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  1. I have new set of irons just wondering where and which iron? I have same serial number on 6,7 irons and on handle of 7 iron on plastic wrap over grips. Bought them on ebay from valuegolfeq. Hey we're shipped from NG Memphis TN. All is in original packaging and wrap over heads and grips. I'm just wondering Thanks
  2. I also might think about getting the aldila rip alpha 70 x stiff staft.
  3. No I did not look at the callaway driver. Didn't really even think about it.
  4. My fitter finally landed on me using the matrix 7m3 black tie x stiff. Swing speed around 111. Man is that thing expensive. I know it takes money but man I didn't want to drop 500$ for a driver. I want a titleist 913d2 what does titleist have that is very comparable as a no upgrade charge. He told me I needed a x flex, low launch, low spin shaft somewhere in the 70 gr range. My tempo is quick so this shaft help with the torque.
  5. I would show a pic of sole but can't post pic on phone. But I would be happy to send a pic so maybe y'all can see it
  6. I just measured he ping g15 5 iron and it measured standard lenght. I also pulled out a black mat and added a piece of electrical tape to the sole. My markings are right thru the center of the club
  7. With the standard lie I do tend to take a little toe down divot. But as the green dot I don't I have a smooth divot in front of the ball. My wrist from floor measurement is 33" from floor at relaxed. The ping isi copper irons I played before were black dot but I believe they were cut about an inch down for the shorter person that had them.
  8. Got fitted last year and I was fitted to x stiff shafts in my irons and driver and fairways. My driver speed hovers around the 120's give or take + or 2 mph. I want to say my iron speed was over or around 100 maybe a touch more. I'm 5'11, 230 lbs. and seem to generate a lot of club head speed thru shoulder and hip rotations. Even had on fitter say l need to hit long drive comps. But I just didn't like the black dot. I hit the ball to the right all the time. So I tried my friends green dot and man I was nice to play on that side of the greens. I didn't change anything in my swings as I feel
  9. Well I have been kinda been doing some testing lately after the past few rounds. Last year I went throught the ping fitting at a local golf shop. Got fitted for g20 in black dot standard with standard length and x stuff shafts... Well those always tend to hit the ball to the right for me. So I have been playing a friends set of g20s in standard lenght and stiff staft but green dot and the ball flight has been a tad to the right but not by much.... Usually just off the left of par 3 greens and approaches with 8-pw.... So I was thinking maybe just moving down a degree from the green dots and
  10. i dont appreciate you coming on my for sale thread and high jacking how much im wanting to sell , and posting other websites you have found. dont think that was your part to do that, this is a free listing and if a purchaser doesnt want to purchase then they have the choice to pass. so please dont come onto peoples thread and make post like that taking away from their ads.
  11. yes 100$ per club. if interested in all 3 i will make a good deal.
  12. these wedge have only been hit 1 time on the range right at a bucket of balls between all 3 wedges. so they are pretty much new. cleveland 52 degree with 8 degree bounce 588 forged = 100.00$ cleveland 56 degree with 14 degree bounce 588 forged = 100.00$ clevaland 60 degree with 12 degree bounce 588 forged = 100.00$ all 3 wedges are standard length and lie. with stock cleveland grips ( the white/black lampkins) i just got these last week, im selling my gear due to job layoff so hopefully someone can put these to good use !! please add 10$ for shippin
  13. taylormade 4 tour hybrid, x-stiff rbz 85g shaft, 21.5 degree = 135$ new in wrapper includes headcover taylormade 5 hybrid, stiff 65g rbz shaft, 25 degree = 135$ new in wrapper includes headcover please add 10$ shipping for each item, but will ship both for the 10$ if buyer buys both items, packages will be shipped standard ground, i also accept paypal for payments. just got these clubs yesterday but selling due to job layoff.
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