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  1. While you are at it, check out his new book How Champions Think. There is good stuff in there
  2. I Always Could Appreciate a Secret
  3. Why was the fairway jumping around while Matsuyama and Casey were hitting. Looked like camera was moving around but computer stabilized image of the golfers. (Not just me seeing it. Others here saw it also )
  4. Ok. Just extended. Money sent. Thanks guys
  5. 1943 steel penny. It will stick to the magnetic clip deely-bob that clips on hat or comes as part of some caps. Good conversation piece.
  6. Agreed. And to clarify, "bring your checkbook" is quite true. Most who visit buy a house that same week. Sales force is totally no pressure as place sells itself.
  7. Check out thevillages.com and golfthevillages.com I have played 15 straight days of golf until the rain today. Drove my golf cart to every round.
  8. Thanks. That's what I was looking for. I looked all over the site and never did find it. Thanks again.
  9. The Cure putter advertises a user adjustable lie. A look at the putter shows that it in fact is moveable and can in fact become left handed. I see set screws in the bottom but removal is not enough to allow movement. I am trying to find if their is something else that needs to be done or am I just not being forceful enough.
  10. Does anyone have the instructions on how to change the lie angle on a Cure putter Rx1?
  11. Pros: soft feeling low spinning ball reasonably priced Cons: nothing really I was given a dozen of these balls to play and test out.. I have played these for over 6-7 rounds now and have shot some good scores for me (Mid-70-s). As such, I kept the same ball for a few days. I saw no degradation of the ball or performance. And.. being a generous type, I passed out balls to my regular partners and asked them what they thought. I would not tell them what level ball they were (entry level, cheap, premium, etc etc). Everyone really like them and thought they w
  12. Looks like Natalie was in top money winners category. http://www.lpga.com/~/media/96c266549af74d57911e100c9660b1e0/2014%20lpga%20priority%20list%207%2021%202014.pdf
  13. My guess is Paige got an injury pass from the last time she was exempt. Now that she has had her surgery she probably has 2015 to requalify or it will be back to Q school for her. I have looked for list of already exempt players and why but have not found it. When I do I will post
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