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  1. Sorry to be so late to respond but I wanted to let you know that the X Mount itself will attach to any of your existing tripod/ gorilla pod mount. It is only $18.00 for the X Mount by itself. The clamp is simply an attachment. If you were to say get the X Mount only, you could use it with your gorilla pod and any of your alignment rods. That's a great deal!
  2. We were just recognized on the USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/personal/2014/01/21/selfies-video-photo-xmount/4719885/ Check it out!
  3. The amount is steadily increasing as the days continue. The more people that see the better! Be sure and check it out on Kickstarter if you haven't already!
  4. Thanks guys. Yea we are excited about it. Now we just have to get some traffic to our site for some more backers! By backing you are pre-ordering which will allow you to get it at a discounted price before everyone else.
  5. There is a new mount coming soon that can mount to your golf bag and alignment rods. You can see it on our site.
  6. Thanks for the advice! That is a good idea...
  7. Haha... no that is off the range!
  8. This is a brand new case for golfers that works as a tool to help you improve your game. It is simply going to give you the opportunity to see your swing for yourself while out on the range or the course. It's simple how it works. Slide your iPhone into the holster, attach it to an alignment rod, then slide your alignment rod into the ground at whichever height desired. It's so simple and it works great. It also gives you the ability to capture in both portrait and landscape modes. The guys on the PGA Tour, Web.Com, and Mini Tours love it, also check out the product reviews page for member feedback! If you haven't seen it, we would love to hear what you think! www.protosports.com
  9. The ProtoSports Holster made an appearance at the PGA last week. It is not out in the masses yet but there are a few guys who are using it and like it a lot. It sounds like some guys like it for putting as well as full swings. The ability to monitor putting strokes and skid rates can make a big difference on the strokes where it counts. You can take a look at true roll, where the ball is making contact with the putter, as well as alignment as it relates to putting. If you haven't seen it yet you can take a look at it here. www.protosports.com
  10. I am happy to announce that we have several players using the ProtoSports Holster on the PGA Tour as of the PGA Championship. It has been a big hit with the guys, not only from the golf swing aspect but also there are a some guys using it to monitor putting paths and skid rate of the ball on the putting green. Since you can attach the phone all the way to the bottom of the stick in the portrait setting you can video as close to the green as possible. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for all the supporters here on The Sand Trap and all of the good reviews so far! www.protosports.com
  11. As a sponsor on The Sand Trap, I have had the opportunity to share posts and threads about my new product that allows you to video your swing using an iPhone on the range or the course. I have had some good feedback from the members, especially the ones who have the iPhone, but I am curious to know how many people out there love to video their swings and alternately who out there cannot even bear to look at it. Personally I like to look at my swing in spurts. Sometimes I cant stop looking at it and improving it, and other times I would just assume rather not. Even if I am hacking it up that day. So I am back and forth because sometimes I think it makes me better and sometimes I think I just get into my own head!! I would love to hear what you think??
  12. There are a lot of great apps out there for all of the phones that help golfers video their swings! Using these apps, you can slow your swing down frame by frame and draw lines. This is using one called Insta- Pro and it is being used by a bunch of the guys on tour. Obviously you can break it down further frame by frame but these are a couple screen shots I took. If you are trying to decide if the iPhone is capable of taking great video here are some good examples. I think it is awesome. All of these were taken using the Holster. www.protosports.com
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