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  1. I would say that the British Open is the tougher test because from the fairway at the US open you basically can just get a yardage and play to it whereas at the Britsh Open you can't do that most of the time and you have to hit punch shots, bump-and-runs and you have to work big draws and fades agains the wind. Also the wind would make driving at the British Open very difficult.
  2. Just to back up your point, I once played with a guy who shot 80 in his first ever roung, without cheating, he just had natural talent. He know plays off about 2 and has been lower.
  3. It took me a bit over 2 months to break 100 but it may have been as little as 6 weeks had the river alongside my golf corse not flooded. During this time I could only play 15 holes but I was shooting high 70's. The three holes that I didn't get to play were 2 par fives and a long par 4 so it is tough to tell if I would have broken 100 during this time.
  4. You cant say that the USA is the sporting world because of the NFL and the NHL because american football is only played in america and hockey is only played in a handful of countries. Baseball is also a sport that is only really popular in the US. There are plenty of other countries that have their own major sport organisations such as the AFL( Australian Football League) in Australian and the only reason you have not heard of major organisations like this is beacause Americans don't play the same sports. The sports that are popular in America are not necessarily the sports that are popular
  5. Your problem is all in your takeaway. You are pulling the club to the inside and at waist high the club is pointing way to the inside. This causes a chain reaction and so your backswing and your position at the top are too shallow. You should try to take the club away more upright so that at waist high the shaft of the club is parallel to your feet.
  6. I am from Australia and so I don't actually have an anti-handicap but I used your formula and I calculated that my handicap would be 5.8 and my anti-handicap would be 10.4.
  7. I am 16 at the moment and have been playing for a little less than three years and my handicap is 6 and it is also an AGU handicap.
  8. I do agree with r7 425 to some extent because there are a lot of kids out there who have the same natural abilty as others who turn out to be great golfers but these kids can never reach that level because they don't get the same opportunities. Compared to a lot of the other major sports in the world this is one thing that is different in golf.
  9. I too am tired of people saying that there is no point in carrying a 3-iron just because they can't hit one. I carry a 3-iron and a 2-hybrid and I can hit the 3-iron almost as high and just as straight as my hybrid. The advantage of the 3-iron is that I can keep it under the wind a little easier and I can use it for punch shots out of trees. People should stop saying that the 3-iron is a thing of the past because it will still be around for many more years to come.
  10. Good review. I recently changed from CG10s to Vokey SM and I agree that they are not the easiest to hit out of the sand but the are great for pitching and offer a lot of control.
  11. The worst conditions that I have ever played in were during a round mid last year. I play at a links course and so it can get extemely windy there but over all the time that I have played there, this was the worst wind I have experienced. It was raining and hailing aslo and in the conditions it was difficult to even make a two foot putt. Also, it was the last round of the club championships so we had to play off the black markers and hit to the hardest possible pin positions. The best round of the day was about a 78 or higher and that was with heaps of really good golfers playing. I shot
  12. On most pitches around the green where I have to carry rough or bunkers etc I use my 60 degree wedge but if I am just off the green on the fringe I use a PW and hit a chip and run.
  13. Honestly, I believe that if you are playing off a 36 handicap you should wait a little while before you get new clubs. I started golf about 3 years ago with cheap clubs and only just got new ones because I got my handicap down to 6. Your game will probably improve a lot over the next year or so you should wait to see what your game is like then before deciding on new clubs.
  14. If he is such a con man then you are pretty stupid for using his putters.
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