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  1. Crappy scoring weekend with how I hit it.
  2. Working on stabilizing more and strengthening the outside part of my left leg (glute medias/TFL) instead of the inner muscles, which can cause me pain. Also connects to why I tend to over-rotate and not get the hips tilted enough. Left leg/hip "collapses" early on the takeaway. Basically my tendency is to rotate by just moving the pelvis carriage and not do "work" at the joints. Band drill and then trying to recreate the feel. Mario suggested I focus more on my right leg/femur than my left. Basically feel like I'm torquing my right foot clockwise which helps the femur rotate internally. As I'm writing this I realized it's was something @iacas brought up a couple weeks ago. So far the cue has been good and I feel that left hip/thigh doing work. Good contact on these. Mechanics are decent, would want to see more upper body rotation on the backswing so I can create some better separation in transition so I'm not "under" as much. Starting to see a little more pop on the ball. Driver has been stupid straight the past couple weeks.
  3. Putting will be more pendulum-like (followthrough should be shorter than the backstroke) but it might feel similar. To me it feels a bit faster, with putting you're hitting the ball a little on the upstroke as it's slowing down.
  4. 74, 72. Positive takeaway is that had a good chance to shoot under par both rounds hitting it kinda clunky.
  5. Sorry I was being sarcastic about the weight left, making fun of how indoctrinated the S&T guys are. His "weight" or mass has moved a little right during the backswing (1-3.5), head moves a little right (he's hitting driver), pressure is definitely right, look at this left foot. Silly is a nice way to put it. It's flat out wrong. Again look at his feet, impossible not to shift pressure or some mass if my lead foot goes into eversion and/or if the heel lifts (and make a functional swing).
  6. mvmac

    Chuck Q Lesson

    Gave it a 3. I think Chuck shared some ok info but wasn't applied correctly. No real priority piece, not really sure what the guy's homework was. I feel he was trying to get him to do things that he physically can't do because of how tucked under his pelvis is at address. Working on the downswing pieces was good for general understanding but a waste of time because from where he is at setup and on the downswing he's got no chance to open and push. Best part IMO was the end where he got him to start shifting into his right side, something he actually needs to do to get the club to load better and so he has a chance to get into his left side.
  7. These guys are delusional. Left heel off the ground on the backswing. Must be really talented to keep his weight left and do that.
  8. Updated swing and a drill I'm doing to encourage more body and less arms in transition. What Mario was happy about 😉
  9. Two eagles and no birdies yesterday, shot 72. Six birdies today, birdied first four holes, shot 68. Hit a lot of good putts on the back nine and nothing went in, let up a bit focus wise if I'm being honest.
  10. That's not true at all. You may know how something feels but you don't know what's actually going on. I recently did a physical assessment and learned about how I can improve areas in my body that need to be stronger and areas that need more stability. That's not something I can figure out on my own. Rather than guess or do generic exercises I can prioritize and focus on what I specifically need to improve. What's funny is you never see these kinds of comments from good golfers, they appreciate how difficult this game is. I had two eagles yesterday and six birdies today. I have a session with my instructor on Thursday. When guys in my weekend group see me they wonder why I would take a "lesson" after playing well. Obviously they miss the point, I play well because I get regular instruction. I'm not "learning" about the golf swing, he's keeps me on track with my priorities, I give and receive feedback, reinforce current cues, possibly experiment with different cues, rehearse situations and shots on the course, evaluate misses.
  11. Yes, I basically put myself in a position to "push off" against. Biggest difference in those pics is the location of the left hip, compare it to where it is to my left foot. That'll change the handle location. Goal now to to inch my way towards the left pic when I hit shot off turf because it will regress more towards the right pic. I'd first look at what's going on with the backswing or even before.
  12. Yes for sure. Have been going back and forth between that feel and the pushing from the inside of the feet. When I "see" myself do it, I'm seeing my belt buckle get closer to my thigh but my thigh isn't rotating to my right. Priority for me is changing how the right leg/hip load otherwise I won't be able to create any force into the lead side or create any stretch going back. But I do have to work on both. For right now the left hip feel is similar to the right with the inside of the left foot pushing away, almost doing a skater stride or floor board slide. Gets me to loads the leg and "post up" into it. Brian mentioned that when he tests my right hip, it moves fine. He thinks I don't tilt/rotate IR because my left hip basically can't deal with the result of the transitional "fall" you get when the hips are tilted properly. So my brain/body figured out that I should rotate more level with the right to accommodate my crappy left. Not sure I buy into it 100% but I think there is something to it. Even though my right side can work fine, I have to train it to do the correct thing because it's use to rotating more ER, rotating too far and with not much tilt. This was yesterday, doing these for the first time. Cable pulls with my foot on an incline which forces it pronated. Compliments the corrective exercises I'm doing a couple times a day with holding the side shift lunges (holding on to a barbell or sink, shifting right/left with the foot pronated/knee flexed inside the foot and hold for 5-6 breaths). Then a few swings after, slower backswing into a fast downswing, taking advantage of turning on all those muscles from the cable pulls. Really focusing on pressing out with the inside part of the foot and belt buckle rotating into the hip, never seen my impact look like this.
  13. Upper back expansion has improved, been able to change my rib cage from a wide to a narrow in two weeks. This week the focus was more on the hips. Ties into what Dr. Kwon recommended with more pelvic tilt and less hip turn. Really like how the club and shaft are loading, not banking inside like I tend to do. Hit some really solid shots, whole idea is create some more inclination and loading with the pelvis so it's easier to "compress" it on the downswing. Here's a swing from today after the round. Sticking with the same theme and experimenting with a slightly different feel to get the internal rotation. Feeling like I'm "pushing" the ground away with the inside of my right foot on the backswing and with both feet on the downswing. Compared to a random swing from a couple months ago. Can really see the difference with the right leg/hip.
  14. This is cool. Impressive how he's been able to get bigger but improve/maintain his mobility and move faster. This is Chris Como's living room btw. One thing to take note of with Bryson and Finau is how fast their backswings are and how "active" they are before the swing.
  15. 73, 74 this weekend. Hit it better than I scored, that's golf. Par 5 scoring was horrible.
  16. 74, as good as I hit it yesterday I felt like I've never swung a club on a few holes. Made four birdies.
  17. 64 in our Red, White and Blue tournament. Won the gross division. Format is you play six holes from the blue tees, six from the whites and six from the reds, got to pick which ones you teed off from. Index right now is +2.5 and my handicap for today was +7, so gives you an idea of how short the course was....but still have to keep it in play and convert. Great thing is I don't have to post it! 👍
  18. My interpretation is that it's similar to cracking a whip. With pros, their hips start the transition/downswing with a rapid acceleration followed by a rapid deceleration. So the speed or "work" you're putting into the club is the results of the torso, arms, legs accelerating and decelerating. There is kind of a chain reaction from one body segment to the other, so you need the deceleration to provide the sequential transfer of energy. Basically I "brake" or stabilize very well and will never be able to override it. I need more juice on the acceleration side. Honestly, I most likely should have started playing lefty, it's my faster side and I throw lefty. This also makes sense for because I hit it the straightest when I feel like I'm swinging hard/fast. I get in trouble when I try to guide shots and then I can hit it all over the place.
  19. Thanks. It's also helpful to me to document it all and easy to share if someone asks what I've been working on.
  20. @Birish21, example to go along with myself and @ColonelCamp are talking about.
  21. Wind picked up today, blew 20-25. Hitting fairways is overrated
  22. Love that picture. Yep. let it come in. The knee is more of a reaction to how he is pivoting and unweighting the left foot. He does a good job of detailing this in his book, how it's being "pulled" back. The left knee "in" you would want to avoid is when the "weight" stays on the left foot.
  23. For the one or two people following this thread, want to clarify that I don't think you need to do all the fitness stuff I'm doing to become a decent player. I've been steadily improving the last 3-4 years without it. To get to where I want to go with my game I'm open to giving this fitness/corrective exercise stuff a try. To do that I have to do my best to fix some mechanical/movement issues, some that may stem from my body's ability to "load" properly. 💪 Thanks Dave!
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