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  1. 9/25/17: Some putting today, focusing on read, bead, and speed on some longer putts.
  2. 9/24/17: In between watching football games, I hit some 9-iron shots focusing on straight back takeaway, and easy backswing.
  3. 9/23/17: I've been working so hard on my wedges, my driver was shit on Thursday. So I worked for ten minutes on the same sort of feels with the driver, easier backswing, light grip pressure, etc.
  4. Cleveland HB Irons

    I haven"t personally tried them, however I hear good things about them. They are a little on the pricey side for a super-game improvement club, however, Parfield thinks anyone with a handicap of 20 or higher should be giving them a try,,, Cleveland also released the Launcher CBX irons for people who prefer a more traditional looking iron with Game-Improvement Characteristics. I'm surprised Tour Edge hasn't tried to sue Cleveland/Srixon yet. Tour Edge now has two iron sets out named the CBX... The CBX Forged and The CBX Blade... which look pretty as can be. I'm sure a golf shop over there should have a demo or two of it...
  5. 9/22/17: More work today on wedges and short irons up to about an 8-iron. The focus was lighter grip pressure with work on A1-A4. Making sure I have a slight pause at the top of the backswing so that I can get my timing more correct... I think I can get around the course with a 10:00-2:00 swing with every club. Including the long clubs, without losing very much distance,
  6. 9/21/17: Played 27 Holes in 4 hours today. Wedges are better... But it seems I'm weakening my grip, not just loosening it. I struggled for a bit with the driver, but got a nice groove going the last 9 holes. Where I hit driver, wedge pretty much the last four par-fours (I hit 7-iron to the sixth), I actually trusted myself to hit an actual pitch shot on the first and holed it out for a par... (I had a run in with trees).... I've got to play a little more.
  7. Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Iron Woods

    I don't personally play it, but it's a 440cc head with a combo brazed beta titanium face... The beta fairways also use the same technology... From what I've heard the Beta fairways are like howitzer cannons.
  8. Best Used 3 Wood under $50

    My EX9 3-wood... Just kidding As @WUTiger said in a previous post, you can't go wrong with Adams, however, If you don't mind 2 year old clubs RockBottomGolf has The Exotics E8 and E8 Beta for around $50 or so... And those fairways are actually very very good. P.S. and off topic @iacas, would you please try to find a way to shortcut the Exotics logo?
  9. 9/20/17: More slow swings with lighter grip pressure. I'm trying to feel as I have control of the clubhead by actually being able to feel the weight of it. It's nice because since I've started working specifically on this particular point. It's really starting to feel as if I cannot hit a "terrible" shot. I am going to try to play tomorrow or Friday, see how this works on the course.
  10. 9/19/17: Slow swings at work, mostly continued on my tempo and light grip pressure drills with my spatula.
  11. 9/18/17: Continued work on my full swing wedges. Holding the club as I'm holding Alina's hand. Still needs work, however, loosening my grip did seem to help. So I will continue to work on it.
  12. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    Ok I agree that the stickers render the club non-conforming now that I've read the rule. And the wording is "with the purpose of" not "with the intent of".
  13. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    Well @iacas in that case he should taken the HMT stickers off his clubface, then...
  14. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    Ok maybe I am grasping at straws a little bit. But still there probably is a YouTube video that explains what those HMT stickers are used for.
  15. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    Barbara painted Jack Nicklaus' bullseye putter white before each round of the 1967 U.S. Open? You're trying to tell me Jack should have been DQ'ed?