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  1. To answer your sleeve length question, I have no clue. If it helps, my "wingspan" is 77" which coincidentally is also my height. That's why I say I have average length arms for my height. I have short legs considering my height (I only have a 32" inseam). So a couple observations: I went through all my charts and notes and the small sample size I have from Game Golf... I definitely have a hole between fairway wood and "4" club. I can hit 3-hybrid a long way when I catch it well but too close to fairway wood. Secondly, I definitely would benefit from a driving iron or two. Especially on days when my Driver takes the day off. Something that I can hit 200-220 to get the ball in play with when I lose confidence in the "Big Dog". Finally, as was said before, if I go the driving iron route, I will not have it be more than a 1/2" longer than the standard iron it replaces. So if the standard length 4 driving iron is 39.75", and my 4-iron plays at 39.25". The driving iron will be standard length.
  2. 11/18/17: Been at work most of the day. But did manage some slow turning drills, in between doing prep and dishes. (The boss gave me a break from cooking today, because we have 3 cooks on).
  3. 11/17/17: Putted in the living room for a bit... Nothing special, just worked on my stroke.
  4. 12 yr old golf length chart ?

    Is he 5'2"? If so, depending on his arm length (wrist to floor). Probably 1" short and 1-2° flat. If you look at U.S. Kids Golf... He would fall into the 63" club fit category.
  5. I figured 5-wood would be a good choice, because there are times I'm 205-220 out, and it's ok, do I choke down on my 3-wood or hit the 3-hybrid and hope it doesn't go into the third base seats? I'm actually more comfortable with a fairway wood than a hybrid for some reason. So that's why I'm thinking that route. I'm actually thinking about "cheating" and having the 3 and 5 woods cut to 42.5" and 41.5" respectively. But keeping regaining the three swingweight points in doing this. The same with the going with a 44" driver. Regain the six swingweight points after cutting it down. My clubhead speed is down to the low 100s. Though I think regular flex, is probably a stretch, a mid 60s gram stiff is not. I may end up with regular though... It's sad because I'm still relatively young (I'm only 30). And I just can't generate the clubhead speed I used to.
  6. For the past couple of years, I have namely played the following set-up: Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Driver, 3 or 4 wood, 3 hybrid, and usually 4 hybrid (though I own the 5 hybrid) Exotics EXI irons (usually 5-AW, sometimes adding the 4-iron) Exotics CB Pro S wedges of varying lofts from 52-60 degrees, but usually 52° and 56°) Exotics DG Tour Series v1.1 Putter, Superstroke Fatso 5.0 35". Ok, so one thing that will happen for sure, at 6'5" I need a longer putter, so I'm planning on going to a 37" or 38" putter so I'm more comfortable. Beyond that, the only thing I'm positive of is, my days of swinging X-flex woods are over. So I more than likely will be going to Stiff flex or perhaps a tipped Regular flex. (And I'm going to play shorter shafts in the woods.) So with all of that consideration, I may stick with the irons and wedges... But I might get something different... Really this thread is more about the longer clubs. I'm tossing around the idea of going back to playing a 5-wood instead of a 3-hybrid. But I'm not sure if I should pull the trigger yet... (I haven't hit a 5-wood in years). My thought is to cut a little off the shaft (perhaps a 1/2") and have the weight balanced so it plays kind of the same as a 3-hybrid, I just don't hook my fairway woods, like I do my hybrid(s). Which leads me to the other replacement... I'm tossing around getting one or two of the new Exotics CBX iron-woods, instead of a hybrid. I understand hybrids are get out of jail free clubs... But for me, I worked on it a lot, and my miss is like Billy Cundiff against the Patriots. So I'm looking at 44" Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood or 3 Driving Iron, 4 Driving Iron or standard 4-iron, 5-AW, 54°, 58°, Putter... Sorry for the rambling, I hope you can follow where I am going with it.
  7. New Tall Player Irons On Order.

    @4right I, like you, am tall. (6'5", 37" wrist to floor). I guess I have average length limbs for my height. I, personally, play 3/4" long and 2° upright (done through a dynamic fitting). I feel as if I possibly need a slightly more upright lie in my irons. (I play Tour Edge Exotics EXI). The problem is they are cast clubs and I need the forgiveness, so I suffer with lies that are slightly flatter than what I need. Now that my strikes are a lot closer to the sweet spot (I'm currently carrying a 6.7 Handicap Index, just haven't updated it yet on here). I may consider getting a "forgiving" forged head, so I can get it bent to what I need it bent to. I don't know what I'll end up going with as far as the company or model, but I'm definitely looking in that direction.
  8. 245 yards carry is not short. It's actually pretty good. It's pretty close to my carry distance. But to answer your question see the post from @iacas above.
  9. When is it too cold to golf?

    Interesting way to solve that problem. The best answer, when Alina (my 4-year-old) asks me if we can go build a snowman.
  10. Vaping is Bad for You

    It only takes one drop of pure nicotine to kill you. Try that on for size. Yes 7th and 8th graders are probably vaping, over chewing tobacco, and smoking cigars. I hope that my kids never start smoking, vaping, chewing, or whatever. Vaping is definitely somewhat safer than smoking cigarettes. But both of them will kill you... Both of them will lead you to more susceptible to bronchitis, pneumonia, and upper respiratory infections. I know none of it is good for you. But for a few years in my late teens and early 20s, I honestly didn't give a shit, and was smoking upwards of a pack and a half a day. It sucked. It still does. You think you can get off of the nicotine easily, you can't. Once it grabs you, that's it, you can't easily get off it. How does a person with a IQ north of 70, smoke? Or an IQ north of 85, vape? Curiosity. They try it once or twice... Then they get hooked, and can't get off. Something with the nicotine and the receptors in the brain, to make the receptors happy, they "need" nicotine.
  11. 11/16/17: Hit some shots with short irons and wedges this morning. Also hit a few middle irons my one long iron and hybrids today. Main focus was getting shot zones kind of down. (It was 44° so I didn't read too much into the 185-yard 4-irons I was hitting)
  12. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    Faster Greens = Slower Play: Hmmmm. Let's see. The study, I don't know has enough data points to prove this. But I will say in my case, even when playing a new course like when we played Conklin last summer, Those greens were a little faster than what I was used to... I take the same amount of time over a putt no matter how fast or slow the greens are... It's more routine for me. Sure, it'll will take me a few holes to adjust to the speed of the greens. However, I adjust that while playing. @iacas Couldn't slower greens than a golfer is used to, also slow up play?
  13. 11/15/17: Slow swings in the yard with a six-iron. Mostly was the focus was low and slow takeaway.
  14. 11/14/17: You know rocking Zoey to sleep is good practice, for a one piece takeaway and feeling your arms-and-shoulders putting stroke... I picked up a putter and tried it... It works very well as a "drill"... No wonder Alina whoops my butt at putting contests, she must rock her stuffed animals everyday.
  15. 11/13/17: Practiced putting in the living room for a while at home this evening.

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