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  1. 47. pretty much what I would expect. I putt based on what I feel and can never explain it, not a bad putter though. When a playing partner asks me what I see in his putt I simply say "I dont have a clue and you are better off putting blind folded than taking my advice. The aimpoint stuff seems very interesting, is it worth the money and time?
  2. This is a very general question but I am curious to hear some thoughts from other golfers. I play at a club that has 27 holes which has different qualities on each nine. Very well rounded course. It plays 6710 from the blues and is 72 /126. One of the key points that has helped me score more consistently and better has been playing a little better strategy....for example playing to distances I am comfortable with as opposed to just getting as close as possible. I have a hard time taking my game to different courses and scoring well. My question is how do you guys play o
  3. Congrats! both are big accomplishments.
  4. Mizuno for me. The only time I will ever pay full price is if I get great service in a smaller chain or independent golf shop. I have never liked the larger shops, it reminds me car shopping.
  5. Mickelson - 272 Tiger - 271 Duffner - 274
  6. I am the Chief Financial Officer for a community Bank here in North Texas.
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