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  1. " I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver”! ". Kevin Na -7 Sergio Garcia -6 Tiger Woods -6
  2. Does anyone know the difference between JPX 825 Pro and the JPX 825 forged iron? Just purchased a set of JPX 825 forged iron set 4-P, and can't tell the difference.
  3. Just came across some at a pro shop in Hong Kong. Did TaylorMade manufacture any RBZ stage 2 non-adjustable drive
  4. It is ok for a 20 handicap to play with forged blade and it is ALSO ok for touring pro to play with clubs like x-12 with super wide sole and tons of offset............IT IS FREEDOM OF CHOICE!
  5. currently using forged cavity II 3-P set with Rifle 6.0. Compared with the Macgregor Muirfield forged blades, these are lot more easier to play, especially the long irons. These are quality golf clubs and really like them.
  6. it would be nice to know the exact distance to the pin; low/high handicappers alike but I would think better player who can shoot consistent distance will benefit more.
  7. shorten the shaft will somehow stiffen the shaft.........be aware of that and if you're happy with 2H, I would suggest to stick with that until you are comfortable with the extra length..........a good hit with 2H of 17 degree should get reasonable distance without the hassle.
  8. Try pick a set of "modern blade" which is easier to play compare with the good old fashion ones with high CG, stiff shaft and almost no offset. I have a set of Macgregor Miurfield 20th Annivary made in 80's and managed to stick with them and got quite used to them. But when i tried out the recent VIP blades, they are just lot easier to play.
  9. Macgregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield 20th forged blade must be it!
  10. Very interesting thread. To me, regardless of the swing (tennis or golf), the main swing thought would be : turn your body instead of swing the arm/hand. If I were able to keep my hands / arms quiet, just turn the torso and create lots of lag, I'll be able to hit powerful and controlled shots. Well, just my two cents.
  11. Currently I am using KZG forged cavity II irons. These are very solid irons with medium dose of game improvement features, i.e, off sets, cavity backs, larger club face etc. I enjoy my eight irons set quite a bit. You can work the ball and also feeling confident doing so due to forgiving nature of the club.
  12. I was told V1x is made for player with high club head speed and mine is a little over 100mph, I like V1 more; it is softer and gives me bit more "feel" around the green.
  13. I always wondering if I could spin my wedge shot like a pro. You see, I play mostly in far east and the greens are relatively harder than the Parkland course in the US, the closest thing would be a shot stopped dead on the green and never really see any shot being spun back past the flag. May be I'm not hitting my approach in certain way to generate enough spin on the putting green. Please share your thoughts.
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