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  1. My one no-no weekend is July 2, 3, and 4 (Club Championship). Other than that it can be any Saturday in July or August… (unless I decide to do the member-guest August 6, 7, and 8th)
  2. Here’s another swing… probably still standing up too much.
  3. Well I don’t have video of this shot, but I do have video of the resulting putt. So I was playing the short par-5 16th at Genny yesterday. It was a little damp but not Thursday wet… I hit a nice 252 yard drive up the right hand side. I had 220 to the middle and about 227 to the flag. I’m on a slight downhill lie and I hit a 3-wood just focused on weight forward and balance and lone behold I pull it off. Or as Alli would say I would hit a ball with a club. Above is the resulting eagle putt and celebration. Enjoy!
  4. onthehunt526


    Why? Probably, in the fall of this year the border opens back up… the Canadian Open will happen in 2022, the Open Championship is happening this year, with fans. I am not a fan of playing Glen Abbey every year though, I like the rotational idea once the border opens back up… I’d like to see them play in the Prairie Provinces, there are some great golf courses in those provinces.
  5. That’s probably the case… could be the case. Even my old Nickent hybrids don’t have as much offset…. It might just be as simple as that. The fitter probably thought I was your generic low-handicap gapping issue.
  6. Yeah which can get a little dodgy in the summer due to tournaments and such, once we have a better idea of the number I’ll call Valley View. Is there others that would be interested? @Carl3?
  7. Probably too far back. Forward of the 5I but back of the 3W if that makes sense. I either dropkick it goes like nowhere. Or it starts 15 yards right and finishes 15 yards left (that may be an exaggeration.) Right after I fix the occasional smother hook with my driver. It could be ball position related. I still have my U85 3 and 4 irons (I traded in the 2-iron). But it could be the idiot swinging the club in this case… I hit 5I on the 5th yesterday because I didn’t want to hit hybrid (I had 210 or so in). And left it short… needless to say I didn’t get up and down for birdie… Alli (m
  8. Day Nineteen, June 13, 2021 Trying to like my hybrids, so I worked and chip length swings to begin with. I hate having the lefts… ugh…
  9. Yes. I was fit. Yes. I hit them first. It wasn’t such hook at GG when I got fit… I got them to keep the whole bag Srixon/Cleveland/XXIO I thought I needed a little more height coming into a firm greens from say 200 yards with a 4H. The fitter recommended the hybrids to bridge the gap between 3w and 5i. It could also be my swing, because I haven’t had a hybrid in the bag since the Exotics CBX (which I loved I sold it to a friend who also loves it)… I still have my U85 3 and 4 irons I could put them back in the bag… Could it be lack of use? Do I need to make mysel
  10. I’ll keep it simple and short... my draw bias ZX hybrids I can’t hit, they just go left. I’m thinking about buying the ZX5 4-iron and trying to figure out 14th club.... At Genny I rarely have to hit either hybrid.... but longer courses I’d be between 3-wood and 5-iron. (The 4-iron is a 6-8 week wait). I usually don’t mind a hybrid (don’t mind hitting the ball high)... I’m looking basically at a few options... It’s not exactly easy to bend the lie of a hybrid but thought about flatten the lie to reduce the hook a bit. Get a Pro model hybrid. Or get a 5 or 7 w
  11. My putting has been kind of shit lately. Thursday: I hit 14 greens in regulation and shot 73. I made 1 birdie all day.. Today: I hit 13 greens and shot a bogey-free 68 with 1 eagle and 1 birdie. In case, you haven’t caught on my home course is a par-71.
  12. Unless they are Crocs, if they rub at the heels they don’t fit? GlobalGolf? That’s where I got my adidas... I find Nike’s run small I have big feet so it’s hard to find golf shoes anyway.
  13. No new birdies today but shot a bogey-free 68, 1 eagle, 1 birdie, and 16 pars.
  14. Day Eighteen, June 12, 2021. Played 18 today. First ever bogey free round. 1 eagle, 1 birdie, and 16 pars, 68.
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