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  1. It’s really good. I know a +3 ish guy and he shot a 67 just messing around and drinking a few beers on a course he’d never played.
  2. A. Even with the limited field he played better than and nearly equal to younger guys in their prime. Just one tournament but it’s difficult to imagine anyone but Tiger doing that.
  3. Original looks really good but the Outsider looks perfect for wogging in the mall with khakis pulled over your belly button while working up an appetite for County Buffet. Should be a big hit for the assisted living set. I loved the Sensei, still have 3 pair NIB, make it waterproof and you have my business for life.
  4. Spent the morning at Pikes Peak Raceway for the launch tour of the 2018 Lexus LC 500 and LS 500. Many guest pro drivers were there, I spent time with DJ and RG. Hitting the track as a passenger with them behind the wheel of a 471 HP car was exhilarating. It was raining lightly and track was wet They hit it hard and the car performed amazingly, couldn't break it loose at over 125 and they slammed into the pit using the curves in and out as a demo for how the car brakes and corners. We drove the LC on the track and LS on a cone "road course" chasing a lead car driven by a pro. For a big body sedan it was a beast.
  5. Hard to say and everyone is high on JS again after the big win, he's the new Tiger again. Both are streaky and I truly believe Rory has more skill but he seems to struggle to put things together. JS appears to have the drive to rise above in big tournaments. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins the PGA in a couple weeks.
  6. IMO it's more a student problem than a instructor problem. Most golfers are so bad any improvement is low hanging fruit and that coupled with people wanting instant fixes and not being willing to put in the time they get half-assed instruction. I see people that do so much wrong one simple tip would make them better but the first time they hit a bad shot it's back to bad habits. Expectation is the issue. They want drive-thru fixes that produce instant results and don't realize that at their skill level they are going to hit a bunch of bad shots no matter what. I've been a 5-8 handicap golfer for 4 years. On a good day I hit maybe a couple real good shots. Everything else is a half decent mishit. Bows my mind when I see a 20 handicap guy expecting to hit a bunch of great shots. It takes a lot of work to get there.
  7. Just talked to a former pro last week, he played some Nike events back in the day. He earned a whopping $2700 in the 7 events he played and made 3 cuts. He gets out about 5-10 times a year with little practice and still plays to a +3. He shot 67 at a local course rated 70.1/126 one up from the back because he was playing with lesser skilled co-workers for giggles. So basically played to his handicap and -5 to par. He said every par 5 was a par 4 for him, green in 2, and on the shorter par 4's he was partial shot wedge or near the green pitching. Also said he didn't putt well.
  8. 37 best ball striking for me in three years. Seven straight pars, 3 putted for bogey on 8 and on 9 though nGIR it was the first time it wasn't close enough to putt and the pitch died running up a hill leaving a 10 foot or so putt and I missed it. On paper 5 GIR but 3 of the 4 missed were literally inches into the fringe. Hit every fairway and my drives were easily 30-40 yards longer than when I've been struggling, inside 50 yards on both par 5's with second shots. For the most part other than the final hole is was two shots to the green and two putts, the par 4 felt easy. And I did it on a course where I usually struggle. Was nice to hit 7i or shorter into greens.
  9. My guess is the tour wants uniformity in the way the players dress. Because women tend to be more fashion conscience and the LPGA is rapidly being populated by younger members in recent years the clothing choices have started to get away from a golf look to a more personalized look. Some of the stuff I've seen had me wondering if it was even designed for golf. The men have also started getting away from traditional styles, Rickie's baseball pants/jogger things were directly inspired by what was being worn on the street. Times change, styles change but I can see how professional golf wants to retain some tradition as well parity in how the players present to the viewing audience.
  10. Not sure exactly but I was down to under a 50 a side from picking it up on every hole within a few months. I started April 2012, signed up for handicap that July and by end of season in Nov. I was down to 12.3.
  11. I actually had three sets of tags for a while and switched clubs as I felt like it. Kind of PITA if you forget to edit "the bag" but I did it to make a comparison. What I learned was different clubs didn't change my numbers much and the irons and hybrids were different lofts. My last full season using GG I used four different drivers, one was a 280cc 12.5 degree club, and at years end the averages were a mere 4 yards different. GG helped me understand my abilities. Different clubs did little. Neither made me practice more than I had time for.
  12. Many male golfers don't realize how far 250 is, especially if there is any consistency in that range. I average about 240 and that's with a bunch of really poor drives but I am rarely the short guy when I play with other guys. Once in a while I get paired with a guy that hits one or two long drives but they chase balls all over the course trying to kill it all the time.
  13. -3 through 6 holes bogey par eagle birdie birdie par followed by 3 bogeys to turn E. I had a -1 front prior to that and it was a better score but the -3 first 6 was on a more difficult course and at that time by ball striking was better. The eagle I made was driver followed by 8i on a short uphill par 5 but I was killing it back then. I was 168 out and stuck it to about 3 feet with a really high perfectly struck shot that I took over a massive bunker. I repeated that for the next two holes, smashed drives followed by near perfect iron shots, one was almost a hole out with the ball and mark about an inch apart finishing an inch from the hole. Haven't made an eagle since, that was 4 years ago.
  14. I look at 2 things my launch monitor data and my Game Golf club performance. What seems to ring true for all but the elite amateurs is club performance starts to level off around the 6 iron. I tend not to think or expect the max "perfect" shot on the course and adjust as necessary. If someone asked me how far I hit X the reality answer is everything from fat that barely moves towards the target to once a season dead nuts on the sweet spot with perfect mechanics.
  15. Only time I use propane is with a camp stove and cast iron skillets or a griddle. Propane grills are quick and easy but I am not fond of the results. If I had to make a choice of just one thing I'd go with a Blackstone griddle. I get better burgers and steak out of a hot skillet than I did my propane grill. But I like to fidget when I have time so initial cook might be sous vide or in my pellet smoker. When I just need to burn meat it goes in my 15" Lodge skillet and I control temp with a laser thermometer. I do a lot of stuff like this.
  16. 41/38 for 79 unremarkable other than it was my first 18 holes of 2017 after struggling with injury and limiting it to 9 holes for the last several months. My distance is coming back I was outdriving the guys I got paired up with using a 3w most of the day. They weren't very good but still I owned the box all but one hole when a guy made a lucky birdie putt to my par. No doubles for me and just one silly 3 putt. Left strokes out there for sure, looking back I think I made 5 easily preventable bogeys, two after forcing a shot in the wind as well as the 3 putt. We played 9-13 on the edge of a microburst that caused significant damage just a few miles south of the course.
  17. I may buy an entire set of hybrid irons, something like the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2. I messed with a combo set of the Cleveland 588 Altitude, MT and TT a few years ago. Still use the Altitude gap wedge, big wide sole almost impossible to hit fat. I'd love to have that much forgiveness in my 7-8-9-PW.
  18. Range work can be deceptive. There are no consequences following the shot. Very bad shots are obviously very bad but the one you hit towards a target doesn't have a score attached to it. Might hit an identical shot on the course that misses the green or ends up behind a tree or lands just short in a hazard etc. On that range that shot just drops near where you are aiming and you probably hit several with the same club in towards the same target with the benefit of repetition. And even then a bad shot on the range still usually lands on the range, easy to shrug off, not so easy when it leads to a triple on the course. When I was doing weekly work with a launch monitor my 7i pattern that appeared to mostly land near the target I was aiming at was an ellipse about 45-50 feet at the major axis. Some would be outside of the oval and that was with my instructor guiding me with every shot. On the range I mostly look at shot shape relative to starting lines.
  19. Just one yesterday after a putter change. Went back to my lighter Rife, been using a heavy Odyssey.
  20. It's perception and the fact that wedges are easier to make good contact with. The apex is closer to your eyes and a higher handicap golfer hits a big mix of good to bad shots with longer clubs that fly lower than most of their better struck wedge shots.
  21. Can't speak for anyone else but if I hit driver 10-12 times a round no two are alike. It would be a guess at best to determine exactly how much wind hurt or helped in yards because my best to worst might vary 80 yards on a calm day.
  22. Launch monitor will tell the story. IME most amateurs don't hit it too high even those that flip at it. Not crazy about anecdotal evidence but I'll share some. My previous instructor hosts group sessions, informal just a bunch of students in adjacent stalls on the range and he goes to and fro offering mini advice based on what we've been working on in personal lessons. He keeps one stall open with FlightScope and all his gadgets. Back up a little bit for the story. At my first lesson he told me we were going to work on two things, one led to another, the byproduct if you will and it was hitting the ball higher. Which shocked me because on the range and when I encounter others on the course I am almost always the golfer with the highest flight. So I questioned it and he showed my FS numbers and my apex was 73-78 feet. Not low but certainly not high and lower than I guessed. Fast forward to the group session and every one of his students on that day, mostly higher handicap golfers was hitting low-ish shots and he was working with them to get the ball up a bit. He called me over to hit some shots to demonstrate what higher looks like while the others stop to watch, at that time I was in the 85 feet range. Just as I finished a kid walks up carrying a bag with a D1 college logo and he is someone my instructor knows from the club, probably a previous student, and he calls that guy over to hit some shots. It made my shots look low. Not only that he was pummeling it and the apex was way out in the distance. Since then the only time I've seen anyone hit high shots like that was when the PGA Tour was here for the BMW and when I catch our shop pro out on the course.
  23. I don't but I previous put in a lot of putting practice. It's rust I am typically a better than average putter this year I am backwards.
  24. I need serious help 3 putting is becoming a regular thing for me. I shot 42 last night on what was arguably my best ball striking day in 2 years, maybe ever with one exception, and 3 putted four freaking times after hitting 8 GIR. I was knocking it 10 -12 feet by the hole. Now I had some long downhill putts but sheesh. The one green I missed was because I literally had my once in a season duff drive to the red tees. I stuck a 58 wedge to 4 feet and missed that putt to save par after that and just barely it stopped one roll short. Everything I else I smashed by the hole. Had to make some 8 footers to save par only easy 2 putts I had were legit birdie chances. Last 8 rounds have all had at least one 3 putt usually 2 and the holes that don't are usually because I chipped it somewhat close.
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