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  1. Yes, typically lie angles won't change even if forged clubs. The only thing in the mix that should change is loft. And lofts will only get softer (weaker) over time, not stronger. Here's a video to show you what I mean. Warning: NSFW.
  2. The following is based on facts that I can show videos to prove. Your clubs in your bag are probably not built for you properly. Yes, I said it. but I can tell you why. Anything that is mass produced, has manufacturing tolerences. Golf clubs are no exception. Your 7-iron's lie is stated at 62-63 degrees plus or minus for your dynamic fitted numbers. The tolerance is usually +/- 1 degree. But some OEMs I will not name names, can be off as much as 4-5 degrees on stated lie. Which leads me to the next angle clubs are measured with. Loft. Another tolerance of +/- 1 degree with your major OEMs... all I can say is get them checked they are usually off. Swingweight is typically between D1 and D2 standard in irons. I would be willing to bet you if you take a set of irons off the rack, I'd be willing to bet that they are not within .3 swingweight points throughout your iron set. I'm not trying to bust anyone's balls here, it's just simple fact. My suggestion is to go get your clubs checked... It's an eye opening experience. I'll put the videos up, if there is enough hoopla.
  3. I'm from Binghamton originally, live in Ithaca now. En-Joie is on my list of courses to play. I saw all the tweets of those following Tiger Tracker on Twitter, so called fans of Tiger saying he's out of contention. He's at Even Par in the U.S. Open. Yes he's 9 strokes behind Woodland (great 65 by the way) but +1 was the highest Tiger could have shot today. I think Tiger shoots 66 tomorrow and jumps up 25 spots. If he's within 3 or so going into to Sunday, he knows how to win a major from behind now... Just saying.
  4. 6/5/19 Day 41: 15 balls just getting flighting and compression down. It's really my next step is clubface control.
  5. 6/4/19: Day 41: Hit 10 balls today. But those ten shots had a purpose. I have been working on this weight transfer thing for a while. I decided to try something a little different today. I tried to consciously swing a little bit harder. (Trying to get more distance, while keeping my balance) Let me say something. KBS Max shafts are straight shit. My spin numbers are way too high. On my CBX Blades, they're a bit lower, but I figured out the culprit to why I'm losing distance with my irons. Those 10 7-iron (with the loft of a 5 1/2 iron) shots proved one thing. My shafts are shit for my game. I need a lower spinning shaft, something like a Project X or C-Taper. (I like graphite shafts in irons for some reason though)… My shafts are shit for my game so I'm going to go get a set custom-built for me. Shit I may do it myself.
  6. 6/3/19: Day 40: Worked on some lower body drills before work today. I'm looking forward to getting out this weekend. I have to figure out a few things in my swing. Just hit the ball Shane.
  7. 6/2/19: Day 39: Played 18 holes today in and out of rain. Shot 72. 13/18 GIR. 2 birdies, 2 bogeys, overall a solid round.
  8. 6/1/19: Day 38: Worked on contact today. Swung some 7i, 8i, 9i, and all four wedges with my blades. Focus was getting really solid contact consistently. I hit shots with all 7 clubs until I hit 3 in a row solidly. I actually hit 130 yard PW shots in my streak of 5 in a row. The goal is to work on contact to hit farther with irons, maybe integrate something between my CBX blades and M6 irons later on.
  9. 5/31/19: Day 37: More pitching and chipping work this morning, mostly focusing on not being TOO hands with my chipping and hitting the ball and ground simultaneously while pitching.
  10. 5/30/19: Day 36: Some chipping and pitching work today before the rain came. Most of the focus on the chipping was arms and shoulders. Pitching was getting the clubhead to the ball at the same time as my hands.
  11. I actually at this point in time only play 12 clubs. (I'm tossing around playing my Exotics clubs again or building Maltby's). I honestly in the modern game could care less for either. These days 5-woods look too big to be a 5-wood. I prefer a 4-wood @WUTiger talked me into that a few years back. Driving irons I haven't really tried on grass. I hit a few Srixon U85 in the sim and the dry data goes the same distance as my 20° CBX hybrid with a driving iron that is supposed to be easy to hit. I am intrigued by the Maltby KE4 FDI driving irons just released. Apparently they've got the center of gravity supposedly figured out. It's a damn toss up.
  12. 5/29/19: Day 35: What the hell is going on? Unfortunately, I have to break the rules of posting past 28 days a little bit. This post needs some color. 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 3 4- 30 Okay, one of the teams in the Wednesday night league needed a substitute or they would forfeit 9 points. So their A player asked if I could sub tonight. "Why the hell not?" I played as the B player (even though I'm the lowest handicap my front nine course handicap is 3). On #1 I hit a Driver past the bunker in the air and took a bounce on the driveway to the shop. I had 190 yards in and hit a nice 5-iron to the middle of the green some 25 feet in 2. I proceed to drain that putt for an eagle and immediately go 1 up (even with handicap the B couldn't compete with an eagle 3). I parred the second (no shot there). 3 is a shot hole. I hit driver, PW to 2 and a half feet. Canned that to go 3 up through three. I parred the next three holes. (Actually lost one to a net birdie on 5). On the seventh, I hit an 8-iron to the back pin about 8 feet short of the hole, and banged it in for birdie. On 8 I hit 5-wood, 9-iron literally 3 inches on to the front of the green and holed a 45-footer all the way to the back. I, at this point am unaware of where I stand for the round or for the match (how many points I have). On the par-5, 9th, I hit a really good drive. But was 240 out with no 3-wood, so I hit my 5-wood a little short and right and get up and down from 30 yards for birdie. I won the "greenie" on 7. I won a skin for my eagle on 1. We added it up 3 times. 30. That's the best nine holes, I will probably ever shoot. Mind you the White Tees at Newman are only 3,055 yards (it's only a 9 hole course). I picked up 7.5 points for the team I subbed for. The D player which I played with, actually broke 50 for the first time ever in league tonight.
  13. 5/28/19: Day 34: Worked on ball position today. Mostly trying to catch ball first more than that slightly behind. I moved to ball back a lot then started moving forward until I got the most solid contact that I could. Seems like I had it about 3 inches too far forward. That made a huge difference.
  14. 5/27/19: Day 33: Played 18 holes today. Shot 74. The driver rounded out, considering on Friday I was hitting a hook (not a pull hook). I hit driver well. My irons were on point hit 11/18 GIR all the rest were nGIR. I have played seven times this year, and not made one double bogey. What's going on?
  15. 5/26/19: Day 32: As I'm still getting used to the distance I'm hitting my irons. I went and borrowed a friend's launch monitor and got my distances down. I hit 10 shots keeping the middle 8 with each iron/wedge and this is what I found. 4-iron: 203 5-iron: 187 6-iron: 176 7-iron: 162 8-iron: 149 9-iron: 136 PW: 122 AW: 107 SW: 89 I'm still flipping at impact just a touch. But I'm working on that and getting more forward shaft lean. I believe I can get at least 1 club longer if not more, with some in-line impact work.
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