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  1. lowest effective loft of a Pitching Wedge?

    I might pick up the 3 and/or 4 iron in those for my "driving iron(s)" I agree John some O.E.Ms over-do the "compensation for CG". You don't need a 39° PW Callaway. I can see 42° or 43° if the face is really that "hot". But 39° come on. Even 41° is a little hairy. (Though the 7-iron I hit went like 185 yards carry but for all intensive purposes it's a 5-iron)
  2. 1/20/17: I did my path drill with the soda bottles today. I went back to a longer club (a 6-iron) and did the draw path drill. (I have balls I can hit indoors, don't worry). Just to make sure that feeling is ingrained. Then again feel ain't real. So I guess it was more to make sure the motions are still there. 295 days in a row. 70 to a year.
  3. Time for blades?

    EXi's I guess are a sort of blend between a player's irons and a GI. I guess you could call them a "Player's GI" club. I agree with you on the tighter dispersion, @WUTiger. Especially, in the shorter irons. It seems to me, I can take about the same swing with a 9-iron let's say. (Remember I don't swing full in that range), I'll hit a half 9-iron 120 then I'll hit it 130 then I'll hit it 125, all with similar strike, with the EXi's anyway.
  4. lowest effective loft of a Pitching Wedge?

    @WUTiger, Even you've gotta admit a 39° PW is a little overkill. (So is 41° for that matter) I understand why they have to do it, but if your going to make a PW that strong, call it a 10-iron.
  5. lowest effective loft of a Pitching Wedge?

    Playing a PW/GW as one club does sort of solve the problem I guess. I do understand why the "PW" has to be what the static loft is at in some of these clubs. I'd be willing to bet, the Callaway Rogue X Pitching wedge (41°) probably launches much higher than say an Apex MB PW which is 47°. The CG is lower in the Rogue X, and the face is hotter, than the Apex MB. Both heads weigh pretty much the same, but the weight is in different locations on said clubs. Does it create the need for a 5th wedge? Only possibly. @WUTiger , your solution works in your situation, it could work for people who play these 8-iron lofted "pitching wedges". In the $300 a club Epic Star irons the "PW" is 39°, the "AW" is 44° , "GW" is 49°, and "SW" is 54° (you can't really have a sand wedge with less than that because, it definitely loses its effectiveness at that point). Though you could claim to your friends you hit your PW 150 yards even though it's basically an 8-iron.
  6. Time for blades?

    @WUTiger, the main issue when I played my V-Blades was the high weak shot to the right. With the lessons I've had, and drills I've used with these lessons, that miss is basically gone. (I had a few the other day that just didn't draw). To answer your first question, I learned to play this game with blades, my family didn't have the money for new tech Cavity-backed irons when I started. But to be honest, I can handle blades equally as well as a cavity-back. (I'm a person who believes it's the person swinging the club, not the club itself) Second question: Feel. Yes, I believe that my forgiving irons are great and have helped my game get better. But solid contact isn't that much of an issue for me anymore. Height has never been an issue. (I hit the ball high with any type of iron). I don't mind being able to feel my misses. In fact, I think it's great feedback. Are my EXi's holding me back? No. Am I ready for a less-forgiving forged blade? I think so. Like I stated above, I may end up with the CBX Forged (cavity back model), so I still have some forgiveness, but I get the feel I'm looking for. My fitter as of right now, only has the CBX blade 7-iron in AMT S300 as a demo. I guess he's in the process of getting the entire CBX line for fitting. So I'm definitely going to do some testing, and see what fits my game better. I was asking you guys more to see, if an 8.1 with more consistent contact, would be able to play a blade.
  7. 1/19/17: Day 294. Continued work with my path drill with the soda bottles today. Today was 10 minutes of the wedge version of this drill. I used my 54° for 9 to 3 swings, with the focus of not hitting the bottles. It took a few swings to not hitting the outside bottle, but I was literally just nicking it. So seven or eight solid minutes of nice swings.
  8. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    I said, before if you've got a 58° you don't need a 60°. (Which is the truth) I forgot a very important question. (I'm on mobile, so I can't see your signature). You call your 58° a "sand wedge" So I assume that it has ample bounce. My question is, what is the bounce of your 58°? Personally my 56, 58, and 60 all have 14° of bounce so they all are sand wedges to me... (I only usually have the 56° or 58° in the bag, depends on the depth of the bunkers whether I even entertain a 60°)
  9. Time for blades?

    @kpaulhus, it's actually funny, a friend of mine sent me a $300 gift certificate to a place down in the Binghamton area, that has a GC2 and I chose to use it on 5 one-hour lessons, and my instructor is actually basically fixing my path so I can draw the ball.
  10. Time for blades?

    I still have my set of "ancient" Tour Edge V-Blades from 2000, that I will NEVER sell. They go to either Alina or Zoey when I pass on with the provision that they are to remain in the family. I do want to be able feel my misses. It seems like with my EXi's it seems it feels the same when I miss as when I hit a good shot. I need the feel. I looked into clubs and like AP2, JPX-EZ forged, MP-18 SC, Callaway X Forged, Taylormade P750 and 770 and the lot... And don't get me wrong they are on the radar... But if I did a forged cavity back with forgiveness, it would probably be the Exotics CBX Forged. The CBX blade 7-iron my fitter has (he is trying to get a few different heads and shafts)... I hit 5 shots on the LM and it's only 5 yards behind my 32° 7-iron and it's 3 degrees weaker lofted... (Maybe my free lessons have paid off, my strikes are much much closer to center and closer together)... So I'll revise my question, Would I benefit from a forged cavity back iron so I can get the feel, but not lose the forgiveness of my current irons? And could I play blades, in the short irons (say 8, 9, PW)?
  11. lowest effective loft of a Pitching Wedge?

    Callaway broke that mold twice in 6 months. The Epic Star irons come with a 39° PW. That is not a misprint, you read that correctly 39 degrees. The Rogue X irons come with a 41° PW. I guess Callaway figured out a way to create Driver C.O.R. in a set of irons. Again not a misprint. 41 degree pitching wedge. But this is an SGI iron, probably a Super Ultra Game Improvement iron with an MPF north of 1000. So in UGI/SGI we have a 39° and 41° PW (paired with a 26 and 27 degree 7-iron respectively). Game-Improvement Irons got down to about 44° and haven't really went much lower. Cavity-backed player's irons, the lowest I've seen is 45° (I suppose this could go to 44° in cast models) The forged Cavity-backed players irons are all around 46° in the PW. (I think the one Apex, and a Srixon was 45°) Almost all blades are either 46° or 47° in the PW. I think the 46° is about the lowest you can theoretically go with a blade (though I've seen literally one or two at 45° as a standard loft) That being said it depends on the type of iron you're talking about. But we have a 39° PW on the market, folks... (And a stock 41°). Callaway needs to bring back the 10-iron I guess.
  12. Getting Started in Disc Golf

    There's a few courses at the Colleges here in the Ithaca area, and I believe they are all free. I thought about giving it a try. I saw a 4 disc starter set at Dick's recently and thought about giving it a try.
  13. Time for blades?

    I thought about splitting the difference and getting these instead (both are the same price). Or some sort of blended set of the two anyway.
  14. Time for blades?

    Hello TST Universe. Most of you guys know I'm basically a Tour Edge Exotics staffer... (Running joke). My question is as I have taken a couple free lessons thus far, and a fixed a lot of my swing issues so far... I'm looking to go to blades (I've even looked outside of Tour Edge at this.) Before you say... Shane you're an 8.1 you aren't ready... My instructor and I have been working on getting my strike more consistent. Which is closer to the sweet spot now. Less weak toe hits. So these are the irons I'm looking at: I know some of you guys will think I should go Titleist 718 or Mizuno MP-18. The basic question is: Can I handle a blade?
  15. Irons for new senior

    Callaway Rogue? I ain't going to get them, I'd say if you're clubhead speed is 95 mph, honestly try out Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 irons or even the new HL3. If you don't mind spending $600 for irons, try the Exotics EXd. Mostly to be honest, it's not the club, it's the guy using it.

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