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  1. What's the most popular range finder in today's market?
  2. How many of you buy golf products on-line? Are there any specific products you wouldn't buy on-line?
  3. You're right Sean, I was trying to create a response to the varying comments expressed. My apologies! I was wondering, is your club opposed to having a junior program, or is someone needed to just get it started?
  4. We have gotten quite a way away from talking about Match Play! But the original inquiry asked what your club does to encourage female golfers? There are so many different ideas and opinions out there. I agree wholeheartedly that a club without a good junior program is missing out on building their customer base! Our club has a very active junior program, with lots of volunteers helping out. Temporary tee boxes are placed out when they play on Monday mornings, so they aren't being forced to try to carry impossible yardage for their level of ability. I often see and interact with many of these young people out on the course and they are all extremely polite and well versed in the etiquette of the game. Personally, I like playing a Par 72 course as opposed to a Par 3 course. I like to hit my driver! I know a lot of ladies who have no problem carrying 150 yards, and more! I guess I'm fortunate to be one of them! But that's just me, if you get more enjoyment out of playing a shorter course, then go for it! Two older gentlemen I know do almost all their golfing now at a local Par 3, that's what works for them now they can't get the distance they use to be able to and allows them to continue enjoying the game. I'm highly in favor in whatever works for you!
  5. I think golf has been a "guy" thing at a lot of public and private courses and a bit of that still sticks around. Smart "business" management, to make clubs/courses profitable, would encourage all genders, and ages, to take part. I know a lot of women who still feel intimidated about playing with the "guys". Be inclusive, make them welcome, increase your membership = building your club and the sport.
  6. Cleaning out a bookshelf I came across "The Golfer's Bible" by Frank Kenyon Allen, Tom LoPresti, Dale Mead, Barbara Romack which was published in 1968. They have a whole section at the back with tips on how to correct some of our bad golf habits, for example: Corrections for Topping the Ball! 1. Stand closer to the ball 2. Keep head still throughout the swing. Keep eye on the ball. 3. Concentrate on swinging smoothly, not on looking up to see where the ball goes. 4. Don't stiffen or lock right knee on the backswing. 5. Make sure the weight has shifted to the right leg during the backswing, but be sure to shift full weight to the left foot on the downswing. 6. Don't try to lift the ball into the air with body action, or a flick of the wrists. What do you think? Are these all the same today? Have we added anything to these suggestions since 1968?
  7. Oh yeah, and Nascar? Aahh can you turn left?
  8. If you don't consider jockeys athletes then you've obviously never been on a horse. As a rider you don't just sit in the saddle, there are all sorts of muscles that get used, and if you're racing you'd better be in excellent physical shape! I've owned horses and ridden plenty and I've been golfing now for years. Riding is much more demanding that playing golf!
  9. Good luck with your "competitions". You're missing a lot of fun not playing in the mixed scrambles!!! It's nice to go out sometimes without being competitive. Your expectations for your game are completely different.
  10. Wow, guess we're lucky to have some great organizers at our club! We also have a fun mixed scramble about once a month, which have become really popular! It's just for fun, silly prizes and you can buy a slice of pizza after for $2. We have a lot of laughs while we play and enjoy a couple of drinks with our pizza! You should try it! Women make up a good sized percentage of golfers and the numbers are growing! Great potential for growth of the game and your club!
  11. Our club has just started having organized match play for the Lady members. I think it's a great way to get members more involved in the game, especially female golfers. What does your club do to encourage your female membership?
  12. Back when I was working shift work I often played by myself. Beats the other option of not playing at all! And if the course is busy it's usually pretty east to join up with another group. If you're not comfortable playing with people you don't know, then you can always politely decline if you're asked to play along. Just get out on the course any way you can!
  13. You could be "right". I'll have to work on being left side dominant next time I use my 5 iron..........
  14. A few years ago my 5 iron was one of my best clubs, meaning I got consistently good results when using this club. My set of clubs got replaced and instead of 5 and 6 irons the new set had 5 and 6 hybrids. I adjusted, but after awhile I decided I really missed my 5 iron and started dropping hints... lo and behold, next birthday I received a lovely Callaway Ladies 5 iron. That first season I walloped the ball with that club! Now, for some reason I can't seem to hit with it at all, and no, I'm not blaming the club! I just can't figure out what I'm doing differently? I'd love to have some suggestions!
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