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  1. I took no offense from the original picture posted here. Later someone listed a site of basically the same picture from a much lower angel. you are correct the pic on this site is from chest high.
  2. the only reason additional pictures wete posted is in response that she was not, in fact, my daughter. My apologies to anyone who was offended in any way. The masters and the heritage were both amazing events that I was proud to attend with my family. I would hope everyone could have the opportunity to do so.
  3. that is the last I will discuss my daughter. None of us, till now, realized that someone had to go out of his way to almost get down on the ground to take a picture. I thought the pictures were all innocent. Yes I agree the dress is too short. How many girls want to go places with their parents? Hilton head was a great venue and I was surprised it was free to veterans and their families...nice.
  4. I will post a nice photo of my daughter with Gary Player
  5. it is my daughter and my wife of 40 years is just as beautiful. i am surprised someone caught my daughter alone, but pleased to see the pic everyone was talking about.
  6. That is her! Christopher from caddiesforacure loved her. He is 18 but appears to be ten. What an amazing kid! Did anyone else meet him?
  7. cell phones, not fixing divots or ball marks, parking carts so that you have to wait unnecessarily for them to finally leave.
  8. My wife, daughter and I went to the Masters in Augusta and then on to the Heritage in Hilton Head. We were pleasantly surprised with the marked improvement in the town of Augusta since my last visit ten years ago. The locals were great and the dining excellent. My daughter is quite beautiful, but we we surprised at the reaction she received from both golfers and caddies. This was also true at the Heritage. Pictures have been circulating of her in her green dress by the putting green. Nothing offensive was ever said or done, but I would have thought that professional athletes would not be seemi
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