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  1. Like I said with all the shit in my bag I never carry it. I usually have 2 or 3 bottles of Gatorade a couple ice packs, a lunch, sometimes a couple beers. Pull carts don’t do justice.
  2. Well I’ll reel this back in so it’s back on topic there is a reason I brought it up. Mark went on opposite ends of the spectrum for his test. Super Game Improvement vs Blade. But what about the other categories, blades, player’s cavity, player’s distance, game-improvement, super game improvement? Through the spectrum off all the different types of irons I’d like to see the data of that test.
  3. Really I noticed a big difference, but then again I also have a better fitted shaft in mine.
  4. I agree. This is a relatively small sample size and it’s only qualifiers were 5mm from center for poor strikes and 10mm for very poor. Someone said if you hit a blade out toward the toe, there’s less mass there so it comes out dead. I think this goes back to the old “D-plane” discussion though. As a low single figure handicap, I’ll say this, I played M6 irons last year for a bit. (I though my blades were gone by that’s either here nor there) if you’re talking about just distance dispersion... the cavity back is going to have a bigger pattern on distance dispersion on “good” strikes than a blade. I agree if you hit a blade on the toe. The ball goes nowhere and usually straight right or occasionally left if you’re in to out. You have a bit of a chance with a cavity back in that regard. I’d be willing to guess if you were to take this test to the extreme, Chunky Monkey may come out on top. Have Rory (your golf travel Rory not #1 in the world Rory) do this test and see if you get similar results.
  5. With all the shit I have in my bag, I never carry it, push cart all the way. The only time I carry is when I play left-handed. 😂
  6. What people forget is Mark actually played SGI irons for a time. (And goofs around with those Cleveland HB Turbo irons). Mark played Mizuno JPX-EZ irons back in 2014 before he was sponsored by Titleist and now SRI Sports (Cleveland, Srixon, and XXIO’s parent company). Mark makes a valid point in this video. Chunky Monkey is inconsistent with varying quality strikes versus blade. I’m not sure why. If we did this test with Iron Byron, would the results be similar? The thing I wanted to see was the left and right dispersion but maybe it’s there and I just didn’t see it.
  7. Ok @Sandtrapp220 If you want a new set of irons and need advice, I’m going to have to ask you a few questions to help you. You're about a 9 hdcp. I see you said you had Mizuno JPX-825 Pros and Cobra S3 pro Irons. Are you looking for a players iron or a player’s distance iron? Secondly, what shafts are you looking for? Regular, Senior, Stiff? Steel or Graphite? What sort of ball flight would you like? Finally, are you looking for new or used? Are you opposed to last year or two years ago model?
  8. Here’s a thought, if you’re set on making Eye 2s “modern lofted”. As stated before, think of the 4-iron as a 5, 5 as a 6, 6 as a 7, etc. There is one thing you might be able to do to make them more “modern”. Reshaft then with modern shafts. I’m not sure what the bore tip diameter would need to be. Either parallel or tapered (not sure what Ping was using in 1983, to be honest). But I’m pretty sure that you can probably find out what the tip diameter is for Eye 2s.
  9. You and I both, brother! Like you I am also 6’7” don’t know if you’re arms are long or short or what not, but if it helps in my irons I play a 38” 6-iron (either 1/2” long or 3/4” long depending on the company). Even though I’ve moved on from Tour Edge clubs I still highly recommend them. I’m not sure if their Bazooka 470 set comes 1” long but that would be a starting point. You could also build a HL4 set for probably around $800-$900 (Driver, Fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedge) still would need a putter. The key I found with the putter is you can not buy one off the rack. You have to get fit or order a longer one in my experience.
  10. I actually recently looked over the numbers again and found something very interesting. Now correct me if I’m wrong John, but I don’t need a 225 yard club (3-iron, 235-240 total, my peak height is insane, we’re talking 40 yards with a 3-iron), and a 240 yard carry club, almost never. I looked at the end of last year’s last five rounds and found my answer at least for now. Before I made my swing more compact, (my hands don’t get above my right shoulder on my backswing, but I make a much fuller turn, still haven’t 100% gotten the timing down with the driver yet). I had a lot of longer clubs into par-4s and par-5s. On 18, which is 450 yards. My average second shot was a 4-iron. (Before the changes). The par-5s last year were a challenge to reach in two and a lot of times I’d lay-up. Even the normally straight downwind 9th hole (which doubles as the 18th), not once was I on in two. (The closest I came was a 4-wood in the approach about 10 yards short. The long and short of it is. I can reach the first with two 3-irons on calm days. (I hit 3-wood, 4-iron in the apron yesterday and I didn’t hit the 4-iron that well). How many 2-irons am I really going to need to hit? At my home course, the need for a back-up club on a few holes off the tee is prevalent. The longest par-4 on the front is 350 yards. (Well really 365 yards if Mike would measure the 3rd hole correctly). I decided that if I could split the difference between the 2 and 3 irons I’d have the best of both worlds. Enter the Srixon ZU85 3-iron. It sits right in between my ZU85 2-iron and Z585 3-iron (a little closer to the Z585 3-iron) but it’s the number I need right around 230 stock, can hit it 240 if need be. It was just what the doctor ordered. @WUTiger I did explore putting my CBX back in the bag. (The only hybrid I have ever played that isn’t a hook machine or has a hook bias). But once I got the U85 3UI in my hands, it fit my game like a glove. I digress, but my putter finally fits me again. I went to a longer putter. (37”) and a couple of degrees upright. Why? I was tired of having a sore back after putting for even 10 minutes. (My fitter recommended a longer putter)
  11. I second this. You’re definitely better off with say a $300 bag of used clubs than with a box set. I might be able to help you with that. I have so many sets of old clubs. We might be able to work out a deal.
  12. What do you guys think about strengthening the 3i a degree or a 3i utility that splits the distance between the two and three iron?
  13. My home course doesn’t have any forced carries where I would ever have to hit a 260 yard 3-wood. Other places I play I probably would need it. That’s why I said home course 3-wood out elsewhere 2-iron out.
  14. I think if it hits the raised cup and doesn't bounce too far away. Sure. Screamers oh hell no. Why don't they just flip the cups upside down? At least you still have a "hole" to putt into.
  15. Okay, the results are in. I actually did the gap testing 3 different times. I used a Flightscope Mevo to compile the results. When all was said and done. The club I needed to drop became obvious after the 3rd test. 58° wedge. 98.1 54° wedge. 112.8 AW (51°) 125.6 PW (46°) 139.5 9-iron (41°) 152.7 8-iron (36°) 166.8 7-iron (32°) 179.5 6-iron (28°) 191.3 5-iron (25°) 202.9 4-iron (22°) 214.4 3-iron (20°) 223.9 2-iron (18°) 237.6 3-wood (15°) 254.8 Driver (9.5°) 282.8 Now from those results, I only included stock shots in the averages. I did hit a few draw 3-irons and they add 5 yards or so usually. The verdict is basically this. I either strengthen the 3-iron by 1 degree and that will give me a couple more yards on stock shots. (Taking out the 2-iron) or I get me a 20° version of my 2-iron and take out the 2 and 3 iron. Or I take out the 2-iron and deal with it. On my home course. However, I found that I do not need a 3-wood at all. There are a couple holes that require you to lay back, but with the 2-iron pegged up, I hit it plenty far enough I would rarely need the 3-wood. Any feedback to the results would be appreciated. To review home course drop the 3-wood. Elsewhere the 2-iron stays in the trunk, with either a utility 3-iron replacing the 2 and 3 or just simply the 585 3-iron staying in. Any comments would be appreciated. If there is an option I haven't thought of let me know.
  16. PM me. I might be able to help you with this. You should get some lessons, but the 588 CBs are players irons I think. Save your money get some lessons and PM me.
  17. Nothing. In fact take the 58° out. Take out the 50° out. Take the 8 and 6 iron out. Hell the pitching wedge out for now. As a beginner, you don't need a full set of clubs. A half set is all you need.
  18. Can't possibly be as bad as "The Room".
  19. My daughter Alina is 6 years old. I started her off with the $89 Top-Flite set from Dick's. She now has a U.S. Kids 51" set (she's about 49"). She has a Driver, 3-wood, hybrid, 6-iron, 8-iron, PW, SW and putter. Anyway I see the 39 and 42 inch sets from U.S. Kids on eBay for $50-$100 if you're in the market for sub $100. Side note: 2-year-old Zoey has been known to steal Alina's old putter. But Alina gave Zoey her old clubs for Easter. But she wants to wait till Zoey is 3 to have her come golfing with us.
  20. As many of you may know, New York recently clarified its stance on golf courses being “non-essential”. Though I still haven’t played or gotten to do this gap test yet. In theory now I can. I’ll keep you posted.
  21. I think I may have found a way to solve this issue. I’m going to do a gap test.
  22. It’s nice actually having a putter that is long enough for me. I like the feel and it seems as if I have better success on off center hits.
  23. Srixon didn’t make a 4W for the F85 line. The 7W is a Japan only model. I’ll clarify, @WUTiger my PW is not damaged my stock 46° PW (which is my “full swing” even though it’s only in reality closer to a three-quarter swing) is 138 yards of carry. (I still can get almost there with my CBX blades, amazing what a efficient golf swing can do.) The 51° wedge “full swing” is 122 yards. My 54° is 110 yards. I tossed around getting a 52° and taking out the AW and 54°. Then there is my 14 clubs. What I meant by my 10:00-2:00 swing with my PW is basically my “three-quarter swing”. That shot goes between 115-125 yards. With gripping down I can take that down to as little as 95 yards with a half swing. Alina already plays golf with me. She has since she was three. Now she has the attention span to play a full nine holes though we mostly do it for fun. Alina was more consistent distance and direction wise with her hybrid than I was with a SW. She hits her hybrid about 100 yards. She is a very good putter, and chips well. Usually makes bogey or double on every hole. Shot 48 for 9 from the ladies tees at the end of last year.
  24. That’s usually the way most instructors go with juniors. Distance then control. Alina (my 6-year-old) actually plays with clubs that are made for a 54” tall junior and she’s around 50” tall. She drives it around 125 yards and regularly shoots in the low 50s for 9 holes. (You should see her hit her hybrid, she’s more consistent with that, than I am with my 58° wedge!)
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