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  1. Cool - lots of suggestions, thanks guys! Beachcomber - Thanks for the suggestion - looks like a cool design but I'd rather stick to a regular traditional golf tee, maybe it's the superstition/stubborn golfer in me! Golfingbuddy - Thanks for the suggestion - the TZ looks like a pretty handy device, I'm going to contact them and get one and try it out. Bullitt5339 - I've tried the pre marked golf tees and they're pretty good but the only thing is it's somewhat hard to see when the colors disappear since the ball is on top and your hand is in the way.
  2. I saw those, too but they look a little clunky and looks like they might take some yardage off the ball since they're thick. Anything out there to set the ball with just a regular golf tee?
  3. I've been golfing for a few years now but have always had trouble getting the same tee height for my drives. I have the swing mechanics down for the drive but the tee height is throwing me off. I've noticed that if I tee it too low, I lose distance on my shot but if I tee it too high then I pop it up and still lose distance. Sometimes I'll even slice it, also. Does anyone know of any tools out there that can help with this. I've seen the Brush T's but would rather use a regular golf tee - the Brush T's seem somewhat bulky and distracting. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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