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  1. My Swing (mbhuw)

    Thankyou! Really good to hear i'm doing some things right! I've started working on my grip recently, but i guess it needs more work. When you say my left hand is too firm, does that mean i have twist it round on the grip or move it down the shaft a bit? Hopefully some lessons will clear that up. I've been told to try and keep my right knee flexed before but i feel as though it restricts my hips a bit. I'll go work on it though and put up an updated video soon. Thanks
  2. My Swing (mbhuw)

    I've been playing b een playing seriously for about a year now and have just started to work on my swing. I've made a few adjustments already but still have rucks to work on. I should be getting some lessons soon but in the mean time any tips are appreciated. I can get the ball up in the air consistently and my aim is improving. However, when using a 5-iron i nearly always hit a fade and this occasionally happens with my driver too. Thanks