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  1. 4/26/18: Day 391: About ten minutes with my 6-iron this morning, focusing on a swinging hit, as opposed to a hitting swing. Impact drills trying to get inline impact and weight forward. Considering we lost one of our daytime cooks on Monday night/Tuesday. I haven't had a day off this week yet. (and probably won't) Finding time to practice for five minutes has been rough.
  2. 4/25/18: Day 390: Trying to get this inline impact weight forward drill working where I brush the turf at level, above, and below my feet.
  3. Well, I have my two cents on this. I have got to sort out my game from 50-100 yards. If you go by my clubhead speed which is about 102 mph with a driver (though Monday I think I was swinging in the mid 90s my back was hurting from work). I was driving about 220 yesterday without the benefit of roll, I was only swinging at maybe 60% effort though. On my normal days when I am hitting it well, I drive it around 250 carry. I should be able to hit my 56° sand wedge about 100 yards... I'm scared to hit it more than 85. I can hit it fairly well with a half swing, but a full swing, forget it. My lob wedge, I've hit it 3 times since I got it in February. 60° of useless club. I cannot hit the damn thing. To me 60° wedges should be avoided until one can confidently hit their 56 or 54 or 58 degree wedge in any situation. I honestly, am going to address it with my instructor next month.
  4. Well I'm going to be the strange one here ain't I? The 13 always in the bag, Driver 4-wood Hybrid (20°) 4-PW, 52°, 56° Putter... (I think 3-iron might beat out the 60° that's a different topic) So of my normal set-up I have to drop 4, eh. So we've already eliminated the 3-iron and the 60° so now I drop 4 more the 4-wood, Hybrid, 4-iron, and 52°... Driver, 5-wood, 5-PW, SW, Putter that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I hate wedges, I can't hit them... I use a 56° for almost all my pitches, and I chip with whatever iron I feel like for that shot... I like to chip with an 8-iron quite a lot, sometimes a 7-iron, sometimes a 9-iron, very seldom do I chip with a sand wedge. I'll consider that for a pitch shot... I wouldn't ever be caught dead chipping with a sand wedge. I'll putt with a 4-iron before I chip with a sand wedge. There's just too much that can go wrong.
  5. 4/24/18: Day 389: Irons were a little off yesterday, so I went back to the basics. Did some impact drills focusing on in-line impact. Namely because I can strike it better with my irons than I did yesterday. Just some rust of not hitting many balls this winter.
  6. 4/23/18: Happy Birthday Bill Shakespeare: Day 388. Played 27 Holes... Shaking some winter rust off... It was hard taking my range swing to the course though.
  7. 4/22/18: Day 387: About ten minutes with my 6-iron this morning, focusing on a swinging hit, as opposed to a hitting swing. Impact drills trying to get inline impact and weight forward. 112 of 112 this year.
  8. onthehunt526

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    Ok, so not holding Alina's hand while walking. How about shaking hands with a perspective boss/employee?
  9. onthehunt526

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    It's hard to for an amateur to be firm with their hands, but relaxed with their wrists, arms, and shoulders. I personally can't grip the club firmly and have loose "swingers". I tense up too much. I put the pressure where it needs to be to control the club, whether it's firm or not, I don't know.
  10. 4/21/18: Day 386: About ten minutes with my 6-iron this morning, focusing on a swinging hit, as opposed to a hitting swing. Impact drills trying to get inline impact and weight forward. 111 for 111 in 2018. 254 days to go in the year.
  11. onthehunt526

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    But you shouldn't strangle the club either. Just enough to control the outward forces. Good example, though of how that works though, with a 40 pound 4-year-old you're probably exerting a tremendous amount of outward force. The point I was trying to get at, is he may have too much tension in his hands while he's gripping the club for a wedge shot. It's hard to hit a solid shot, if your hands, wrists, and forearms are tense... You want them relaxed. Just enough pressure to control the club. That's the way I think of it.
  12. onthehunt526

    Anyone Going to the U.S. Open at Shinnecock?

    I live in Upstate so no I'm not. The PGA at the Black is an absolutely different story all together.
  13. onthehunt526

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    You and I have similar issues. Think of it this way. Though @iacas and @mvmac will disagree with me. Whether you're swinging a putt or a driver, you're using a swinging hit. I'm going to give you a small piece of wisdom, a scratch golfer gave me when I was about 13 or 14. Hold the club, like you would hold your wife or girlfriend's hand. I was gripping too tight, and Craig my instructor (whom I've known since I was a teenager). "Shane, hold the club, like you're holding Alina's hand while crossing the street." (Alina is my eldest daughter). The golf club only weighs sixteen ounces, you don't need to strangle it to control it. Caress the club just gentle pressure, you don't even need the 3 to 4 most instructors tell you. Just enough pressure to have control but feel the weight of the head of the golf club. Try that with your wedges and sand wedges. Make sure you can feel the weight of the head, use a swinging hit. Head steady, not still or rigid. A little movement is ok, even rotational movement toward the target after impact is acceptable. Swinging hit, not hitting swing. Hope this helps.
  14. 4/20/18: Day 385: A little impact work with my drills. Brush with the left stuff. Hit about 10 2-irons. (Yes 2-irons I pulled out my V-Blade 2-iron). It's a great club to see how your impact is, and if you're helping it in the air or not. And I'm not. I just am focusing on a swinging hit mainly. 110 of 110 in 2018. I'm going for the entire year. @boogielicious 643 would be Jan 3, 2019 by my math which is a Thursday. I'm trying to make this record nearly unbreakable. The longer I go the harder it'll be to break.
  15. Very true. But you can make 3 or 4 from over there.

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