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  1. I peeked on my swing. About 150 yards away. The ball went rolling, skipped across a pond, back up on the land, on the green a couple feet from hole .
  2. Hi everyone, I just wanted to see how many of us use range finders. I bought one awhile back,kind of a impulse buy while shopping and find it pretty handy. Do you use one,post a comment and don't forget to vote. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I have a new in box range finder. I bought for my father but he recently quit golfing because of back problems,so I figure I would sell for him on here. It works with a bottom line that you line up with green,and a top line you line up with top of flag and will tell you yards. 45-1000 yards it will work for. I have one my self,handy tool. Free shipping. Accept paypal.
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