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  1. I agree. I just picked a G20 driver up on saturday and absolutely love it. I was using the Nike VRS driver before and it is like night and day between these two clubs. I have literally gained 15- 20 more yards using the G20. The one thing that I absolutely love about this club is the feel at impact, the ball just jumps off the face. The Nike driver had more a dead feeling which I wasn't to fond of.
  2. I totally agree with buying used clubs unless you can find a great deal on some new irons. I bought the G15's about a week ago brand new and they cost me $399. I would look on eBay because you could find really nice clubs on there for cheap prices. I just ordered a Ping G20 hybrid for $50. If you want a very forgiving set of irons I would highly recommend Ping or Mizuno irons if you can afford them. A fitting for new irons is also recommend, that way you know the clubs are made for you and your swing. When looking for a driver you can find things from like 4 or 5 years ago that are uber forgiv
  3. I picked up some G15 irons and a G20 driver. Wasn't really sold on the look of the G25's for some reason. Ended up getting the 4-AW black dot ( after a fitting determined that was what I needed) for $399 and bought the G20 driver for $199. Don't think I did to bad.
  4. How are those CB irons with your handicap? I am a 20 and looking to purchase new irons right now I am looking at the Burner 2.0's, would the CB's be better or about the same? As far a Callaway goes I love their irons. I have hit the Razr line and love them but the I don't like the fact that all they offer is uniflex stock shafts. If I'm going to spend $700 on some irons I shouldn't have to upgrade the shafts when I get them. I have hit the RBZ irons as well as the Nike VRS irons and they both feel amazing. I had a slight draw with the 6 irons so I think either one would be good for you with th
  5. Is there anywhere i can go to find out what clubs can be bent? I wanted to purchase a set of the burner 2.0's and might need them bent flatter. Or should I contact TM and see what they say?
  6. Were your old irons adjusted to be the same lie angle? If not that could be one reason and may take some time getting use to them.
  7. There isn't anything that you need to know about ping. If you go to their website you can watch videos on how they fit people. When you go to a fitting just make sure they do the same process.
  8. Most people I know including myself carry a 52, 56, and 60. or just 56 and 60.
  9. I wouldn't spend the money simply because the grooves on the CG14 are non-conforming and the yardage distance wouldn't be that different so it would almost be like you were hitting the 55 degree. That's just my personal opinion.
  10. The AP1's are a nice set of clubs I would pick those in second to the JPX 800's that I am currently playing. I also like the Ping G20's which I hit the other day and I am thinking about trading the current set in for. As for the AP1's they have a great feel to them and they are very forgiving the only reason that I didn't buy this is I'm not a titleist fan.
  11. They aren't bad clubs. I tried those and the burner 2.0 and can't tell the difference. The only thing that taylormade did with the rbz was jack up the lofts so that it appears that you hit them further. If you like those then get them. I would stick with a GI iron just because you can "grow" into them from your current golf game. You might want to try some other brands while your at it. Mizuno, Ping, and Callaway also have really nice irons that are in the same category as the rbz but you might like them better. Also go to golfdigest.com and look at the hot list clubs for this year to give you
  12. The ball that they recommended I played before. I switched from the e6 to the Q-star because I wasn't hitting it very far and I was missing a lot of fairways. Now that I switched to the Q-star I am hitting more fairways and I am also driving it further. The only reason I went to the fitting is to see what they would recommend for me.
  13. Yeah I think I will just stick with the Q-Star I am playing now. I don't really think that fitting is accurate anyways since they get all this information from taking a picture of the ball.
  14. So would the lower compression result in a faster ball speed?
  15. I went to a local Bridgestone ball fitting. I was using my Ping K15 driver with regular flex shaft. When I got fit for that driver it said I was getting a ball speed of 125 mph with and 88 mph club head speed. After this ball fitting I am thing something is fishy about the numbers Bridgestone gave me. Here are the results: Q-Star: HS : 88.7 BV : 115.5 LA : 11.9 BS: 2963 SS: 970 Distance : 182 (They said this drive had 24 yards of roll. So the total drive would be 206.) Ideal: HS : 88.7 BV : 131.2 LA : 14.1 BS: 2611 SS: 0 Distanc
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