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  1. I got a great deal on some tickets - FREE! Not sure why that is, but all you have to do is register and print them out. It's just a one hour flight from Saudi.
  2. Every year our club puts on a Ryder Cup style competition. It's just like the actual Ryder Cup - foursomes, four-balls, and singles - but with handicaps factored in. It's the US vs. the ROW. I've played in it for the last 5 years, but it's been going on for about as long as the course has been opened (2005). It's always been competitive until the last two years. Last year the ROW won by a relatively comfortable 5 matches (out of around 100 matches played). This year it was an epic beat-down 62-44! That makes 4 in a row for the ROW. If handicaps are used, shouldn't it be close every time
  3. Yea, you're probably right. Because then I'd have to endlessly keep removing the offending update to get it to work. Maybe I'll take an Access class and learn about data bases.
  4. If I can't get this update thing figured out I may have to go to that. The unique feature of the Scorcard 2 is that first putt length. All other programs just count puts. And it's easy to enter the round. Takes just a few seconds. I'll search for the problem updates and if that doesn't work just start deleting the latest ones.
  5. These numbers don't add up. 50,000 hours is 40 hours per week (normal work week) for 25 years. Even Vijay thinks this is too much golf!
  6. I'm thinking golfers are still buying the program. I bought it about a year ago, or I know less than 2 years ago. It's the best program out there for golf stats. I have probably 50 rounds in there, so I hate to give up on it now. I have about 20 rounds to enter as well. And like a dope, i didn't write down my license number so that's probably lost.
  7. Well, it's doing that same thing again. I uninstalled all the updates that were giving it problems. It stopped working altogether. I'm done screwing with it. There is no support for it from Cynical either.
  8. So true! One three-Jack (unintended pun) or missed cut and they'd move on to say, Tom Watson, and fill up the talk shows about how over-rated he was/is.
  9. Can you imagine if Jack were just now starting his career? With all the social media and 24 hour news channels... They would speculate about whether he's even human! Can anyone beat him? Will he cure cancer?
  10. The Rory era lasted a little over a year. Then the Speith era lasted about 9 months. The Day era only lasted 2 tournaments. Now it's on to the Ricky era!! Ricky is going to win 20 majors. Anyone can see that. The way he hits driver on the 72nd hole, he's a can't miss to break Jack's record.
  11. Agree if you pick a specific four in a row. Not to put too fine a point on it, but which is harder: Masters-US Open-Open-PGA or Masters-US Open-Open-PGA-Masters and you have to win one Masters.
  12. I tried to add to my post, but timed out. Stupid work call. Anyway: My point, which may have been made earlier, but I didn't see it, is that if you don't win the Masters this year, you can still win it next year. So you have two chances to win the tournament and complete the slam. Same way with the US Open. If you miss in both the Masters and US OPen this year, you can win them the next year and finish it off. 4 in a row starting with the Masters is harder than 4 in a row starting with any of the 4 tournaments.
  13. Opportunities, chances whatever you want to call them. The Tiger slam is easier to achieve than an actual slam.
  14. It's not the same. The Tiger slam or wraparound slam could be 1-2-3-4, or 2-3-4-1, or 3-4-1-2 or 4-1-2-3. IOW 4 chances to achieve it. The real slam can only be 1-2-3-4. One chance.
  15. After a particularly bad shot, I'll say, "My problem is, my swing keeps repeating." If a guy is having an amazing day with his short game, "Up and down like a *****'s knickers." If i make a sand save or recovery for par from a really bad tee shot, "I'm going to play the hole like that from now on!"
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