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  1. The former, 16° Mini Driver, 5-hybrid, 8-iron, PW, SW, NO putter. Or 2-iron, 5-iron, 8-iron, PW, SW, again no putter. I can putt pretty well with a 2-iron or the leading edge of a wedge. But the hybrid would be my best bet. Funny story I knew fellow in his 90s who was a 15 hdcp with a hybrid, chipper, and putter as his only three clubs for a while.
  2. I’m a low event golfer, I make a shitload of pars a birdie or two, three or four bogeys.
  3. How old of a son are we talking and how tall is he? Ping ProdiG if money was no option, because PING will reshaft with a longer shaft (if you bought a shaft). Another option is to go the U.S. Kids route. They have clubs for every height from 39" up to 66" in 3 inch increments. Another thing about U.S. Kids Golf is they have the Outlet section so you can usually find clubs on the cheap.
  4. Does a hole-out from a fairway bunker count? That was my first eagle. I've only ever made two... So there's that (one from a fairway bunker, the other was a 5 foot putt)
  5. 1) Okay, agreed to an extent. 2) Possibly. 3) Maybe. 4) You don't hit it far enough to need to carry 14 clubs. Would you honestly ask 6-year-old (Alina), to carry a full 14 club set when she only hits her Driver 120 yards?
  6. Hello fellow Upstate New York Golfers, I hope we're all staying safe during these difficult times. I had a thought that is just in the brainstorming stage, but I'd like to throw around some ideas from some sort of get together in 2021 at some point... I'd say that we could do it this summer, but you know COVID, thanks COVID. @colin007 and @RFKFREAK may have some ideas where we could play that is Centralized for everyone and about an equal trip for everyone. Or do rotating regions...(yes I'm talking to you Buffalo and Rochester area members). Any ideas? One of my ideas was to do a Central/Southern Tier meets Mohawk Valley/Capital Region at say Leatherstocking in Cooperstown. Or we could maybe do like regional outings with people from our region and bigger meeting, post COVID... any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks, Shane @onthehunt526
  7. The 170-yard point is where average golfers have 3 clubs that go the same distance, your 5-iron, 4-iron, and hybrid. I think golf has too gotten complicated for it's own good. In the 1970s and 80s this wouldn't be a problem, because if you were an average male golfer, You would build your set in 1 of 2 ways: Driver, 3-wood, 1-PW, SW, Putter (maybe 2-PW, SW, LW, D, 3w, Putter in the later 80s) or Driver, 3-wood, 4-wood, 2-PW, SW, Putter. (maybe 5-wood in place of the 4-wood in the later 80s, and 3-PW, SW, LW for irons). I think I've come up with a general solution to this conundrum. If you hit your driver less than 200 yards, What are you doing with a 5-iron in the bag anyway. (Should be a hybrid or at least a hybrid iron). you only need 1 club between 3-wood and your 5-iron equivalent. 200: Some sort of hybrid or lofted wood 225: a wood and hybrid or 2 hybrids 250: lofted wood and hybrid or 2 hybrids or hybrid and utility iron 275: What ever the hell you want.
  8. If you are going to get the Srixon, wait until about, oh, December to buy it. (The new ZX-Us are coming out in January, unless you know someone in Europe who will ship you one after 9/19/20, thanks COVID!) the price will probably go down to around $119-$129 around then. And the custom department at Srixon is open... you should be able to get whatever shaft you want in the ZU85. It seems to me like you need like a SteelFiber or something to that effect in your Utility Iron. A lighter steel would work too, such as a KBS Tour 105, or an XP 105, or DG 105. I actually play the 2 and 3 iron in the Srixon ZU85 and am toying with getting the 4-utility as well... (more consistent than any normal 3-iron I hit, I just hit cut 3-utility irons for 4-iron distances any more I hardly ever pull my 4-iron out of the bag) I didn't get to try the Cobra but I did try the Wilson and hated it... I think the KBS Hybrid shaft is good... but didn't care for the spin numbers.
  9. Well I’d be in the higher than normal category, that explains why my 6-iron stops like a wedge. (That and sharp descent angle).
  10. Your swingweight might be at D-8 with a 47” driver, but you could’ve gotten the swingweight to that with a 45-46” driver. Especially with the modern heads having different weight configurations.
  11. No, not really. What would you consider a high apex @iacas? You can have a 78 foot apex, if your descent angle is 55° that ball will stop. And for the record, the apex is only one number in the formula.
  12. My peak height is around 110’ what the hell is wrong with that?
  13. I do have a 2 and 3 iron I hit well, but I’m also not that hypothetical golfer.
  14. May I ask a question of the Sand Trap Universe? I’m a hypothetical male golfer who drives carries his driver 250 yards, my 3-wood 225, my 5-iron/hybrid: 185 yards Could one in that end of the bag only add say a 4-hybrid that carries around 200? Or would we add 2 clubs at that part of the bag?
  15. You think I should get a 7-wood @Patch?
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