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  1. i know what you guys mean. this second part of the season i've started playing with 3 guys from work 1-2 times a week. well i used to just either play by myself or with my brother in law who isn't as good as i am, or thought i was. so there was really no pressure and i could play my own game without any mental worries. well, since i started playing with my new friends at work, i've been shooting the worst golf of my life, week in and week out! its frustrating! i know that i'm just mentally taking myself out of the game, but its gone as far as me messing with my swing and it's all gone to hell
  2. i can't stand when you're teeing off and 2 people behind you are just chatting it up. don't bother to stop or to even quite down. i mean i'm not saying you need to shut up when i'm teeing off, but unless you want me to tee the ball off at you, just be curtious!
  3. hello all, new to the forum so i thought i would say hello. i've been golfing off and on since i was 10 but not until last year did i really start avidly golfing and working on improving my game. i finally made a "grown up" purchase if thats what you want to call it for this season. i purchased a set of titelist ap2's that were some what used and i have loved every minute of them so far. haven't shot a round with them yet, just at the driving range about 4 times. finally piecing together my "dream" set as i just bought some vokey wedges and am just waiting on the right scotty cameron putter to
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