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  1. Well after some shit the last couple months I would rather not discuss... I'm back finally... I think this if I'm going to go for it... I might as well do it the right way. I have my priorities straighter now... So here we go with the restart. Besides I want to see whether @JuanTheGolfer can break my record, first hand... you're more than halfway there... It will be tough to beat, but it's just some silly internet record anyway. 7/6/18 Day 1: So I have been practicing and playing golf... Don't get me wrong there. Just haven't posted in... oh 7 weeks or so... but that doesn't mean I haven't been practicing... I'm working on a single thought. My takeaway is/was entirely too handsy. I noticed something though. When I hit chips and dead-hands pitch shots, my takeaway is not handsy at all. So I hit some 7-iron shots, as far as I can take the club back without breaking my wrists, and just hitting some 90-100 yard chippy swings... (If you really want to learn how to hit a blade, you have to start somewhere). Anyway, if you remember that water-bottle path drill back in the winter... you can cheat that, you can save it with your hands if you goof it up (My instructor told me though it is a very good drill for players who hit weak irons to the right, it isn't foolproof)... So it's back to the drawing board... One-piece takeaway... nothing fancy to get back into the forum. Sorry, that I disappeared for a while... I put my two cents in on a couple other threads.
  2. I thought that was an automatic Dairy Queen for refusal to sign your playing competitor's scorecard? I'm not sure...
  3. onthehunt526

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I believe if he were to win, he's automatically in, regardless of world ranking.
  4. onthehunt526

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    Driver, 5i, 9i, Putter. You know like those old 4 club junior sets? I don't like the smaller wedges anyway.
  5. 6/17/18: Day 1: Short connected swings with a 7-iron focusing on contact.
  6. onthehunt526

    Are you gaming muscle backs for 7-PW?

    Yup. Currently 3-PW.
  7. It seems to me that you need something that is in the in-between category, such as a Titleist AP3, Mizuno MP-18 MMC, or Ping i200 something in that range on head design. I personally play Exotics but that is a different animal entirely. I've also heard that higher-handicaps that are improving have benefited from the recent Cobra offerings (F7, F8, etc). We all want to have 10-foot birdie putts instead of 25 feet. I just switched to pure muscle-back blades this year and it's taking some getting used to. I wouldn't recommend going this route. Get a dynamic fit, and try different models out. As I always say, get the proper shaft for YOUR swing.
  8. 5/26/18: Day 10: Still trying to figure out why my distance with my irons has all of the sudden disappeared. So I did some impact drills again today... Still can't figure it out.. Dumb game.
  9. You'd have to pitch a tent after a couple holes, sleep for the night and play a couple more the next day. Maybe you could get three short "holes" played in one day. They'd have cabins and camp sites for rent behind every green. Even with a cart it would take 3 days to play, because you figure the 5000 yard holes are almost 3 miles (280 yards short of it), and the 7000 yard holes are almost 4 miles (40 yards short of it). So it would be like a 60 mile course? I realize that this is an obvious typo on the information sheet. But it would be great if their intent was to make it a golf course, campground, and fishing getaway. You'd need to be about your own township to pull this off.
  10. 5/25/18: Day 9: Went to Dick's hit a few 7-irons. My strike position is okay. I'm hitting it mostly in the sweet spot, but the ball is going absolutely nowhere. I'm not going to pretend to understand the golf swing. What the hell?
  11. 5/24/18: Day 8: Trying to get in a better position with my irons at impact with some impact drills.
  12. 5/23/18: Day 7. Played 4 holes today. I just wasn't feeling it. I love golf and all, but it was rough. I'll try again tomorrow.
  13. 5/22/18: Day 6: Working on keeping my lower body lower through the swing today.
  14. onthehunt526

    NHL 2017-2018

    This, and the Vegas people did their homework. They got the best talent available in the expansion draft. I wish I would have taken that bet prior to the season.

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