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  1. I try to play greenside bunker shots with the clubface very open. They come out nice with Lob wedge and disaster with the Sand wedge... my guess is that this is due to the bounce and I probably play in courses with not so nice sand. Is this normal or I am missing some points abuot how the shot should be done?
  2. I was improving fast and really enjoying golf. A few months ago I started playing consistently in mid 90s and feeling very close to break 90. My weak point was the Driver. Suddenly, about a month ago I began controlling the driver better and hitting it quite well... but... since then I cannot hit a iron at all. It seems to get worse every time I play :( Most shots are terrible slice. Is this a known bug?
  3. I am hitting driver straight (with a few slice/fade here and there). Should I aim at developing draw with driver? What about the Irons?
  4. I will be in SF next week. Can you suggest a good public course for a Saturday round?
  5. Based on the fact that I will probably drop quite a few hp points in a year and gain sensibility to better feel differences from one club to another... I decided to put a price cap on the Driver and Wood. Also, I have a few limitations from specs available in the shop I selected. My Choices are: Driver Callaway Big Bertha 460 11* 3 Wood Big Bertha Putter Scotty Cameron Studio Style I still have a few things to decide... Any suggestion is more than welcome (also if you have any points against the selections above...) 1) Shaft Flex... At the moment I am not looking at swinging very ver
  6. Thanks all for valuable help so far... Thanks for encouraging me in spending money on golf gears as well!
  7. My first 6 months of golf I played almost exclusively on Par 3 courses. When I started on regular courses a few weeks ago I just focused on gaining confidence with one club up at the time. Now I am in very good control with the 24* and 21* from both tee and fairway. I tryied 3W only a few times at the range... I was thinking of setting 3W as next club to gain confidence with. Replacing 3W (and 5I) with hybrids it sounds to me like not going on the correct route... it is the same as a "chipper" I saw in a shop... it might be very effective but I see it as cheating like thing... (not sure I ex
  8. At the moment I am using Hybrids (21* and 24*) from fairways... I am also using them from tee most times. I was thinking at a 3W to tee off whenever I do not feel confident to tee off with driver.
  9. I decided to buy: Driver, 3 Wood and Putter For the putter I like the SC Studio Style Newport... not sure which number I should get. For Driver and 3Wood I was heading towards Titleist just because I like the brand. However, I heard they are tough. What would you reccommend for high handicap? I guess I would need something as neutral as possible? I will not be a long hitter for a while as I am very focused on control at the moment. Any advaise is very welcome!
  10. You should aim at breaking 220
  11. So if you are playing a par4 and get on the fringe with 2nd (and then putt) would you consider the hole as GIR?
  12. Ok... I will look for the book. However, I am not sure it is what I look for. I am a beginner, and getting better with swing, ball fly etc. Something I find very difficult is to have a tempo. I read some people think about some songs, etc. Do you have any drill to get started focusing on tempo?
  13. Anyone has good tips on how to establish and maintain swing tempo?
  14. Thanks for your review... I could not wait and I ordered it (9') a couple of days ago I am glad you were not disappointed! Manufacturer says it is suitable for outdoor standing... Does it seem to be build to last if kept outside all the time? I am a beginner and yesterday I got very depressed counting my 50 putts on a new course I played. Hope this will help!
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