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  1. Dinoma

    GPS watch or Smart Watch

    The Samsung S3 is probably worth a look, there are a couple of golf apps with front middle back etc and upcoming course maps. GPS is in the watch so no need to use your phone and also acts as an everyday watch with health apps etc if that interests you. I've been very pleased with mine.
  2. I don't think either will happen
  3. A big problem with golf is the public perception of golf amongst non-golfers. Having taken up golf relatively late on (late 30s), I was part of the demographic who didn't get the allure of golf on TV, apart from the Ryder cup I had zero interest in watching random people hit a ball around with seemingly very little (apart from their own wealth) on the line. Obviously once I started playing (even that was with minor resistance as I thought it was full of stuffy stuck up old men) those beliefs went out the window. However, I think it's important to realise that while my opinions were based on uninformed perception it is also how most non-golfers (in the Uk at least) will view the sport. While there is a strong junior section at our club, I'd be very surprised if more than 5% of those didn't have golfing parents/grandparents so they have been immersed in the sport from a young age. The big issue is making golf seem more fun to youngsters (and by that I don't just mean kids), and I feel that this is not fully the case in the TV offerings and/or most clubs.
  4. Dinoma

    Mark Crossfield vs. Taylormade

    As a side note - kudos to Titleist for realising that more and more people are consuming content from youtube etc and using that to promote their brand rather than more mindless tweets about the winner of this or that tournament only won because of their clubs/balls whatever.
  5. Dinoma

    Mark Crossfield vs. Taylormade

    Very much like I don't much care what driver Dustin Johnson is using or what he thinks of it, I don't care what Mark Crossfield thinks of that driver either. Whilst Crossfield is free to take whatever money/goods are coming his way from Titleist, and good luck to him, I feel it weakens his position as an impartial pundit no matter what the rhetoric is from him and/or Titleist. People can say its sour grapes or whatever from TM, but it's their product and they can handle the distribution for it however they like. I find Crossfield's bleating on about it tiresome and childish.
  6. You are quite right that 'automatically' it is just competition scores (using CSS) that will be entered for handicap purposes, however you are able to nominate supplementary scores (using SSS) to apply against your handicap (as long as you alert the pro before the round that your card will be so, and the card is verified by a member of the club you are playing at). As with most things golf related there are various caveats and complications but that is the gist! I would presume that the move would be for CONGU to be more inclusive of rounds rather than the other way round, since for most players - especially casual ones, the complaint is how difficult it is to enter enough (if any) competitions.
  7. That's exactly right. The SSS is the score a scratch golfer would score on that course on an average day, the CSS is the score that the same golfer would get on that specific day on the same course. At my course it rarely varies by more than 2 shots even when the weather really kicks up. Effectively All you are doing is moving the centre of the bell curve of the days play back over the average and how far you have to move it is the differential. I think the whole conditions etc thing is confusing people - the conditions are assumed from the scores not the other way round.
  8. Dinoma

    Driver Shaft Length Creep

    This is from Game Golf - before and after I changed the shaft in my driver before (Matrix VLCT SP) Shaft 45.5", Fairway 36%, Average 244 yards After (Project X HZRDUS Black-65) Shaft 44.5", Fairway 52%, Average 261 yards I'm not claiming the most technical test, and in part it may be due to me improving my swing and different conditions etc, indeed the replacement shaft may be 'better' as well as shorter, but its a reasonable sample size and hopefully will give some of you considering the switch food for thought.
  9. True, but probably not as likely, I think they said that they were 9 on Thursday and likely not getting any quicker with the rain.
  10. indoor range session working on the faults that haven't been ironed out from yesterday's rounds. Real progress being made, but as always with this bitter mistress, slowly and with the odd regression.
  11. Played 36 holes today, which was quite a test given the various swing changes I have been working on since I started lessons a couple of months ago. Pleased how they are starting to embed, main misses from not releasing on the driver and a couple of double crosses with the mid irons.
  12. Another indoor range session trying to smooth the swing, remove a touch of grip pressure and release the club a little more. Swing path and length backswing improving, still a bit too much movement at the start of the backswing.
  13. More time working at the indoor range working on my posture and path. All going well, but a small tendency to snatch at the shot which need smoothing out.
  14. Had a lesson today, still some work to do with my posture and working on releasing the club as a feeling to help me work the ball back from the right. This is all part of my attempts to remove one side of danger from my shots with a consistent shape, a draw with the miss of the block.
  15. Dinoma

    The best tip you have had, but not from a pro

    I was given the same advice by my dad when I started golf and when I first came a father "Anyone giving unrequested advice probably isn't qualified to do so."

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