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  1. They may not be a "traditional" outlook on the game. But they do conform. Cobra wouldn't have made a set for the general public if they didn't conform. Single-length irons are not a new thing at all. They've been around since at least the 1980s (Tommy Armour EQL). The difference between then and now is back then all the heads didn't same weights and lies. Now all the clubs have the weights and lies of a 7 or 8 iron.
  2. At least you have a sense of humor about it. 7/28/17: 11 1/2 hour day at work (who wants to cook lunch and dinner for people on a nice day like today, apparently me)... Anyway was still able to practice putting for 5 minutes or so in the living room before work... Focusing on stroke and getting my speed down. Noticed I needed a shorter back stroke to get the ball to the hole (about 12' away) the good news was the ones I was missing we're just missing and rolling about a foot past the hole. Encouraging stuff headed into tomorrow's first round of the club championship.
  3. Well... After five rounds... And some serious note taking, I've come to the conclusion that Newman isn't long enough for me to need the 3-wood. My 4-wood is back in the bag for now. The 3-wood may find it's way back in depending on course conditions and such.
  4. WD-40 and an emory cloth does work... As does a solution of baking soda and vinegar with a fine stiff bristled brush. Some materials such as carbon steel of any composition will rust. It just adds to the patina of the club in my opinion.
  5. 7/27/17: Setup with irons today. Namely focusing on being in a good setup position with at address. With my toe (of the clubhead), slightly off the turf to varying degrees. Hit a few shots this way, and hit them pretty straight. Seems like the weak sauce block out to the right is fixed.
  6. 7/26/17: Hit some iron shots this morning trying to feel as if at set-up my toe is slightly off the ground.
  7. I'm no expert but being shallower isn't such a bad thing. Some people are TOO steep... I tend to be steep at times. Stick with it, or better yet talk with your local PGA pro. I think a My Swing video would help us. @iacas probably would be able to tell you more than I, he's a pro, I'm not. But there is more than one way to play this game.
  8. 7/25/17: Worked on setup today. Didn't realize how much my eyes were deceiving me. Getting ready for the Club Championship this weekend. Just hoping to have fun. Look for detailed posts on Saturday and Sunday.
  9. 7/24/17: 20-40 yd pitches in the yard. Focusing on dealing cards with my right hand.
  10. The putts Jordan made on 15 and 16 reminded me of the PGA in 2000..... That other guy who seemed to will all his putts in.
  11. I believe Jordan will get it first, though I think they both will get it at some point. I don't necessarily think it will be this year that Jordan does it. Maybe the Bethpage Black PGA whenever that is, but he might do it at Quail Hollow in three weeks. Rory will eventually win a Masters, I think he'll be like 3 down after 54, trying to break up the roars on Sunday.
  12. The momentum shifted when Jordan was able to squeak out a 5 on 13. After hitting it in the elephant grass off the tee... Yes, I agree he should have been penalized for slow play on 13. The R and A did give a lot of latitude given the situation, and calling for a ruling, I thought killed the clock anyway. But as stated this was anything, but a run of the mill unplayable lie ruling, he had all the trucks over there to get line of sight relief from. Still took forever. Great win and comeback though.
  13. 7/23/17: Shorter slow swings working on getting my positions right. But I need to stop working on stuff, per se, and go with what I have right now..... Club championship is next weekend.
  14. If one of these guys at 4 under can finish 7 or 8 maybe we have a different tournament. Right now it looks like the someone in the final game will win.
  15. What I meant was him blowing it.