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  1. 37 today at Fox Hills in south Michigan... shot a few 37's there this year. Managed to eagle the last hole on the Lakes Nine... It felt so good after throwing away a few strokes I shouldn't have!
  2. This year I'm playing some great golf but there's a big hole in my game... I'll put a drive out there really well, and I'll be hitting a short wedge into the green and it's like I hit the shot fat 3 out of 4 times! It's super frustrating, knowing that I should be putting shots like this within 10 to 15 feet, even closer on some attempts and should be getting good looks at birdie chances, but instead I'll either settle for par or take a bad bogey on occasion... all when I'm within like 60 yards. Any tips on how to hit these shots? I just started playing them a little further back in my
  3. Bring your A-game! Seriously though, a great tip like others have already said, be relaxed... the last tournament I played in, it was years ago actually, but I was nervous... The way the first tee was set up didn't help me either. We tee'd off in front of everyone at the event, so there were like probably 60 people crowded around the tee box and it really got me going. My tempo was way too quick for most, if not the entire round after that and I played terrible. Just stick to your game, use your head when you need to, and slow yourself down if you're getting nervous. Above all, j
  4. Nice man! A friend of mine, who just started playing golf, had one just like that last summer, for his first... about 45-50 yards out. It was a great shot! Reminded me of this...
  5. I had no idea you had to go back to the point where you played your shot... That sucks! ...especially when the ball should be in plain sight!
  6. Congrats man! Great story... Still haven't gotten my first ace. Hoping it comes sooner rather than later, if at all... lol
  7. I was probably 9 or 10 years old... during a scramble tho, so it wasn't really a legit eagle, but it was a par 4, about 80 yards out I would say, hard to remember... but it was a slight, uphill shot, green sloped from back to front too... took out and hit a light 6 iron for a lower trajectory. It landed on the front of the green, bounced a couple times, rolled... kept rolling, breaking closer and closer to the hole and finally dropped! Played the shot exactly how I wanted to! My family and I went crazy hahaha!
  8. I went out yesterday, had a fairly decent round going considering it's the beginning of the season (ground's still really wet and greens are like putting on carpet)... but I was on a par 5, hit an alright drive, had a couple trees to deal with but was in position to reach the green in 2, hit my second shot, bailing out right a little bit because there was trouble on the left... It was a well struck shot, and then I walk up and can't find the ball! Maybe it was the wet ground, or the fact that the ground was pretty bad and littered with leaves and sticks, or some combination of the 3, bu
  9. I leave them, or give them to one of my friends that is a higher handicapper... I try to at least give them semi-decent balls though, that at least have some short-game value. I wouldn't wish a Top-Flite on anyone... ;)
  10. Lately I've been really wanting to improve my distances with my irons... My drives are anywhere from 270-300 yards depending on how well I come through the ball. But once it comes to irons, my yardages are a bit short given the distance I am getting for my Driver and woods. Wedges too... I'm honestly lucky to hit a full sand-wedge 70 yards. Gap-wedge about 90 yards, give or take... Then say a par 3 comes around... I'll be hitting a 6 iron, when a friend of mine is hitting a 9 iron (about 160-165) and he's a bigger hitter than me yeah, but not by that much. He hits his sand wedge like 115... no
  11. When it comes to your ball flight? I was playing in 45 to 50 degree weather today... it was my first time out this year. I guess I am just curious as to how the ball will fly when it is say, 75 to 80 degrees... Any ball-park estimates on how much further the ball will fly, if at all?
  12. I would say if you're hitting a 9-iron around 110, your 6-iron should be up around 150, give or take... It depends on a variety of factors tho, your technique, swing, etc. It's hard to say... it's going to be a little different for everyone.
  13. Memorable holes, well kept fairways and greens, and playability... Challenging courses are great, but there comes a point where a course is so tricked up that making par is next to impossible. That's where things can get frustrating.
  14. That's what I was thinking to be honest... My current wedge is a 56 with 10 degrees of bounce and I like the feel of it a lot, it's just time for an upgrade. ;) I'll likely make a similar choice based on my current 52 degree. Thank you for all the help everyone!
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