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  1. Already bought the Cobras about a month and a half ago. Cost me less than three lessons. The website had a free shipping coupon, and also a big percentage off used left handed clubs. Super lucky find. Same here. I don't mind mishits. It gives me something to think about for my next shot. When I hit it anywhere but the sweet spot on the Cobras I can really feel the ugly impact in my hands. Even though the ball might go close to where I want, I'm not happy with the swing and that's what I'm focused on the most. If I hit it just right to where the only thing I can feel in
  2. I'm a beginning golfer. I'm nearing the eight month mark since the first time I swung a club. I'm shooting in the mid-low 90s and my biggest problems are duffed shots off the fairway and a horribly inconsistent short game. I'm learning the game by myself and judging my mistakes through ball flight. My first set of clubs was a VINTAGE set from the 1970s that I bought for way too much money on craigslist. Then I bought some new modern clubs that had some game improvement features. Then I found a deal on a set of Cobra Pro CB forged irons that was just too good to pass up (reputabl
  3. Just started playing last summer. Played about a dozen different golf courses and a few 9 hole courses. I actually started reading this thread to get acquainted with golf course etiquette haha. This post really got to me. I'm not a volcano by any means, but I have been getting really mad at myself lately for not progressing as fast as I would like. Thanks for the reality check RichWW2, I'll start getting upset when my play truly doesn't match my skill level. My biggest pet peeve are people that people that get overly competitive. Ruins the mood for
  4. New to the forum. I'm in law school.
  5. Hello SandTrap, New player here from north Texas. Took my first real swing at a golf ball late last summer and haven't been able to stop. Struggling currently to break 90, but getting there slowly but surely. Seems like this sport is 2 steps forward 3 steps back at times. Most of the time. Glad I finally joined up. Always find the reviews interesting and decided to take the plunge and sign up for the forum. Thanks for having me.
  6. This. Sometimes stuff/lessons work because they motivate people to practice. It's like a pill that cures being thirsty but you have to drink it with two glasses of water.
  7. Depends on how hard the turf is. Why can't you do that at the driving range? Get a range finder; it's a good investment, especially if you're wanting to be that precise about your yardages.
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