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  1. Hitting driver very high

    thanks for the reply
  2. So.. i`ve posted a few times and now i have a new problem. I started using my driver again and I seemed to have fixed my hook and slice. That advice that someone gave about the elbow being high and trying to keep the elbows to gather worked wonders. I`m also hitting the irons very well lately but I seem to be always a few yrds right of my target. then when I aim left of the target it i hit straight.. /////Forehead slap Besides that I dropped my score from 115 2 weeks ago to 94 last week. That had a lot to do with my Driver finally working. I was slamming balls to around 260-270 yrs (rolling) But 8/10 tee shots whould only go about 240-250 and seem to die out very fast. I went to the driving range to keep my driver in check and a local pro gave me some free advice and told me the reason my ball is going so high and dieing off is because I`m using a iron swing. He says i`m coming down at the ball and not up with it.. What does that mean..?? I dont want to screw up my irons shots. So is there a diffrence between hitting a iron and a wood? Any drills or tips??? Thanks
  3. As the great adam sandler said.. Tap tap tap. Tap it in!
  4. So its been awhile since i`ve posted and I hope this is going in the right spot. I`'ve droped my handicap into the low 100's. My irons are doing great and so is my short game finally. I`m 2 putting all 18 still working on that =).. But here is the problem.. Out of the blue i`ve started to hook and slice the ball while driving. I`ve adjusted my grips worked on my swing path etc but still get very bad hooks and slices and i have to thing its my club facing at impact. I took 2 pictures to show you whats going on.. It feels like i`m ethier breaking my wrist to late or to soon at impact any tips or drills?
  5. Slice with driver

    I had the same issue when i first started. I fixed it... and now for some reason I have it again. The first time I fixed it because my grip wasn't good. My club head was open at impact. So switched grips and i was nailing them down the fair way so take a look at that.. Once I fixed my grip I started hooking the ball hard which again was a grip problem (my club head was closed at impact). So now i`m back to slicing the ball and i think it has to do with my over swing path haha.. Good luck
  6. My golf game.

    is horrible =) So im new to the forum and i`ve posted a intro now its to the fun part. I`m a pretty new golfer when it comes to frequency of playing. I`ve been playing for three years and i`ve always shit in the low 100's. I usually get about 5-6 times a year and go with my cop or fire fighter buddies and we get smashed. I use to always rent clubs and never took golf seriously but loved playing it. My golf game or perception on golf changed last xmas when my wife bought me a club set. Since jan i`ve been out about 7 times with another buddy of mine. We are sober when I play with him and we both have the same scores. Low 100s and i`ve broken high 90's once or twice. I always though about going to a pro but i`m not sure if i want to spend 100 bucks for a hr. ( i know its worth it). I`ve seen a lot of people post videos on here and I plan on video taping my self next time i`m at the range. Speaking of the range. I have learned the hard way of playing a full 18. If I start missing shots (which I do a lot) I try to adjust or try something new while im playing. i`ve realized this is a bad idea lol because i miss more shots. When i first started playing golf I had a amazing drive. 280-300 yrs thats when I hit it correctly(or so i though) My irons and short game sucked... I`d ethier worm burn it or top it 5 feet. For my pitching i`d ethier hit it like i should be wearing a purse or fly over the green to the next tee box. Its usually my short game that adds 1-2 strokes a hole. Or i miss that 10 ft putt. As i`ve been reading and watching videos my irons got better, my drives slice,hook and not i drive as far as i can hit my 5 iron. My short game has been producing shots on the green.. Now instead of being over the green i`m about 5/10 on the green or i hit it to short. I love this game and i want to get better. I already know I have some problems.... My grip... I can never find the same grip its all over the place... I also never swing the same way... When i top my irons or even drive it seems i am hitting the ground before impact... LOL.. If anyone has any advice ( i know see a pro) Any drills or any good videos that are free. Please feel free to let me know... Also i`ve seen a lot of review for the simple golf swing or perfect golf swing.. 29 bucks... Are these programs any good..
  7. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I`m a paramedic.. =)
  8. good day...

    Hello all, This is my first post to the forum and I just wanted to say hi =). I`m a 30yr horrible golfer haha. I started playing with brother inlaw about 3 years ago and i`m improved a lot but still need some help(alot). I live in FL (south) and I work as a paramedic so i`m hoping to use all my free time to get better lol. The past few weeks I have been hitting the course more and more and i`m come to this forum to talk to some pro's, people with the same problems but most of all I love talking about golf. I also have a 7 yr old who has been itching to play with his dad. Looking for Jr club prices haha as week speak.. Have a good day,