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  1. Sometimes in that situation I will take my 8 iron and putt it out takes a little practice but has saved me many strokes when using a wedge doesnt seem safe
  2. Has anyone ditched there burner 2.0 for an upgrade? Looking for any reason to get new sticks. Got my handicap down to 10 this year think it might be time..
  3. Another thought I had was a 14 degree 3 wood with a 17 degree hybrid, would give ideal 4 degree difference all the way up to my wedges
  4. I have had my most success with an acuity mallet steel putter and I have no idea ball just rolls in
  5. Currently I have a driver and my next longest club is a 21 degree 4 iron that I hit all over gods country. I have been looking into a 15 degree 3 wood and maybe a 19-20 degree hybrid and dropping the 4iron. Wise thinking or any other suggestions?
  6. 15 degree 3 wood, would be ideal I think.
  7. Been looking into some new irons anyway for the holidays, may be a great time to try to get a proper fitting somewhere.
  8. I have never once had this problem in my life. It finally took its turn for the worst today at Pete Dye (amazing course). I have it stuck in my head it could be because my shafts are a little to bendy for my swing now. Would I benifit from a stiff flex or do you think its more swing mechanics or both?
  9. Id look into some Adams hybrids really enjoying my A12, my father is also enjoying his A12OS very good quality.
  10. I just realized this today while playing. Im using a Cobra S3 driver and after some drives it makes a really strange clicking sound like something is loose. The strange part is it only happens on my really long and deep drives. Not sure whats going on. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  11. Has anyone hit the Nickent 6DT Hybrid or the new 7DT hybrid? Interested in both.
  12. Okay, made up my mind. Will continue to work on the 4 iron on the range and practice rounds. Will be purchasing a 3 and 4 hybrid. Now I have tested the RBZ and a few others. Not sure im willing to throw that kind of cash out. Would it be in my best interest to just get the original burner hybrids that are on sale right now? Or is that new technology really worth it?
  13. Yes. I agree with what you said. I couldnt justify the purpose of buying two hybrids while it is tempting, I am generally in need for a 3H especially since my 4 iron is slowly coming around. Will go try out RBZ tomorrow and some others. Thanks for your input.
  14. I currently am swinging Burner 2.0 irons which I love, Cobra S3 driver (will upgrade in winter). Im in a bit of a pickle debating getting a 3 hybrid or 4 hybrid. I dont hit my 4 iron great but am working on it greatly. Will only buying a 3 hybrid allow me to also use it for 4 hybrid purposes by choking up on the club a tad bit? Or should I just get the 3 and 4 hybrid?
  15. I just recently started playing golf more frequently. The clubs I got last year were Acuitys because I didnt want to spend the money in case I didnt enjoy playing or if I broke something. I have upgraded to a Cobra S3 driver which I hit better than the racketballz and the AMP in testing. Next I am looking for some irons at a decent price under $400 would be nice. Any suggestions? Keep in mind I am not that good, but really enjoying the game. Thanks.
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