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  1. I though it was very interesting and entertaining, unlike some playoffs that last 7+ holes and start to lose my attention fairly quickly. This is one of the most exicting tournaments of the year, and it finished that way keeping all the fans watching one of the most famous holes in golf. This is more for the fans than the pros and they derserve some pizzaz, even if some of the players get a little upset. Although it was kinda dull having to watch Goydos finish off after Sergio's shot when everone knew it was over. Very interesting to say the least.
  2. I really don't understand what I said to just piss you off like that, but I was just explaining the issues of my game. As for being a country club brat, I didn't see how I came off like that because I was recalling one of my faults and also I worked part-time to be able to play at a local muni course to improve my abilites and my entire bag cost less than most of these rich kid's drivers who get everything in life handed to them. And for ego, maybe a little bit, but I would feel more comfortable hitting a long iron than a hybrid or wood on a tight hole with lots of trouble on the sides. I didn't mean to raise any tempers, just wanted some of other people's views on a particular club. Thank You.
  3. No, their clubs are actually pretty nice. I'm still using their 3 wood in my bag and my dad uses all the woods by them and also has that putter. Kinda strange design with the "Power Sphere" thing but looks pretty good in person and you can store a golf ball in there if you're really bored
  4. HOGAN! Ever since Callaway bought them out, production has been stagnant. Very good quality clubs though. Hit an Apex and a Mizuno MP33 back to back, and while the Mizuno was very nice and I understand why so many people love their irons, I just smashed the lights out with the Hogans. So consistant, smooth and very classic and elegent design. Also some of the custom build clubmaking products are very nice but often overlooked.
  5. Yes I am serious. My iron play is the best part of my game along with chipping right now, but that should drop drastically through spring of this year. Its the putting that was really holding me back, with constant easy par and birdie putts being missed. As for my game, I have a very smooth and consistant swing that I get complemented on constantly (not just saying this too make myself look better) and already hit a very high launching ball naturally while being one of the longer hitters on my course at the age of 15. Also I am somewhat of a "purist" and love the look and feel of a blade at adress rather then a massive chunk of metal behind it, with the expection of a driver. And in response to elchene, the only real chances I get to hit a 2-iron my dad is always there watching at the range or on the course, because its his club and he knows how well I hit it. He is just trying to convince me since so many people are using hybrids now that it has a more forgiveness, which isn't an issue for me since I don't miss the center that often and when I do, I WANT to pay a penalty, so I can aviod starting any bad habits at a young age. Anyways, thanks for all the replies so far. I would love to still hear others opinions on this.
  6. I usually only go to the range when there's really something I need to work on or else I'm just beating balls and most likely making my swing worse due to lack of focus. Playing and competeing against people (even if it's only for $1 a round) tends to help me to execute the best shots I can. Unfortunately playing can often cost a lot more than the range
  7. Here's one setup: r7 Superquad Burner TP 3 woods Apex 2-E or rac TP MB 2-PW rac Satin/Black TP wedges Imola putter Pro V1 Then theres a Titleist bag setup...
  8. Right now its a 3 iron, but the weather hasn't even hit 60* when I've been able to play. So given normal spring condtitions, a 4 iron works most the time.
  9. Wow, I thought a lot more people would be hovering . I'm still getting used to it, but I have found that keeping the club hovered prevents me from getting stuck in the grass and ruining my backswing and timing. Also I will never have to worry about moving the ball with my clubface. Remember Bobby Jones in the 1925 US Open?
  10. There's a point where no matter what technology companies use, nature will still play a major factor. I don't know if this analogy will help but I saw on Top Gear (A fun little car show on BBC America (get a little obssesed after dark with all these channels ) ) that it took like ~200 hp to go 150 mph but almost 900 hp to go 250 mph. There's just a point where technology can only go so far and I doubt there is too much more the clubs can do.
  11. Steaksauce


    Is it possible to haggle on used clubs? Like in a store such as Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy, can you bargain on the price like in car sales or is it only retail? If I can get a used set of irons I would like to save some extra cash, but I don't want to look like a complete dumbass asking to lower the price. Also I'm not going to politely ask a salesman if store policy allows haggling b/c I don't know what legally sane person that would say yes.
  12. True, I'm 15 and like how classically designed their drivers/woods still are (not talking about thier 2008 iron likeup though ). Once I start to get better within the next few years and start playing some major junior/amateur tournaments, I would not mind playing all Titleist, aside from the irons which will most likely stay Hogans. Very elegant and classic. A few people on my golf team already have full Titleist bags, just a little steep pricewise for me right now, ESPECIALLY the Scotty putters. But overall great clubs.
  13. To me it's more how they work together with their caddies. "146 to the front, 152 to the pin, green slopes back, grain faces east, ect... Fly it 157 yards to the back left edge and let the ridge take it back..." So much presicion compared to amateurs: "Uh... about 150." That's really what I'm really impressed about because I'm starting to be able to do all the other stuff at the beginning of this season but their immaculate preparation is staggering...
  14. I'm psyched for 2 years from now when Couples turns 50. That will be incredible to see him really compete again now that he'd be playing with people of the same body issues as he does. I will tivo every single swing he ever makes and follow that religiously. So smooth, it makes me cry a little inside every time he falls apart because of his back...
  15. These guys really are Champions. Seriously, 3 playoff weeks in a row! I find this tour so much more enjoyable than the PGA, aside from major weeks (when Tiger DOESN'T have a 12 shot lead going into Sunday). They seem to have so much more fun just playing and the competition is always down to the very last putt. Also I'm just plain old sick of everyone bowing down to Tiger as if he is the next messiah. Is anyone else with me on this one?
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