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  1. OK guys so today I went to the range and I've seemed to fixed the problem, I think I was standing to close, but now I'm pushing the ball left.........sheesh. Suggestions. Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate it, I'm gonna not pick up a club for a few days and slowly get back. I thought about the doing punch shots with 1/2 swings as one poster said. I really do appr. ya taking the time out to help
  3. Here's the cliff notes, I'm a 10 hdcp I'm straight off the tee and very consistant with my Irons..........until, gulp......TODAY. I started slicing everything from 7 iron to my SW, some of them were worm burners as well, they were slices and not big shanks. I went to the driving range and hit a lot of balls only to leave more degected than ever. I'm tripping bad. PLEASE HELP!!!! thanks
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