)

    As good as it gets 👍
  17. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    69, three birdies, no bogeys. Hit 14 greens, gave myself a lot of good chances and even though I didn't make anything, I hit a lot of good putts. One birdie was a two-putt, and the other two were up and downs to gimme range on par 5's. One three-putt for par but it was from 60ft. I should also point out that the last couple weeks we've been playing lift, clean and place through the green since it's been raining/wet.
  18. It seems like a reaction to the bad press? According to the wording of the ruling I think he was taking his stance, even though he backed away.
  19. Just amazed at how bad some pros can be at knowing the rules. It's part of their jobs. I will admit I haven't paid close attention to this rule because I rarely use a caddie and have never used a caddy to line up. When I saw the McCarthy video I thought it was a grey area but with the details @iacasprovided, it's clear he did violate the rule. Basically there is no reason a caddie should be behind the player close to their line of play.
  20. mvmac

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    68, four birdies, an eagle and two bogeys. Other than making 6 on a par 5 from 50 yards, it was a solid, kinda boring round. Nice to hit my start lines today and not hit those flippy pulls I’ve been struggling with on approach shots.
  21. mvmac

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    For those who say it doesn't "look right".
  22. mvmac

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    No doubt more pros will take notice with DeChambeau winning again and Adam Scott having one of the best putting tournaments of his career. Not saying leaving the flagstick in is the reason why but it'll have more players thinking about it. Yep, Adam Scott gaining strokes with the flagstick in SAN DIEGO — Adam Scott has gained strokes for four consecutive rounds with flagsticks resting in the Torrey Pines cups. “You could probably stroll through my career and not find four straight round… And just throwing this out there.
  23. Things to take note of with Finau's shot How far the club moves/swings compared to his hands Toe up at A2 Lots of speed (related to the first point)
  24. mvmac

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Moving the ball back in the stance would be one of the worst things you can do for these kids. If anything you'd want to move the ball well forward (as a drill) so they have to change the sequencing to get the club on the ball. Obviously have to watch that they don't cheat just by translating the upper body.

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