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  1. smellysell

    What Are Your 2016 Golf Goals? Official Thread

    Only 1 goal this year, break 80.
  2. smellysell

    Rate the Avatar of the poster above you.

    Socks with sandals?!?!?!?!?! 4
  3. smellysell

    2014 NCAA Football

    Harbaugh to Michigan!!!!!!!!!!
  4. smellysell

    The Films and Movies Thread

  5. smellysell

    2014 NCAA Football

    Division 3 schools have a lot of "academic" scholarships the athletes get.
  6. smellysell

    Social Thread - Chat about Non-Golf Here!

    Being a user, it goes both ways.
  7. smellysell

    2014 NCAA Football

  8. smellysell

    Are you ready for some NFL Football? 2014 Edition.

    Well, he can't get much worse... Agreed, there was a terrible one in the Steelers game too. While I tend to agree, the last time it happened the team with the losing record wont their first game.

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