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  1. I don't know what it is, but it seems every time a certain model of fairway wood goes on clearance all they have is 5 and 7 woods.
  2. #UpstateGolf last July @RFKFREAK, @colin007, @krupa, and myself did an outing at Conklin Players Club... I figured the four of us and maybe @JxQx and others in the upstate area could do an outing in May or June. I was looking in the Syracuse Rome Utica area and also more in the I-88 corridor at Leatherstocking or thereabouts. If anyone has any ideas for where and when, use this forum to communicate, I don't have a problem with making the reservations or making the phone calls, etc. the more we can get the easier and probably cheaper it will be. The four of us that went before were not being competitive at all. Which we wouldn't do but if we can round up say 16, we can possibly get a tournament rate somewhere.
  3. This is my question for the TST Universe, is the old two fairway wood set-up dead? The set-up: somewhere back in the year 1991 and a half, Some cool dude named Ely Callaway decided to make lofted fairway metals for his "Big Bertha" line. The 7,9, and 11 wood were made for people who couldn't 3, 4 or 5 irons. And Garfield was talking about Leo Fudge having a putt to win $100,000, after already winning the $25,000 "Funniest Pants Award". Fast forward to 2017 and a quarter, Ely's lofted woods still exist but most people prefer hybrids... To replace longer irons. rewind to 2007 and three quarters: Most people still carried 3 wood/5 wood... So why is it most people carry, D/FW/H as opposed to D/FW/FW/H... Is even the 5 wood dead and the 3 wood on life support?
  4. Not the same company, but I have a similar situation. My 4h is 22° and So is my 4i. My 4h and 4i have the exact same shaft. But since my 4h is 1/2" longer than standard. It's 3/4" longer than my 4-iron and I get about a 1-1.5 club difference as stated above.
  5. John, It sounds like you're doing what I'm doing... Getting the mix right (all I did was change my shafts in my irons and wedges)... But it sounds encouraging that you're playing well thus far. I haven't even been out yet, between cooking burgers and supermelts for hungry customers, and the 2+ feet of snow we recieved last week, i haven't even been to the LM in two weeks.
  6. Sorry I forgot to elaborate. Goal one: really work on my full swing motion, I've gotten off to a good start with it, I have really worked on my posture which has helped my balance. Goal two: Self explanatory Goal three: I'm a little behind on getting a Forward Tees tournament set up... That will help with more fun. Goal four: is related to goal one. Goal five: Either make a pilgrimage out to Erie or something. I have a couple of goals to add on that I missed the first time. Goal 6: I'd like my driver carry distance to be longer but I need to get my spin down... However, since I've been working on my posture, balance, and set-up my distance has gotten better with my irons on the LM, it seems I am a full 10-12 yards longer on average with my irons. (We shall see how it translates outdoors)... I'm averaging 180 carry with my 6-iron on the LM... Not demos in the shop, my EXi 6-iron... Which in my opinion is a great sign... Goal seven: Organize another outing with the Upstate NY guys in the late spring (late May-mid June)... Even if I have to get a hotel in BFE, NY to do it.
  7. After careful consideration of my set-up, having five wedges in the bag is kind of overkill unless I'm playing some executive course somewhere then it would make sense. So I'm going back to the sweet 16 set-up of 2016 with a slight difference. Last year my sweet 16 was driver, 4-wood, 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid or 4-iron, 5-PW, AW (50°), 54°, 58°, putter. The 16th in that set-up was a 5-hybrid for a 5-iron, but I hit my 5-iron pretty well though. difference in my sweet 16 this year is trade the 60° for the 58°, and all 5 wedges will be in the sweet 16. At Newman I rarely need my 4-wood... But it'll still be in the mix. My mix this year will be driver, 4-wood, 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid or 4-iron, 5-PW (44°), AW (48°), 52°, 56°, 60°, putter... For now I'm going to probably take out the 60°, play play Driver, 4-wood, 3-hybrid, 4-pw, aw, 52°, 56° putter... I don't need two sand wedges with 14° of bounce anyway (I own 4).
  8. More than likely but good old Ed isn't his father by no means. Dick probably would have done this, but would have done it before the GG acquisition. The fact that people think that Dick's is losing interest in golf, I guess have a point. But they forget that Dick's owns Golf Galaxy. Back before Dick's went national and became a chain, there was no golf, it was just a bait and tackle shop on Court Street in Binghamton. There were exactly 2 stores, when Mr. Stack first expanded. The original store doesn't even exist anymore, store 1 is still on Court Street but it's further from downtown, by like 4 blocks. Sorry, Erik it was tangently related, because I was going to say 70 years ago when Dick Stack had his tackle shop on Court Street, he probably never dreamed of Dick's being so successful that it can acquire struggling businesses, I think that this is the first time they have completely dismantled what they had bought however.
  9. Mike, Why purple dot in your 60° wedge? Is that 2.25° flat as opposed to red (.75° flat) or orange (1.5° flat). Do you think the head size in today's fairways have gotten out of control? I have a Steelhead III driver with a Memphis 10 shaft I can hit off the deck. I actually almost switched from Exotics to PING in the irons (though I wouldn't have gotten i200's I was looking at i25's and the archaic Eye 2's that still have the patent pending in the cavity) Maybe you should try an Exotics Fairway even tour pros are starting to notice.
  10. Erik, just getting the ball on the green is my anti-doubles strategy. I tend to forget to do that in tournaments sometimes, Though i am known to roll in the odd 30-foot par putt occasionally. :)
  11. @iacas I know you are advocating laying up short of the big bunker. I do see your logic that you are more often than not going to make par or no worse than bogey with this strategy. My question is, from looking at the measurements that were taken before, couldn't you hit say a fairway wood/hybrid/long iron at the single tree on the right and still take the bunker out of play?
  12. Driver up the right away from the big bunker. A 90 yard bunker shot doesn't sound like fun for me. But even a 90 yard wedge from the rough doesn't seem too bad. Even with the green being shallow on the right side.
  13. My long game is pretty solid, I know it's against LSW but my short game tends to cost me more strokes than my long game. I could consistently be in the 70s if I went to my no doubles chipping and pitching strategy. @iacas probably has an idea of what I am talking about. If anyone asks I will explain it.
  14. I have been playing the Taylormade project a golf ball as of late. I was at good old Walmart about a week ago and picked up a dozen of the old Rocketballz urethane. Is there much of a difference or are they similar? Was the project a a sort of replacement for the rocketballz Urethane? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I talk a lot about clubs in here, but this is different, so in my driver, 4-wood and hybrids I play Extra Stiff shafts (Matrix Black Tie in D, 4w, and 3h, UST Mayima Recoil in my 4, 5, and 6h). I play Stiff UST Mayima Recoil in my irons and wedges. Does anyone else do this play a stiffer flex in the long clubs, and a softer flex in their shorter clubs? Or am I just an outlier?