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  1. Well being 6’7” I’m leaving a ton of power on the table, and I hit it 280 (carry) consistently. The “dive” is probably a result of being so tall and for many years playing with clubs that didn’t fit me properly. When I was a teenager, my family wasn’t made of money, so I played with shitty box sets from K-mart or Walmart until I bought my first set of clubs myself at 17.
  2. 143 yard carry with a 7i? That’s pretty impressive Julia. The one thing I will say about blades, is front to back dispersion is smaller than with cavity backs. If you say hit a SGI 7-iron as Mark did. You could hit 100 shots, with reasonable strikes (not sculls and fats). And you’d have a bigger distance dispersion than you would with a blade on similar strikes. That’s why a lot of Lower handicappers these days have some sort of blended set of irons. Whether it’s blades from say 7-iron through pitching wedge, player‘s cavity 5 and 6 iron, utility or GI 4-iron and a hybrid or utility 3-iron. I don’t know if I could jump from say 5-iron to a “Rinky Dinks” though because the gapping May become an issue. In my opinion, at least in the scoring clubs, (7 or 8-iron through PW) blades could be an option for probably almost any golfer with an 18 handicap or lower, no problem. If I’m say 152 yards out and I hit my 9-iron, I want that 9-iron to go 152 yards, not 130 sometimes and 170 others. Sometimes they go 149 others they go 156. I’m ok with that distance dispersion.
  3. If @iacas or @mvmac have the time. I’ve made a few changes. (Working with Ledge helped a lot.) I can’t tell much of a difference from 4 years ago, but maybe you guys can. The main difference I noticed was that I don’t step through anymore. I’m not sure if I’m standing taller or not, I really can’t tell. Let me know if you see any main differences.
  4. As stated before there are YouTube lessons both recorded and live. I don’t know what Illinois stance of playing golf right now is. But I do know that a lot of courses in my area are Junior friendly. The one I’m playing now (Trumansburg Golf Course). Doesn’t even charge a greens fee for Juniors under 12 and only charges 12-17 year olds on the Weekends. (Young kids are free with a paying adult) My daughter Alina is 6 and she’s not so hung up on mechanics at all. She just likes going out to the course with her daddy. Let your daughter have fun. If she wants to take it more seriously when she gets a little older, then get her some lessons.
  5. New swing 2020. Made some adjustments. Feedback always appreciated and welcomed.
  6. Like I said with all the shit in my bag I never carry it. I usually have 2 or 3 bottles of Gatorade a couple ice packs, a lunch, sometimes a couple beers. Pull carts don’t do justice.
  7. Well I’ll reel this back in so it’s back on topic there is a reason I brought it up. Mark went on opposite ends of the spectrum for his test. Super Game Improvement vs Blade. But what about the other categories, blades, player’s cavity, player’s distance, game-improvement, super game improvement? Through the spectrum off all the different types of irons I’d like to see the data of that test.
  8. Really I noticed a big difference, but then again I also have a better fitted shaft in mine.
  9. I agree. This is a relatively small sample size and it’s only qualifiers were 5mm from center for poor strikes and 10mm for very poor. Someone said if you hit a blade out toward the toe, there’s less mass there so it comes out dead. I think this goes back to the old “D-plane” discussion though. As a low single figure handicap, I’ll say this, I played M6 irons last year for a bit. (I though my blades were gone by that’s either here nor there) if you’re talking about just distance dispersion... the cavity back is going to have a bigger pattern on distance dispersion on “good” strikes than a blade. I agree if you hit a blade on the toe. The ball goes nowhere and usually straight right or occasionally left if you’re in to out. You have a bit of a chance with a cavity back in that regard. I’d be willing to guess if you were to take this test to the extreme, Chunky Monkey may come out on top. Have Rory (your golf travel Rory not #1 in the world Rory) do this test and see if you get similar results.
  10. With all the shit I have in my bag, I never carry it, push cart all the way. The only time I carry is when I play left-handed. 😂
  11. What people forget is Mark actually played SGI irons for a time. (And goofs around with those Cleveland HB Turbo irons). Mark played Mizuno JPX-EZ irons back in 2014 before he was sponsored by Titleist and now SRI Sports (Cleveland, Srixon, and XXIO’s parent company). Mark makes a valid point in this video. Chunky Monkey is inconsistent with varying quality strikes versus blade. I’m not sure why. If we did this test with Iron Byron, would the results be similar? The thing I wanted to see was the left and right dispersion but maybe it’s there and I just didn’t see it.
  12. Ok @Sandtrapp220 If you want a new set of irons and need advice, I’m going to have to ask you a few questions to help you. You're about a 9 hdcp. I see you said you had Mizuno JPX-825 Pros and Cobra S3 pro Irons. Are you looking for a players iron or a player’s distance iron? Secondly, what shafts are you looking for? Regular, Senior, Stiff? Steel or Graphite? What sort of ball flight would you like? Finally, are you looking for new or used? Are you opposed to last year or two years ago model?
  13. Here’s a thought, if you’re set on making Eye 2s “modern lofted”. As stated before, think of the 4-iron as a 5, 5 as a 6, 6 as a 7, etc. There is one thing you might be able to do to make them more “modern”. Reshaft then with modern shafts. I’m not sure what the bore tip diameter would need to be. Either parallel or tapered (not sure what Ping was using in 1983, to be honest). But I’m pretty sure that you can probably find out what the tip diameter is for Eye 2s.
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