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  1. How long do you think it would take to complete this drill? Did anyone notice the strange grip? Why do ladies have a big problem with this drill? Should we do the drill as I demonstrated in this video and forget the misses? Is the drill really only for low IQ golfers?
  2. Simple drill: place three markers at 3', 5' and 7' and putt three balls from each length until you sink 9 in a row. I started using this drill about three years ago. Mixed with the three protectors and tick-tock timing it works very well. I missed two of the putts but I did the video in one take. I usually start with a straight putt and then attempt the breaking ones. I do this drill prior to playing and can honestly sally that I basically laugh at most putts within 5'. Here's the video....
  3. Thank you for your participation, you scored 2/5, that's a 40% mark for your answers. I'll not tell you where you went wrong in case anyone else wants to have a go. I'll give two little tips... 1) You weren't even close to being Male Chauvinistic. 2) Funny but not funny enough. Everyone is allowed two goes at this competition. 1st Prize... Two 60 min. lessons from me 2nd Prize... Four 60 min. lessons from me.
  4. I think Brian thinks the more he gets to talk the more value for money he's giving you. I would tell him to try to breathe between tips.
  5. I think a tour pro could beat an average scratch golfer with three old hickories, a standard blade putter and an old feathery ball.
  6. Are we ever going to put women's golf on a par with the men's game? Women golfers have long faced restrictions at their local courses on what times they could play and which bars they could drink in. Often they were blocked from becoming club captain. So when Harriet Harman - http://www.harrietharman.org/the-equality-act - introduced the Equality Act to give women more rights in work places and social settings, golf clubs were seen as ripe for reform. But the drive by Labour's leading feminist seems to have landed in the bunker. Many women golfers say that
  7. I have just looked up some of his threads and I agree the guy's a total moron. But (OP) Poser's a bit of a plank too.
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