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  1. I'd have to see it to believe it. Most amateurs I see that play worse than mid single digit golf tend to complete their backswing and then some with elbow bending to move the arms more "up" in an attempt to create swing length. Even when I feel like I am stopping at waist level what I see on video it's well past that.
  2. The male amateur tends to be a best case scenario golfer. I see guys that struggle to break 90, that maybe hit 5 shots a round that could be considered their very best ball striking type shots out of the 55-60 remaining strokes (excluding putts) and make every club choice on that 8-9% shot.
  3. Most useful when you have a realistic chance to hit a green. I was shocked how different course marking could be from the hole location. I've been inside the 150 marker and had longer than shots and outside of it and had shorter than shots. IMO extremely useful inside 100 because you can laser a spot on the green or bunker and make sure you clear an obstacle and hit the biggest target that makes sense. I often laser a spot just in front of the green knowing that a poorly struck shot might end up there to be sure I at least get it there with a miss. If it's uphill I often grab a longer club.
  4. A lot of short game talk in this thread. A good short game is the by-product of a good long game. Better players are always closer to the green with their misses, that creates scoring opportunity. Golfers tend to suffer from perception, we expect to do good things from close to the hole and when it doesn't happen it's interpreted as a flaw. The real issue is the longer shot before is responsible for what comes after. I will say this playing smart with the short game can minimize mistakes. Smart pitches and chips help avoid 3 putts. The days I break 80 are all about ball striking and not taking silly risks. Knowing your stats can be helpful to understand when it's okay to accept the mostly inevitable outcome without pushing and making it worse. If you know you make bogey at 50% or whatever let it happen if an errant shot puts you in that position just make sure that's as bad as it gets because if you know that you also know that X pars are coming later. Try to hit the "great" shot when you have a clear opportunity not after your drive lands in the weeds a foot from the OB stakes when just getting it back in play makes the most sense. Give yourself and chance to get it up and down.
  5. I approach that shot almost like a weight forward, preset drill with a low lofted club.
  6. Because I was buying new fairways and hybrids on eBay for $9.99. I stocked up and the selling kept sending them.
  7. It was a good idea that didn't work for every course. Our pro hated it because of the fees and the hot deals, it simply didn't bring in enough people to justify the expense. It was never about the end user the perks were offered as bait to drive paying customers to the courses. At the time many had archaic booking systems, some were still using tee sheets. Our course has changed systems 3x in 3 years. GN missed an opportunity to expand.
  8. Scramble
  9. Big reason I don't road bike. I love cycling and have been a nearly lifetime enthusiast but many I see appear to have a death wish. Now the driver is way reckless here but holy moly get yourself out of the path of a massive death machine.
  10. 40 yesterday afternoon and it should have been better. I missed an easy 4 footer to save par on the 1st hole followed by a silly 3 putt double and a 3 putt bogey. Putting was just a little wobbly if I wasn't missing short birdie putts I was leaving it short for long par putts, distance control. First time in a few weeks I made it past the 7th hole, I can only play 9 due to back and rib issues.
  11. When golf is played the way I play it every hole is a nemesis hole. But one in particular really gets into my head and it's the first hole at my parents club. Nothing remarkable about it other than trees. I don't play there often but a couple times I've been +6 after that hole and it's a bummer round after that. Last time I played it I hit 9i x3 and chipped on for a 2 putt double to avoid making a mistake and I felt like I'd won the day.
  12. Ew Ultra.
  13. Miller's round was considerably better. Many players were tearing it up on the day JT shot 63 and it was the 3rd round. JM shot 63 on a course with just 3 par 5's and was still nearly 7000 yards, in the final round following a 76 in a tournament where -5 won it. OT-IMO the USGA needs to get away from the faux links courses for the open.
  14. I was down to a couple 330's yesterday and wanted to play a round after work. No time to stop by a store to buy more so I rummaged through a tote I have stored at the office full of new and used what I'd usually never consider playing balls. In the tote was a new sleeve of Pinnacle Gold. I figured what the heck and grabbed those over the TF-XL. Holy smokes that ball blew my mind. It felt good off everything and I hit some of the longest drives ever, for me. Bummed to see it's discontinued but will be trying the Rush later. I've found and left many Pinnacle's on the ground over the years. Not sure why I never tried it but it's a really good distance ball that felt decent around the greens. Had to wait for greens to clear on the par 5's, it's a rocket.
  15. I've seen up close how prescribed meds can have adverse effects. I house an older family member, basically he's my roommate, and he's prescribed several Rx's. His PCP is careful when they introduce new meds or change meds, they take blood etc. but they don't know exactly how a patient will react until they take the meds. Anyway this guy is 73 yrs old and certainly isn't a partier. He has alarms and one of those boxes for pills the days of the week have several spaces to organize by time of day. Couple years ago I hear a loud noise at 2AM ish and go downstairs to find him sprawled on floor under a step ladder. Next to him a bottle of Windex and a rag. He's buck naked rolling around like a drunk person slurring he wants to clean his dobbin. Looked like he was trying to wipe down a light fixture because he was directly below it. He's in and out and a total limp noodle, eyes glassy and in obvious distress so I called 911. They get there and by then he was coming around answering questions like name and date of birth with great clarity. His docs best guess a new sleep aid recently prescribed was a bad match for his pain meds. Given Tiger's recent surgery he may have a new combo of meds and the story pretty much supports it was unintentional. That stuff can totally black you out and then some. I refuse anything stronger than OTC pain relievers when my doctors suggest it. My back has been tweaked for two years and I won't take Flexeril.