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  1. Sorry, but I would rank them pretty poorly compared with others I've seen on this site. The actual photography is pretty good, but half of those pictures you can't even tell are taken on golf courses. The other half show a course that looks poorly maintained/closed. You should pay to walk a nice course in your area and take more pictures of the hole features instead of just the flora, or a combination of the two.
  2. Thanks. And can I use a wristy movement at impact to slide the club under the ball, or should I keep hands and wrists firm?
  3. Great, thanks. So basically the only thing I have been doing wrong is moving the ball too far forward in my stance. Are you sure that's all?
  4. what do you mean by 'hang back' and 'pressing down the line'?
  5. Since Bubba won the Masters I've heard people mention on TV and on the course about how he never had a lesson in his life. What does this mean exactly? He started playing golf at an early age, and just practiced and practiced and practiced and 'figured it out' ? Discovered something that worked for him? Or did he study the body of knowledge that you would acquire from getting lessons, and just cut out the middle man? Does Bubba have a deep understanding of swing mechanics like the rest of the pros? Does he video his swing and draw lines representing shoulder tilt, hip angles, weight dis
  6. How far back? Middle of stance? Just inside left heel, right heel?
  7. I was living in the states for the last few months before I came back to Ireland. When I was there I saw a demonstration by Gary Player on how to get spin with wedges. He described the process of accelerating through impact as like 'Striking a match'. I found this to be a brilliant explanation and I've brought it to the course ever since. Another video I saw mentioned how you should open the club face, put the ball forward in your stance (until it's a bit inside your left foot) and transfer the weight to your left foot. So the next day I went down to the country club to the fairway on a
  8. It's something that really intrigues me, as does golf architecture in general. But it seems to be an arcane discipline. Can anyone enlighten me as to the steps one would have to take to become firstly a slope rater, and secondly a golf architect? I imagine for the latter there is probably no set course.
  9. Thanks a million, much appreciated.
  10. Agreed. But that makes us sexists and discriminatory, right?
  11. Thanks. Is this taken into account when deciding tee box positions and hole lengths on the European tour?
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