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  1. onthehunt526

    Legal Chipper

    I agree with this sentiment. I honestly believe that if one wants to use a chipper, let them. Shit, I have no use for a sand wedge, but I carry 2 of them.
  2. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    It was definitely avoidable. He hits something 70 yards short of the green not buried in the trap he likely makes bogey and leads by 1 going into Saturday instead of being tied. He admitted he tried to get too much out of it. Besides he was pumped after making birdie at 6. If this is Tiger's "bad" round. He may go on to win.
  3. onthehunt526

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Just putting this out there. I'm hoping for 65 and sizzle. Not 65 and fizzle on Friday.
  4. onthehunt526

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Well I lost 7 and 6. I played possibly the worst 6 holes of the year and never really recovered. When I played my game, I would make par and still lose the hole. Oh well. I had fun. Always next year.
  5. Same here. We had a goof up in the City Championship last weekend in the qualifying round. Someone put a 6 down on a hole for me when I made a 7. I'm on the committee, so I caught it before I signed my card, so I didn't have to Dairy Queen myself. (Good thing I caught that, I ended up finishing second in my flight)
  6. Isn't the hole-by-hole the player's responsibility and the arithmetic the committee's responsibility?
  7. onthehunt526

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Well folks, I'm playing in the Ithaca City Golf Championship at Newman Golf Course. I played terrible in the qualifying round last Saturday. So I'm in the third flight of the match play portion. I won my match on Sunday the 26th, 4 and 3 over the #2 seed (I'm the #7 seed). Today, I won my match over the #6 seed... 7 and 6... I play the #1 seed for the Flight Championship tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
  8. onthehunt526

    Break 80: The 6-6-6 Concept

    50% I believe is scratch level. @billchao You could still shoot 100 theoretically doing this. The 6 birthday holes could be 6 10s. When I shoot in the 70s. I typically hit 7 to 9 greens. Get up and down 3 or 4 times. And usually have a stupid hole or two offset by birdies. Today I probably would've shot about 84, even though I made 3 birdies.
  9. onthehunt526

    Replacing Long Irons with Hybrids

    I used to be against hybrids. I carried a 2-iron for many years. (Even in the hybrid era). I occasionally carried a 1-iron. Now I'm carrying a 3h and 4h. And considering a 5h. Though technically I prefer an "iron-wood" when I get down to that point in the bag.
  10. onthehunt526

    What tee to play from?

    It depends on your average driver distance usually. I've also heard you could multiply your 5-iron/hybrid by 36 and that's what yardage you should play. Hell I'm a 6.7 HDCP and I usually won't play the tips on courses longer than 6500 yards. I average around 250 off the tee. I will sometimes play the Senior tees when I play with this group of senior men I know. Occasionally I'll play the ladies tees (when I play with Becky, which is a couple times a year) I think most men are too macho at times and don't think that they'll lose their Pro Vs in the shit. Be hitting 3-woods and hybrids into par-4s. Be hitting 5-irons for third shots on par-fives and still not reaching the green. Here's a general guide of what tees to pick. Par 3s: 5-iron / 9-iron within 2 clubs either way for each type is okay. So if on this nine holes you have one par-three that's 180 yards and one that's 140 yards. That might be 4-hybrid for the longer one and 7-iron for the shorter one. That's fine. But if your two par-3s are 220 and 175 and you have to hit Driver and 4-hybrid respectively... Move up a tee or perhaps two. Par 4s: Driver / 1/2 SW or so Driver/ 8-iron Driver/ 6-iron Driver/ 4-hybrid Driver/ 3-hybrid or 5-wood If you are hitting more than a 3h or 5w to any par-4 you are playing from to far back. Yes there are exceptions to this general rule. Occasionally you'll play a course with a very long par-4 that there is no way around (a lot of courses have rated combo courses where you play certain holes from one set of closer tees and others from next one back). Par-5s: Driver/ 3-wood (maybe on or close)/ 1/2 SW Driver/ 3-wood/PW. You should never play a par-5 that with 2 well executed shots leaves you with a full 8-iron or more for your third. So if you hit a decent drive say in my case 250 yards, my 4-wood averages about 220. So to fit the criteria my 2 par-5s should be in the low 500s and 590 max. Topography matters to but this is a generalization. To summarize: you're going to have courses with PW par-threes and 5-wood par-threes. You'll have a range of par-fours and a range of par-fives. Most of all golfers. Have fun out there. I don't care if you drive it 100 yards or 350 yards, golf is a beautiful game and is meant to be enjoyed by all. Whether you are 2 or 102, golf is a wonderful sport that non-golfers will never understand its beauty, anguish, love, tranquility, and passion.
  11. onthehunt526

    Finger Down the Shaft Putting

    I putt with the claw grip. Why? Because it takes my right hand out of the stroke. I actually tossed around putting left-handed for a bit (I'm a righty) because my distance control was horrible. I've used the claw for a couple years now and will not change.
  12. onthehunt526

    Rinky dinks (4-hybrid) question.

    I'm thinking of sticking to Exotics but the Titleist and Cobra ones were a definite possibility. Even if it was like an F6 or F7 Cobra.
  13. onthehunt526

    Wedge gapping

    I don't even usually play a 60°. I mean it's in the bag for now, but I rarely use it. 6° separation is usually fine. I do 4 degrees. But then again my 52° and 56° don't usually get a lot of work, unless I'm in the shit.
  14. onthehunt526

    Rinky dinks (4-hybrid) question.

    I have a Nike SQ Sumo 4 hybrid. That's longer than my 5-iron and shorter than my 20° but it's just too damn close in distance to the 20°. There's is like 9 yards in it. And the Nike Rinky is about 18 yards longer than the 5-iron. (I haven't really checked if I can hit it a cut with the Nike Rinky yet.)
  15. Now for what's it's worth. I have been doing some tracking of what clubs I actually hit in my bag. And way down at the bottom of the list was my 4-iron. As a matter of fact, most of the time I have that kind of distance I hit 3-hybrid and cut it. So I did some thinking. I asked myself this question? If there was a hybrid there would you hit it more than the 4-iron? The answer is yes. Now my question to you folks is which one? The reason I say that is the CBX hybrid doesn't go beyond 22°. My 4i is 24°. But I need more versatility. So do I go with like a 25° Rinky or do I try to find a 24ish° Exotics?

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