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  1. I have a similar story to RN2013. I had a Killer Bee back in the 90s. (Actually it was a freebie from the guy next door who was the manager of one of the local TV stations who got it as a promotional thing, but he was about 5"&" and couldn't use it at all.) I hit the thing 280-300+. (Even off the deck!) In my mid 40s I was longer than anyone at my club. I had to use a slightly flatter swing because of the longer shaft, and in my terms, You couldn't horse it. Eventually I caved in the face. Black Rock went out of business and I was never able to get a similar replacement. I've purchased roughly ten new drivers since, each with "better" technology, bigger heads, higher COR, longer shafts, all the possible new features. I've never been able to reproduce the distance and consistency and most importantly the "buttery" feel that I had with that Killer Bee--until now. This Long Tom (By the way, my first name is Tom) has that same feel and it goes! It's easily 20-30 yards longer than my Ping G10. I feel like I just went back 15 years. The 48" isn't a big deal relative to your overall perception of what you're holding and swinging. A few swings and it's totally natural. Actually if you go back to your regular club, probably a 46" shaft, it looks really short. Way back, 43 1/2" to 46" was a big jump. But it worked. Now 46" to 48" is very similar. Think 260cc driver heads (the Big Bertha) vs. 460cc heads now. Back then even a 350cc head looked like a watermelon! This club just might be the Fountain of Youth for this 60+ year old.