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  1. My putter is 37” and I putt conventional. I’m 6’7” I’d have a problem with the 36” max length for putters. Armlock putting isn’t anchoring anyway. And it’s not going away. You still are required to have the skill to putt the ball into the hole whether its with an 18” putter extremely crouched stance. Or a 41” armlock putter. It’s still a skill.
  2. Goose shit, slow ass greens, not mowed fairways. Crappy holes. Paint cans for cups. Maintenance just doesn’t care. I have yet to encounter a course like this. But par-fours you have to hit wedge off the tee are stupid.
  3. They used to come in Walmart box sets. Back in the day. $5 for a set? Shit I can’t find a lefty 6 iron with rust on it at the Salvation Army for that.
  4. Dude feel ain’t real. Golf is a game of imperfect, once you realize that you just need to stay out of the shit and call the zoo. You’ll be set. I mean Erik and Dave wrote a book on it. Loading and Unloading the shaft only occurs during shipping. Flex and Reflex sounds better.
  5. He needs to play the first nine better... stop making 6s and 7s...
  6. I ordered my March 15, they told me maybe last week of April... if they get the heads.. (They upgraded me to two day shipping).
  7. @Darkfrog How the hell do you already have ZX5s? I’m still waiting for mine. I play the set gap wedge in my 785s but it’s kind of a cross between an iron set wedge and a speciality wedge. Sand wedges I like to use a speciality wedge because it’s easier to manipulate bounce/face angle, etc.
  8. I think it’s out there though, Hideki’s second nine after the delay is proof of that. Spieth has already shot 64 on Sunday at the Masters in 2018. He’s close... has had some moments. Just needs a whole round like that.
  9. I just gotta stay out of the shit, because that keeps me from completing silly challenges like this. On the bright side. I think that I’ve figured out the 7th hole so it’ll be a matter of time before I birdie the 7th.
  10. This hasn’t happened in a while. I can’t remember who last did it. Players that won the tournament the week before the Masters and then won the Masters.... maybe Lyle in 1988? Jordan Spieth -14 because you know GOLF.
  11. In a dumbassed 36 hole day today, because of, Golf, I added 3 birdies to my holes to be birdied. I made birdies on 5, 11, and 12. I also made 7 bogeys in the first 18 to shoot 75. The second 18 I made precisely nothing hit 12 greens and shot 73. Not a single birdie though. And I had more than a few reasonable opportunities. I made precisely nothing but a 15 foot par save at 18.
  12. I bought a Beautyrest Black back in 2016 for my back issues... don’t have that bed anymore it’s a long story.
  13. I agree with the obtaining information part. Hell I’m sure caddies use slope enabled rangefinders when getting yardage for a particular tournament. Hell the yardage book that you can buy for the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass has the elevation changes written right in the yardage book.
  14. I think if it’s a “practice round” and you write down what you have learned on a notepad or in a yardage book. I don’t see the harm. It’s actually not cheating. Knowing an elevation change is actually what the USGA and R&A call “General Knowledge”. In a competitive round you can’t ask what club someone hit, but you can ask “How far are you out?” Especially for things like determining order of play in match play.
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