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  1. So basically at the current exchange rate for ap2 we're talking $1150 ish USD so your looking at less than $600 USD. Ok for 716 AP2 that will be damn near impossible, but doable I suppose... For 714 AP2 however since you have standard length and lie, actually won't be that hard. Did you attempt to see if your Mizunos had any trade in value? @st3vie if you have a PGA trade in website in Australia, you could see how much value you can get out of the Mizunos to help offset the cost a bit. There are also US based retailers that will ship to Brisbane the duties and taxes will kill your budget though. However, on your budget I would stick to domestic. I'll do some poking around on eBay for you and see what I can find. Welcome to the site @st3vie.
  2. I should be able to do it for $20 as Newman is a reciprocal with Tburg
  3. That's a good thought, May or June before the bugs start getting goofy lol... Congrats Matt... You and I still gotta play Tburg
  4. I think us upstate guys could think of something for a get together. Even if we did it in July again.
  5. I understand you aren't going to hit the ball perfect everytime. You won't make every twelve foot putt. You won't get every greenside shot up and down. You aren't going to hit every green. What I meant is I'd like to have a strokes gained/lost of a net 0. Just one time. That's what I meant.
  6. @Hacker James UST Mayima is mostly used in hybrids and irons by Tour Edge in the Exotics line. In the Hot Launch 2 line (i.e. your Driver) they do use UST Mayima. They did trim down the Stock shaft options a bit for the EX10 line, but in the EX9 anyway it was a stock shaft. @WUTiger did you check the "Classic Clubs" section. The "Tie" Series was the stock shaft of the XCG7 Beta.
  7. I had a revelation. I currently have a 4-wood in my bag. 16.5 degree exotics EX9 with a Matrix Black Tie Extra Stiff shaft. This is not a should I carry a 3-wood 5-wood 16 degree hybrid thread. That would be repetitive. Because there are a hundred ten of those. This is more of a share your struggles or good shots or I'm thinking my second longest club isn't or is right for me. So the simple questions are: What is your second longest club (OEM, model, loft)? Do you struggle with it off the turf? And have you considered other options? Personally I struggle sometimes with my 4-wood off the ground and the tee, sometimes. it might be a ball position thing... I mostly use my 3-hybrid for longer shots because it's mOre consistent, sometimes I wonder if my 4-wood is just taking up bag space.
  8. I guess I kind of exaggerated a bit on having all four major facets perfect at the same time... I more or less meant that I'd like to have a round where I'm not "losing" strokes in the four major facets. That's more or less what I meant. So I guess I didn't get what my point was across properly. What I meant more or less is I never can get to the point where I don't lose unnecessary strokes in all four.
  9. Makes sense because Ping Eye2's were the highest selling iron set of the 1980s and maybe ever. They made them from 1982-2001. I believe they are the most re-sold iron set on eBay 35 years after their initial release.
  10. The first sentence in Lowest Score Wins is "Golf is hard" I agree with that statement 100%. In my opinion, Golf breaks down to four major facets. Driving, approaches, chipping, and putting. I have had rounds where I have had one going. Usually when that is the case it is putting. There have been rounds I have been able to put two facets together. I've had a handful of rounds where I have three facets going... Why can some days can I get three facets going and the fourth one just takes the day off. Usually on those days the putter or my chipping will take the day off... Those are my rounds of 75 or 76. I had a round 2 years ago where I hit 10 greens in regulation, had 5 near greens in regulation and shot 85. Why because I chipped bad and didn't make one birdie putt, worse yet I three putter three times including a green in regulation. i have also had a 76 hitting just 6 greens in regulation, but had an additional 10 near greens in very safe places so I was able to get up and down a lot with simple chip and run motions. In my opinion if I could ever get all four facets together for one magical afternoon, I could shoot around par. But I think that might be a long way off. I would be happy with 10 greens and the rest near greens. Gain maybe 1 stroke putting, and get 5 or 6 scrambling pars. But I'm along way from that.
  11. I'm toying with the idea of playing 5 wedges. But that would require some bending of my iron lofts to make it work.
  12. Your seven iron is 1.5" shorter than a standard four iron. So if you cut down your 4-iron to 7-iron length you would more than likely have to stand closer than usual to hit it. So your lie would need to be more upright. Maybe not to seven iron lie, but definitely a degree or so.
  13. Technically, yes. But technically, no. It's a weird situation. When the groove rule was introduced the Eye2's were grandfathered in to remain conforming, due to a 1990 lawsuit filed by PING. In 2010 when the groove rule put was in place... A few pros scoured EBay for old Ping Eye2 wedges with square grooves. The tour in March made them illegal again. @Nutsmacker The groove rule only applies to professionals and elite level amateurs as a condition of competition. Furthermore if your Eye 2s were made before 1985 they are legal as PING did not introduce square grooves until 1985. as far as your topic goes, good luck with the G's. 1 club longer sounds about right because your eye2 7-iron has a loft of 36 degrees I think your G 8-iron is around there. I'm not a PING guy, however I would play eye2's.
  14. @Elmer I don't necessarily think the 10.5 loft is a problem... You are going to think I'm off my rocker, but here it goes. You would be better off with a bonded driver with a stiffer shaft and MORE loft. Say 12 degree loft to counteract the lower launch of the stiffer flex. If you are hitting it 260 with a 16 degree launch and getting little roll, perhaps your backspin is too high or your descent angle is too steep. A stiffer shaft should flatten the latter out.
  15. Shoot par (yeah right) it's a goal play 75 rounds. have more fun. win a flight in either the Club Championship or the City Championship. meet Erik.