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  1. danmalarkey

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I played horrible yesterday. Most drives went left because I just wasn't comfortable with my grip. I did manage to land a drive on the fringe on a 292yrd par 4, but still walked away with a bogey. I managed to shoot an 87. It was my fifth round this week, so I figured out I am a 13.4 handicapper. I'm looking to drop that down to a 9 at least by the end of the year.
  2. danmalarkey

    Is it really all about the long ball ??

    There is a par 4 on one of the courses that I play that is 357 yards. I'll hit my drive with about a 70 yard sand-wedge into the green and if my short game isn't up to "par" i'll easily somehow walk away with a six. I really think the short game is the key factor. Hitting the ball far is hard, but not having a three putt is even harder.
  3. danmalarkey

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I finally got to play the local course that I practice at called Bent Creek here in Jacksonville, Florida. I ended up shooting my best score to date of an 85. My drives were perfect off the tee box. This was my first time actually hitting EVERY fairway/green off the tee box. Some putts on the par 3's were extremely long, but it felt good to know I was putting for birdie. I lose only two balls in the water on horrible second shots, and didn't put it in the beach. I've been playing every weekend for the past month, and I can see my game improving greatly. My goal this year was to break 90 and my last two trips I've shot in the 80's. I hope the next time I play I can shoot maybe an 82 :)
  4. danmalarkey

    Most Birdies in a Round? Post Yours (Poll)

    Unfortunately for me it has only been on in a round. I'm still a high handicapper, but I've been playing every week the last four weeks. I've gone from a 93 to an 87 round, so I hope this weekend I shoot even lower. My drives have been a little wacky sometimes. It's all mental really, but I plan on trying to fix it. Next round I'm going to try to birdie two holes :)
  5. danmalarkey

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I played at Eagle Harbor Golf Course here in Orange Park (Jacksonville) Florida. I shot my best round of 87. I made 1 birdie, and 5 pars. I murdered the front nine, but only shot a +4 on the back nine. I'm really starting to get used to my new clubs. I still need to work on my drives. I believe I'm coming out-to-in because I hit the ball straight, but it always ends up going left. I used to have a mega slice, but the back nine I was nailing them straight. I had a few changes at birdies, but missed those opportunities. I can't wait until I can play again. It was a perfect day.
  6. danmalarkey

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Today I was capable of playing a free 18-round at Ponte Vedra Beach Country Club. It was my first time playing and I shot a 93. Only had 4 pars. It wasn't by best round, but I'm still getting used to my new clubs (my first time using them). The distance I would use for a 7-iron is now in the 8 with my new clubs, so I have to get used to the added distance. I was teeing off great the first nine, but then on the back was hitting them to the left. Overall, it was a great day. I can't wait until I go to the range to practice this weekend.
  7. danmalarkey

    What's In Your Bag?

    I just recently purchased my clubs. I've literally upgraded everything…ball, putter, bag, irons, driver + three wood. I've been playing with my old clubs for 14 years. It felt great. Driver :: Cobra AMP 55g Stiff 3 Wood :: Cobra AMP 55g Stiff 4-9, PW, GW, SW :: Cobra AMP Steel Putter :: Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth Ball :: TaylorMade Burner, Nike PD Soft, + Callaway Warbird Bag :: Puma Orange Formation Stand Golf Bag
  8. danmalarkey

    Advice on new iron set

    Hi Kyle. Last Friday I was fitted and purchased the COBRA AMP driver + irons and I have to say…It was my best decision yet. I definitely hit them straighter then my old set. I went to the range on Sunday and I was hitting the back of the driving range (at Bent Creek Golf Course here in my city) and it's 300 yards. With a new driver and a slight grip improvement I gained almost 50 yards. It's been pretty awesome. Best of luck in your quest.
  9. danmalarkey

    Hello from Chicagoland!

    Welcome! I shot a 93 last time I played! Here's to us next time shooing into the 80's
  10. danmalarkey

    Stolen clubs and putter suggestions

    Damn. I'm sorry to hear your clubs were stolen. How did that happen? I have in my bag the Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth Putter. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q;=odyssey+white+ice+sabertooth&bav;=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw;=1244&bih;=625&um;=1&ie;=UTF-8&tbm;=shop&cid;=12427250269297922124&sa;=X&ei;=WIOgT_jkO4im8ATx4dn7Bw&ved;=0CKsBEPMCMAM When I first went to my local shop to get it I test about 12 different putters, and that one I was the most consistent with.
  11. These pictures are beautiful. I'm in Florida, so seeing some definition in the fairways…and mountains/hills…is exciting haha. This has inspired me to take some photos of the next round I play. Thanks everyone!
  12. I agree with WUTiger. I'd go to your local shop and hit a few different clubs, and see which best fits your needs. I did that last Friday and ended up with the new COBRA AMP Driver. It's an amazing club. I love it. Best of luck on your search!

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