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  1. I've heard of it happening too, but never seen it happen (dickies or dick-out).
  2. I smell a troll........... Maybe if it wasn't your 1st post you could have gotten away with it.
  3. Did a caddy view today for just two 8i swings. Wow, what a view. Was it ugly!! Essentially, I feel I was given some long-term poor swing advice at a golf camp at a university when in high school some 10 years ago. Video swing review was new. I was told by the teaching pro at the camp during my session that I wasn't transferring enough weight to my right foot during the swing. If you imagine a string from your nose straight down at address, I was told my nose should move a ways behind that during the swing. Boy did I ever mess that one up. Over the years this developed into
  4. Knights Play, 27 hole par 3 course with a huge range. Looking at your username, you have a sport bike? R1 or R6? I'm used to people calling a GSX-R a Gixxer around here.
  5. Yeah, I've never been more embarassed on a golf course. Assuming they would get the joke/fun given some of the junk they were joking about seemed a sure thing. Hence the risk in assuming anything.
  6. Share any awkward stories you may have about having to play in a group of people you don't know as a single golfer for the day. Last night: There is a little night-time par 3 course about 20 minutes from home I like to play. My normal friend I go with couldn't make it, and given any privelage of going to play when you're a parent is taken! I get put with 2 other guys by the starter. Round goes fairly smooth till hole #X where we finally had to wait for slow play. Before that, they seemed to be pretty normal folks, of similar skill level, easy to talk to. We get to t
  7. College golf is terrible. Highschoolers that are good get big egos when they get to college and are even worse then. The kids in highschool that will make it or think they can make it to college take forever to play. It isn't good enough to do the work while your competitor is playing (yardage, wind, break), they then have to make a show out of it when it's their turn. I saw this all the time. Kids wouldn't line up their putt until it was their turn. I understand not walking in somebody's line, or being a big distraction. But you can do some homework ahead of time. Kids are
  8. The rust removal was easy. Coke and HCl and steel wool. I will upload pics of that tomorrow. Started the gun blue process. Not as easy as that youtube video showing one of these putters being done. It is amazing to do and watch but the gunblue i bought is taking several repeats of the process.
  9. - Have you bought equipment from 2nd Swing? Yes. A Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport 2. Arrived in condition identical to picture, no surprises. Was a good price ($140) versus ending bids of up to $200-$400 on ebay. - Have you traded clubs into 2nd Swing? No. - When it's time for a new club, would you visit 2nd Swing? Yes. - Did you find what you wanted? Yes, very easy to search/drill down. Good selection and variety. - Was it easy to find what you wanted? Yes. - Would you tell a friend about this site? Yes. - Were there any pleasant surprised? Any negative surpris
  10. Images below of the putter as received. Will be stopping by Walmart at lunch for a 2-liter off-brand coke to start the project. I didn't take pics of the grip/shaft as they were in better condition than I thought. No shaft rust, original shaft stickers intact. The putterhead care label on the shaft is a little curled up, but I can cover both with clear label stock from a wire/cable label machine we have at work. I don't like the grip, even though it looks expensive. It appears to be one of those big wrist motion restricting Winn grips. I don't like it. Will most likely buy
  11. The actual putter being different has nothing to do with it. I could argue for the Nike vs. Titleist irons/woods and balls though, there is a difference imho. $$$ talks when it comes to what clubs pros play. Nike doesn't make bad stuff by any means, but I refuse to buy anything they make golf related. The best thing he can do for his game now is realize that he's screwed up his family life and image already, and go find whatever ho he was cheating with when he was winning all the time and run back and beg for more. Sounds ludicrous, but I think if he went ahead and fully
  12. It's hard to classify a single model as the 'best' they've ever made, but I will contend that they are in the top 3. Reason I like them so much are: classic look, blade like playability, a little easier to hit than an all out blade. I've tried the newer Hogans and other stuff, but none of them really felt good enough to switch. I have thought about re-shafting, but what is in them is fine: Dynamic Gold S300's. I just need to work on my swing some to get a little nicer ball flight (trajectory). I do need to buy a set of new ferrules and heat up the heads, use the bench
  13. Sure, the Scotty Cameron teryllium putters may be a little over-rated based on the hype and their typical outrageous prices. I got lucky and picked one up that someone didn't have a picture loaded but was able to obtain after calling. So the price hadn't ballooned. Pictures of "rejuvinating" the club are to come, it arrives soon. It is a Newport 2, TeI3 at 33.5 inches. Which by some weird twist of fate, is the exact length of my current putter I had cut. I borrowed a friend's once, since it reminded my of the basic shape of my White Hot #1. And I loved the thing.
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