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  1. The wrists should load and unload naturally. Any manipulation with the smaller muscles (ie wrists or hands) is likely to be less consistent due to more critical timing. The body and the core (large muscles) can be employed to load/unload the right arm flying wedge.
  2. Martin's approach is too dumbed down with oversimplified 'tips', even for TV. I finally had enough when he said to hold onto the right wrist bend as long as possible.
  3. I was plateaued at low 80s for years until last spring Marty Ayers showed me that I only need to engrain one feeling - that of a flat left wrist at impact. It sounded like snake oil but after 5-6 weeks of practice my subconscious trained itself to fill in the rest. Now I practice that feel of a flat wrist at impact before every shot.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by uttexas Quote You saw some instruction? Dang, it must have been while I was blinking... Yeh, not much. So far, the only instruction I've seen Hank give Rush sounds like a broken record. "you need to flatten out your swing and get the back of your left hand facing the target at impact" Yeah he does need to get on plane and less steep. Also, the swing is way too contrived. Haney needs to show him how to use his pivot instead of his hands.
  5. Agreed there is less rotation with the typical crossover release because the core stalls as the club is thrown down the line. But if you have a body type release (ie Hogan) the core and the club continue to rotate and the hips open up a lot more.
  6. As Erik shows above, the 'position to hit' is as far forward and rotated as possible.......in balance. Use this drill to challenge you to get there and also help you feel THE position.
  7. I read recently that both Els and Couples get their easy power (and rhythm) by leveraging gravity and centrifugal force, as you would in a hammer throw. 'Counter fall' against the force of the clubhead with minimal tension in the hands. I believe this method has been around for a long time. I first remember encountering it in an old book 'Gravity Golf' by David Lee...he even claims it was used by Nicklaus.
  8. Yes the duration at the top of the swing is make or break. If you get it right there will be no need for any manipulation in the downswing. It seems that you must give up control to get it.
  9. " Starting the turn with the hips...how? "Can anyone describe how they remember to do this? What it feels like? I know I do this to some extent, but how does everyone else trigger this motion?" My downswing trigger feeling is to perform a vigorous, pure turn of the hips. No lateral shift is INTENDED but nevertheless, some does inherently occur due to momentum of the club and arms. Most of my lateral shift occurs in the backswing. By taking a full shoulder turn the right hip automatically translates to the target from behind. If it were not for this I could not get awa
  10. My weight shift problem and hitting impulse disappeared when I stopped restricting my hip turn.
  11. Limbaugh represents a demographic that the golfing industry relies upon to prevent a repeat of Japan...95% of memberships lost since their economic meltdown in 1990...and we are only two years into ours...
  12. I have started to practice the short game to get beyond this plateau. I thought that I would be happy achieving a high GIR. Nope now I want it all...
  13. I try to separate ball striking from putting since they are two different skills. So I focus on GIR instead of par.
  14. This is a disaster for golf and the golfing industry. On the upside, maybe this sport will return to its roots as a pastime of gentlemen.
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