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  1. What is a five letter word that has four personal pronouns in it?
  2. Convert your putter into a counter balance putter link below:
  3. What are your best Jokes? 1) What do you call it when you can not go pee? Urine trouble 2) Did you know that diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your jeans 3) What do Japanese Cannibals eat? Ramen 4) What did the Buffalo say to his son when he went off to college? Bison 5) There is an Italian in the living room, a German in the dining room whos is in the bathoom? European 6) What is the difference between mash potatoes
  4. I just bought a counter balance putter with 50 grams on the end of the grip, 50 grams on the head and 38 inches in length and I love it. If you check Ebay, you can find counter balance putter for a reasonalbe price.
  5. My first set of golf clubs are the Ping Eye 2 Beryllium copper that I still own.
  6. $200?, Titleist 915 Driver $150? Titleist 915 3 wood $100?, Titleist 910 5 wood $80?, Titleist 910 Hybrid $200, Scotty Cameron Futura X Counter Balance Putter $150?, Mizuno MP33 Irons 5 - PW $30?, Mizuno 60, Wedge $30?, Mizuno 56, Wedge $30?, Mizuno 52, Wedge $30?, Mizuno 028 carry bag $1,000 approximately Enjoyment with each round of golf, priceless!
  7. I like shopping for golf clubs at Goodwill also, I have found vokey wedges, Nike SQ driver, kids golf sets for a steal!
  8. I bought a Scotty Cameron Futura X counter balance Putter 38 inches in length and it works for me.
  9. I have experienced lower back pains so I walk an hour a day to help keep my back in shape and this helps eliminate most of my low back pain.
  10. A friend show me to swing a golf club with your feet together to help with your balance, you can check your balance and also to see if you hips are turning parallel to the ground and not tilting when you make your swing
  11. I have many putters Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Versa Taylor Made putter Odyssey putter Two ball putters just to name a few But my favorite is a Yonex ADX blade putter it feels so soft when I putt with it, I switch putter and always come back to the Yonex ADX. I had three birdies in a roll during one round and I can't say that for any other putter and its currently in my bag.
  12. I believe when you have problems with your driver it all in the back swing or take away. I practice hitting balls off the fairway or grass with my driver and when you can take the club back and swing thru and hit the ball consistent with the driver off the deck you have found the ideal back swing for your driver. It works for me and maybe for you too.
  13. using a string as a guide anchored on both side with any stick, the string will help you see the line of your putt with the set up and while you are putting since the end of the string is lined up passed the hole. I also like the new odyssey Versa putters with the black and white contract. The two ball putter is very nice and I am considering buying one. The blade Versa putter also helps you line up your putts perpendicularly from your target line.
  14. Have you ever played blocks on the tee box? try playing blocks with your 3 wood and if you can hit the ball solid hitting your 3 wood off the ground playing blocks this will help you with your take away for your 3 wood and even with your driver.
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