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  1. I could also weaken the AW to 52° as well. I’m hoping to make my 15 clubs, 14 for tournaments this summer (hopefully we can have them by then). Could be one of the long clubs could be one of the short ones. I’ve read 4-iron, 3-iron, and 2-iron I still haven’t figured it out it may be as simple as playing a few rounds and seeing which club I don’t use or need.
  2. This is what every pro has told me about Alina’s clubs. Have her grip down until the clubs fit her. Because she’s going to outgrow several golf clubs.
  3. This thought also crossed my mind. What about strengthening the 54° to 53° and then taking out the AW? I don’t really use the 54° out of bunkers or rough around the green that much it’s mostly for chipping and pitching from fairway lies and occasionally full swing motion shots. Thoughts?
  4. No @billchao. Srixon didn’t make a 4-wood in the Z F85 line. Originally when I got when I went into this fitting, I wasn’t going to have this problem. My original thought was to have the PW, and RTX-4 52° and 58° wedges. But I went with 54° and 58° instead.
  5. Probably would only do that if I can’t choose between the two. I really like my 2-Utility iron though. The other thought was say screw it and get the 3-utility iron instead.
  6. Typically my 58° is my bunker, pitch shot club. I don’t hit flops I’m not Phil Mickelson. I hit just a standard pitch most of the time.
  7. Don’t use 15 or 16 clubs when I post rounds, the usual 14 clubs. The top end is usually where I drop a club.
  8. I haven’t really had a utility iron before and this thing is as forgiving a hybrid.
  9. Question 1: I usually do. 90% of the time. Yeah, the 51° usually is around 120 yards but I tended to pull full wedges from inside 120 I don’t so much since I’ve shortened my swing. Question 2: No. But off the tee. I fade the 2 iron and I can work the 3-iron both ways off the tee. I struggle with the draw with the 2-iron. The 3-wood I hit off the tee on about 4 holes a round, the 1st, the 6th, the 13th and 15th.
  10. @WUTiger would be happy to know that my “Sweet Sixteen” has become my “Fantastic Fifteen”. For those of you who wonder why the hell I always have this dilemma, well it’s a kind of Shane thing as it’s known. Now for those who can’t see my signature this is what I currently have: Z785 Driver (9.5°), ZF85 3-wood (15°), ZU85 2-iron (18°), Z585 3-iron (20°), Z785 4-PW, AW (22°, 25°, 28°, 32°, 36°, 41°, 46°, 51°) RTX-4 Black Satin 54°/10° Mid, 58°/9° Full. Huntington Beach Soft #1 Putter 37" Now the whole thing is I don’t want to get on the whole internet distance inflation deal. I was fitted for all of these clubs. I originally was going to get the H85 3-hybrid or F85 5-wood when I went into the fitting, however the U85 was a better fit. So I have three ideas of which club to drop for the 14-club rule: 1) The 51° I can play a really good 10-2 PW that goes almost the same distance as my 51° wedge. So that’s a possibility. the con is I like to chip with my AW. 2) The 3-iron. I can shorten up on my 2-iron and hit it the same distance as my stock 3-iron. The con is: I can work the 3-iron both ways. 3) 3-wood. I haven’t hit a 3-wood in years (mostly a 4-wood guy). I can hit this club a long way. Don’t really need it for par-5 second shots, but off the tee I do.
  11. Not in a while. But I prefer it over a 5-wood. I currently carry a 2-iron utility. But thinking a second fairway wood such as a 7-wood could be beneficial. But Srixon doesn’t have a F85 7-wood. (Oh wait they do... in Japan)
  12. Lowest score on a forgettable course.
  13. Depends on where we’re playing the U.S. Open, if it’s Winged Foot that 18th hole is brutal. (Not as hard as Phil made it look in 2006). One “bad” shot and you can make 6 in a heartbeat. That being said, I’m basically guaranteeing 4 by playing it for a “king” keeping my chance to win the championship in regulation. But almost guaranteeing a play-off. Now Torrey Pines is a different animal because the 18th is a par-five. If you hit the fairway off the tee. You will probably be able to reach the green in two. Yes it brings 6 into play, but you can also make a 3 or 4 and win the championship. That being said, it depends on where we’re playing the Open. And two holes in a playoff is dodgey. I would try to win the championship with a putt, if that makes sense.
  14. Yeah the Eye2s were traditional lofted. The Eye2+ were a couple degrees stronger the “W” was 50.5° in the Eye2 then 48.5° in the Eye2+. I believe the Zing model had a 47° PW. Now we have some PW that are 38° go figure. It’s just a “10-iron” now as opposed to a wedge.
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