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  1. Taylormade V-Steel

    Thanks a lot for your opinions yeah I was just looking at this one http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/ws/eBayISAPI...tab%3DWatching Looks good as my swing speed is quite high and I have the Cobra Carbon CB's which i love... If they are quite similar I might go for it.
  2. Taylormade V-Steel

    True but I live in Belgium, Europe so +35$ shipping costs and import taxes from the States for a second hands Vsteel would bother me. *EDIT* I didn't read your edit yet, thanks, I'll check it out.
  3. Hi guys, I have quite a gap between my 3 iron (cobra carbon cb stiff steel )and my 3 wood, so I'm thinking of putting a 5 wood or hybrid in my bag. Normally I was about to buy a 5 wood but my 3 wood is a TM V-Steel 15° Stiff graph (which i LOVE and will keep in my bag for a while) and I'm afraid I'll hit a new 5 wood (burner or whatever) as far as my 3 wood. I tried to get a v-steel 5 wood but they dont make them anymoreand I don't know where to get one so... What do you guys think? maybe a 19° burner resque stiff? ( steel or graph i dno) Thanks!
  4. I miss the PING G5 and Callaway FT3 in the list... Can someone compare the Callaway BB460 with the FT3? I found an FT3 Tour Neutral for 199$ at golfsmith. And then there's also the G5... I can't make up my mind!
  5. Dream Bag/Equipment Setup

    Your dreamdriver is the Hibore XL and you're using a superquad which costs twice as much? Doesn't look like a great investement then I think I'd go with: King Cobra X Speed Deep driver, 9 or 9.5° King Cobra X Speed 15° King Cobra Pro MB irons (they look so sweet) Ping Redwood Anser putter Titleist Vokey Spin Milled wedges
  6. What make of glove do you wear...

    I have the same problem with my FJ glove! So Mizuno is the brand you'd advise then? I'm used to wear black gloves and I'm afraid they don't make them do they?
  7. Not at all, that guy is Swedish, so he's paying a normal price. But the dollar isn't worth too much anymore and I guess he just put the amount in dollars so you guys didn't have to sort out how much it actually is. Same thing here in Belgium, that's why I started ordering my clubs in the US ;)
  8. What do you think about the NXT Tour? Cause I thought tons of players use those balls but you guys don't seem to play them. And when I would have to choose between the V1 and V1x.. What's the difference?
  9. There's quite a difference between the XL and the XLS, and you seem to have the XLS in your signature.
  10. I noticed the new TaylorMade Tour Burners came out, does this mean the 'old' burner's price is gonna drop any time soon?
  11. Just when I wanted to order a box, I read it isn't a good ball for fast swingers? I have quite a fast swing and I hit drives with my Taylormade V Steel 3 wood +200 yards and with no roll at all :s that's how much spin I create. So I guess this isn't the right ball for me? Then which might be?
  12. Ping G10 Driver !

    I am still not sure whether to go with the Burner or G10, but if the Beast would come out, I guess I'll go with the G10... unless it's coming out soon ofcourse ;)
  13. Ping G10 Driver !

    Thanks for the advice guys Mrobbie, yes ofcourse I can get fitted by a pro, but at my home club they're changing the driving range , and it will take till may before it's allowed to use drivers again. And since they stole my previous driver and I have none atm, I don't want to miss my driver in the beginning of the season! And hawkye, I guess I'm a lucky guy then, I ordered once at golfsmith and once at tgw.com and always only had to pay shipping costs... I'm gonna risk it again cause the dollar is so low :) !
  14. Hi guys, I'm about to buy the new G10 driver, but as I live in Belgium and I'm ordering at golfsmith.com, I didn't get the chance to get fitted. I hit my Taylormade V-steel 3 wood over 220 yards, but with no roll at all. Which loft and shaft would you guys recommend? And no I don't know my swing speed but everyone tells me I swing it pretty fast. Thanks!!
  15. COBRA X Speed pro and TM BURNER

    Well good luck then and maybe one day I'll see you around at 3 Eycken