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  1. I have played the Resort course, and will have a chance to play the Palmer course this weekend. I know there are blind shots which make it difficult if you have never played it before. If any of you have played it, do you have any general advice, or remember any particular aiming points that could help? Thanks in advance!
  2. Dublin is right on the mark. We did that last summer... played the Nicklaus course "Angeles National" (wonderful) in LA, then drove down to San Diego and played Maderas and Torrey Pines. Maderas is a Johnny Miller course with dramatic elevation changes, and is run by Troon Golf and they do a great job with it. Its been rated the best course in San Diego County for 7 years. And Torrey Pines is the most magnificent municipal course you will ever see. If you try to get a tee time you'll need to do it months in advance, but you can "walk on" early in the morning or in the afternoon. Ge
  3. When visiting a new course, Ben Hogan always asked what the course record was and who owned it. If it was the local pro, Hogan would make sure not to beat it since Hogan saw himself as his guest. At my local course, a highly rated college links course, a touring pro showed up one day and beat the record the first time he ever saw it. My guess is that this happens a lot. I agree with David - these guys are stupid good, and we have no idea how great they are. There is a big chasm between a scratch golfer and a touring pro.
  4. Thanks for those videos. The most helpful thing for me regarding lag is when I quit thinking about it in terms of an angle between your arm and club, and started thinking about it in terms of increasing the pressure on my right index finger as the club accelerates. Think about the grape in video 1. The pressure on the grape continues to increase as the club accelerates. And you want the club accelerating (pressure continue to build) through impact. I didn't realize that my club was reaching max speed before impact. But now I can feel it reaching top speed after impact. This causes
  5. I have the J40 driver and J40 irons (dual pocket cavity in 3-4i, and cavity-back in 5-pw). I absolutely love them. I'm 49 years old and hit the ball farther than I've ever hit it. As a reference point, I love my J40 driver as much as my RBZ 3-wood, which says a lot. I had too much spin on my driver in the past, so I got the J40 (spin killer) and tee it up a little farther forward. I like the J40 irons because they are forgiving but are also forged, so I like their feel. If you like forged irons, then you should consider Bridgestone. They are commonly regarded as one of the t
  6. When a tour player misses a putt, what usually causes it? Lets say its a 15' putt with a little break. If he misses, what percentage of the time is caused by: Bad read Wrong speed Face not square Wrong swing path I know we're just guessing, but I would like to see your thoughts. Thanks.
  7. 2 years later, I would love to hear your current answer to the same original question. Thanks.
  8. Great thread. I have read it several times, and have been trying to incorporate a hip slide into the beginning of my downswing. It has helped a lot! Occasionally though, while my hips slide forward, my shoulders dip down too much and I chunk it or sky a drive. What have y'all found (either swing thoughts, drills, mechanics) that help prevent that? Thanks in advance.
  9. I was getting over 4,000 RPM with my driver. I moved it up in my stance (to the front of my flared out left foot) and went to a Bridgestone J40 driver, and my spin as down to just over 2,000.
  10. I am like you in that I practice more than I play, so I can relate. BUT, one of the most technical minds out there, Johnny Miller, has "Play more than you practice" as one of his 10 rules of golf. That surprised me at first, since he practiced so much and thought so much about the golf swing, but I think he is right. I used to be a single digit handicap. Then I got married and had kids, and had to walk away from it... probably played 20 rounds over the last 20 years. Now my oldest son has fallen in love with the game, and the last 3 months I started back again. My swing came back q
  11. Great thread. The way I cured my slice was to adjust my hip movement at the beginning of the downswing. Ideally I want my upper body still facing a little bit away from the target when I drop my hands on the downswing. But my lower body is much stronger than my upper body, so when I fired my hips to face the target on the downswing, they went too quickly. My upper body was facing towards the ball when I was lowering my hands, so the only thing I could ever do was "come over the top" and swing outside-in and cut across the ball. So I slowed my hips at the beginning of the downswing,
  12. Tell us about your swing... how cleanly are you hitting the ball, and when your full shots go wrong, what usually causes it?
  13. Its good to think about if you hit the ball fat, which means that angle isn't staying there long enough. It might be more helpful to think about other things that make for a good lag, like proper grip pressure, good rhythm during your swing, hands in front of ball at impact, and not trying to kill the ball.
  14. I don't know if there are any Bridgestone reps near you, but I was in a similar search recently and decided on the J40 irons. (Dual Pocket Cavity for the 3-4 irons, and Cavity Backs for 5-P). I love them. They are forged, and people on this forum often say that Mizuno, Srixon, and Bridgestone make the best forged irons around.
  15. I try to play a few holes a round where I take one more club than I need in order to calm down my swing. I kept finding that those were the shots where I hit the ball the best, kept my balance, had good tempo, etc. So now I try to swing like I have an extra club unless I have to land the ball quickly. That helps to negate the side spin (as well as backspin).
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