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  1. And now it's supposed to be 80 tomorrow. Hopefully it sticks around this time!
  2. Guess I should have started a "Back surgery depression" thread since I didn't get to play at all part year thanks to surgery last May, but the back is ready to go now (hopefully) and the temps are up to the 40s and the course is open, so it's go time!
  3. Went to the pro shop the other day because they were having a hat sale, and discovered they've upgraded to a pretty nice simulator! Oh yeah, and... VEGAS IN 6 DAYS!!!
  4. Harbaugh to Michigan!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Division 3 schools have a lot of "academic" scholarships the athletes get.
  6. Well, he can't get much worse... Agreed, there was a terrible one in the Steelers game too. While I tend to agree, the last time it happened the team with the losing record wont their first game.
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