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  1. Today i demo'd the r9 460 with the Aldila Voodoo shaft. (9.5* stiff). I loved it and hit it real well. i found an r9 460 9.5* with a stiff aldila re/ax in it on craigslist for 100 cheaper. is there going to be a big difference on ballflight between the two? i have a 103 mph swing speed (if that makes a difference)
  2. nothing wrong with the warbirds. 2 piece that truly flys! step up to the hot bite. similar but spins better
  3. top flite freak or gamer. cheap and gives you more than your moneys worth.
  4. The Blacks and Reds are great balls. most stores sell 2 dozen for the price of one middle of the road ball. i never hit the penta, but i chalk it up as the same purpose TM comes out with 2 new drivers a year. Marketing their way into our pockets. whats next? an 8 piece ball caled the "octo", or maybe a 10 piece ball called the "deca"? maybe an extra layer to make sure it performs well in your bag's ball pocket... i dunno
  5. I demo'd the Mizuno MX 25 and MX200s, the G10 and G15s, Titleist AP1s, and callaway x22s. after all of that, it wasnt even close as to which ones were the best for me. I kept coming back to the Burners.
  6. Ping has a good fitting process. little color coded dots. make sure you're set up right there first. if you are, just practice with them. you'll get it. they have a huge offset and it sounds like your older clubs might not have had that. that alone can require a little bit of calibrating.
  7. I have about 10 to 12 rounds under my belt with these clubs and thought I would share some thoughts on them. 1st off, I chose these because i needed more foregiveness plus an iron i could work a little bit. Now, they are significantly longer than any iron I have ever hit. almost to the point of confusion. at 1st it was scary not knowing what to hit because of fear of flying it over the green or overshooting lay-ups, but once i got the distances down, piece of cake! I am fully aware that a big factor in distance is the strong lofts, but the forgiveness is unbelievable. when you can hit a 9 iron 165 yards and have the same feel, control and accuracy as you had from a more typicaly lofted 9 iron that you are used to hitting 140 yards, you feel untouchable. especially on a Par 3 tee box when everyone is clubbed 1 to 2 clubs higher than you and you crush it out there. as far as Taylor Made ensuring that all of the short irons hit distances that vary greater in length... they did just that. i used to hit a 9 and PW pretty close, now I have each short iron designated to certain distances. (103MPH Driver SS) AW-135 to 145 PW-145 to 155 9i- 160 to 170 8i- 175 to 180 7i 180 to 190 6i 195 to 215 dont hit the 4 or 5 irons. i have a Cobra Baffler 4 hybrid that takes over after my 6i. Feel is great. when you hit one on the sweet spot and it rockets off the face on that dead straight line or nice draw, you really get that feeling of utter amazement. it never gets old. ball flight is ideal, even with stronger lofts you'd expect lower trajectory, but it goes up nice then comes crashing to earth and sits nicely. I have the stiff steel stock shafts and I love them. great feel and they compliment the set very well. working the ball. not as easy as my TM RAC LT2s but easy enough to feel confident that you can pull off any shot you were able to execute in the past with a bit more practice and trial and error. they will let you do waht you want. Very accurate. i got to the point where i felt like i could just throw the club at the ball and off it would go. keep a good swing and you will gain a lot of confidence. i say that because i found myself slacking off on my swing due to the extreme forgiveness. dont get into that habit! scoring much better. consistently toward the lower end of my usual scores. 78-84 hope this helps any of you looking to make the switch. im glad i did and will be buried with this set.
  8. I have been playing the callaway X Hot for about 5 months. I really like the distance, but i hate the shaft length. the thing feels like its longer than my driver and the head is so far away at address. im very inconsistent with it, but when i hit it on the screws it'll go 250 off the tee or deck. Im thinking about going to a shorter 3 wood for more control, but im worried that im going to lose a lot of that distance. will that be the case? i have never hit a 3 wood as far as this one, so im reluctant to let it go. i feel like i can try to harness the club, but that might be a waste of time if i can get comparable distance from a shorter 3wood. My ss is 101mph
  9. lob wedges are great. when you're around 90 out and need to drop and stop it, theres nothing like making it rain with a 60. i love opening the face and flopping it too. you take that full swing and it just glides and drops dead. the ol flop-a-dopalas
  10. i play a 60 because i can hit it 90 with a full swing or open the face and flop it 20 on the money. its very versitile.
  11. aww man! my sons are only 3 and 1. I have to wait at least 4 more years for this awesomeness???!!!
  12. you can fly into bend. i looked at it from portland. just cheaper to drive the 3 hours.
  13. i call anything that fires off on a 45 degree angle left or right about neck high a shank. lol
  14. assuming you're right handed and hit it left thats a hook, pull, pull hook, OMG WTF! etc. its in your head but more in you're wrists. most people who slice have an outside in swing path and fail to turn the wrists over to square up the clubface
  15. that can fall under the "practice/training tool" rule. you're not allowed to use anything used for practice/training while in play. something to that effect.
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