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  1. That club was an exception. Before the 975D, the average rack price on a driver was less than $199. Then all companies followed the 975D and jumped to $399. This is about the time when all the clubs started getting manufactured in china, lowering production cost. Then the high performance shafts started taking off raising the prices yet again. Only now with the economy in the tank, prices are coming back down to earth. But not only did equipment cost go up, green fees went through the roof because courses were getting bigger increasing maintenance costs and some had to do with market demand. b
  2. you can have ball flight software and everything else TV brings to the game. but if golf equipment keeps moving forward in this fashion, there seems to be 2 directions for it to go: 1, golf courses continue to grow bigger to accommodate the pros adding more cost and difficulty to the game for amateurs or 2, pros will be carrying a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 10 wedges, and a putter in their bag. in the eyes of a big OEM, there's only one way to move forward and that's with distance. companies will continue to play within the rules to increase distance. once those options run out, they will lobby t
  3. Watching golf is far less interesting today. Its target golf. The creativity has been erased. Its dumbed down. Techology should make the game more affordable, not necessarily easier. Hickory shafts aren't that much different than steel. Steel by and large is cheaper to produce. And its easier to produce a uniform set. Same with metal heads. But performance only improved fractionally with these 2 advancements. We can see were the game is headed. If you can't, you're blind. But we have the power to look back and ask ourselves, "when was the best time for golf? When was it the most fun?". We don
  4. Technology is ruining the game. Its making the game too easy for Pros and harder for amateurs. You may think I'm crazy for saying technology is making it harder for amateurs, but it is. Clubs are becoming too long and too lite all in the name of making money when the truth is people are spraying the ball everywhere. And its really hard, not to mention expensive, for beginners. Do people realize the stupidity of all this... we produce clubs that increase distance, and then we redesign golf courses to make them longer, and in most cases, harder for amateurs. This in turn produces 5 hour rounds.
  5. Swung the Mizuno shaft optimizer. 88 mph and 9 tempo. I liked the results: DG x100 soft step (130g), PX 6.0 (120g), KBS C-taper stiff (120g). Now, can anyone make a recommendation for a driver shaft based on the recommended iron shafts. If so, I would also like to mention I will be playing a 44.5 - 44 inch driver. Most heads are weighted to accommodate an overall length of 45" or more, so i would likely have to add a little weight. I would like to avoid paying to get fit for a driver if possible.
  6. Rip 60 has good stuff for your golf swing and body. Every piece of equipment sold comes with a 60 workout program. And most of it focuses on core and rotation.
  7. sounds like people are starting to realize they're being had by the big OEMs and the golf industry in general. is the new equipment really helping your game that much? OMG, taylormade put a racing stripe on their new driver, i gotta have it. so dumb. is it really worth the price? i find it hard to beleive that all this new equipment is lowering your handicap that much. i would be happy with persimmon drivers and balata balls. seriosly, all this new equipment is just driving up the cost of the game. you are making yourself pay more. it's so stupid. this is why people are quitting or not taking
  8. man or woman, power is power, and she has power. not only does she have power, the power she wields is useful to many members at Augusta.
  9. practice with the driver, wedge, putter in that order. i don't care how great of a putter you are, if you can't stay in-bounds or out of the trees, you aren't going to score well. and if you can't get the ball with-in 3 feet from around the green with regular consistency, you are putting a lot of pressure on your putter.
  10. here's the biggest problem with this playoff; the top guy can't get knocked out...and that pretty much takes away all the excitement. in fact, there's very little risk for all the top guys. second problem, the points are too difficult to follow. 3rd problem, the PGA Tour and TV need to stop showing these playoff events as golf tournaments. if a playoff is the main focus, don't constantly show us the tournament leader board, show us the playoff leader board. 4th, a first place finish shouldn't have that much more value than a 2nd place finish, same with 2nd to third and so on. 5th, reset the po
  11. I won a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 in a scramble. It's 34". Re-gripped with an Oversize Winn AVS grip, tried one round and didn't like it. I prefer my J-blade. This putter retails for 349.99 plus tax. You can have it for $300, shipping included. Shipping not included to the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii as well as International.
  12. first, with limited practice time, there are 3 clubs you should be practicing with...the driver, pitching wedge and putter. no one scores well hitting the ball OB or in the water off the tee. master one distance with the pitching wedge and that's your go to lay up spot on all par 5s. create a shot to go along with it, meaning you know in your head that you are either going to pull it or push it or cut off your finish. whatever it is...dial it in. from 115 to 130 yards, i always aim 5 yards right of the pin and pull it. works more times than not. master chipping and pitching with the pitching w
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