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  1. 1/1/19: Day 1: Lag Putting practice. Mostly just attempting to feel like the distance is correct. Did @JuanTheGolfer break my record yet? I know I did a disappearing act on you guys, but things in my life have changed a lot since May, I haven’t forgotten about talking golf with you guys, it’s just some things in life are more important. Golf is a relaxing hobby to me. I love the game, but it’s taking it’s proper place in the bigger picture of my life.
  2. Distance is the number 1 variant Driver: 250 (total) 3-hybrid: 215 (carry) 4-hybrid: don't know 5-iron: 180 6-iron: 167 7-iron: 155 8-iron: 140-145 9-iron: 130 ish Wedge: 115 Other wedges: who knows? Don't hit full. Putter: on the green.
  3. onthehunt526

    What Would a PGA Tour Player Shoot at Your Home Course?

    Joey Sindelar once played at Newman (my home course) years ago. He shot 68. I believe. I guess the goose shit effected his lies as well.
  4. onthehunt526

    Anyone Just Accept Their Swing?

    I accept it to a point. I've slowed down a lot. I mean a lot. I don't swing nearly as hard any more. Getting used to 240 yard drives and 150 yard 7-irons is rough. But when you know to within 5 yards where it'll end up it's nice.
  5. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    For a little bit, it looked as of Tiger would win both.
  6. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    I know. But ok Unofficially.
  7. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Well Hogan's comeback was in '50 was incredible. Is Tiger's comeback great, yes? Don't really give a shit if people think it's isn't a great comeback. Tiger's win at East Lake locks up PGA Tour Comeback Player of the Year.
  8. onthehunt526

    Legal Chipper

    I agree with this sentiment. I honestly believe that if one wants to use a chipper, let them. Shit, I have no use for a sand wedge, but I carry 2 of them.
  9. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    It was definitely avoidable. He hits something 70 yards short of the green not buried in the trap he likely makes bogey and leads by 1 going into Saturday instead of being tied. He admitted he tried to get too much out of it. Besides he was pumped after making birdie at 6. If this is Tiger's "bad" round. He may go on to win.
  10. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Just putting this out there. I'm hoping for 65 and sizzle. Not 65 and fizzle on Friday.
  11. onthehunt526

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Well I lost 7 and 6. I played possibly the worst 6 holes of the year and never really recovered. When I played my game, I would make par and still lose the hole. Oh well. I had fun. Always next year.
  12. Same here. We had a goof up in the City Championship last weekend in the qualifying round. Someone put a 6 down on a hole for me when I made a 7. I'm on the committee, so I caught it before I signed my card, so I didn't have to Dairy Queen myself. (Good thing I caught that, I ended up finishing second in my flight)
  13. Isn't the hole-by-hole the player's responsibility and the arithmetic the committee's responsibility?
  14. onthehunt526

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Well folks, I'm playing in the Ithaca City Golf Championship at Newman Golf Course. I played terrible in the qualifying round last Saturday. So I'm in the third flight of the match play portion. I won my match on Sunday the 26th, 4 and 3 over the #2 seed (I'm the #7 seed). Today, I won my match over the #6 seed... 7 and 6... I play the #1 seed for the Flight Championship tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
  15. onthehunt526

    Break 80: The 6-6-6 Concept

    50% I believe is scratch level. @billchao You could still shoot 100 theoretically doing this. The 6 birthday holes could be 6 10s. When I shoot in the 70s. I typically hit 7 to 9 greens. Get up and down 3 or 4 times. And usually have a stupid hole or two offset by birdies. Today I probably would've shot about 84, even though I made 3 birdies.

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