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  1. On the golf course, many times. Funny that you infer that there are posters here who are equally interested in playing well.
  2. I find it odd and a bit amusing that, for some golfers, how fast they play is more important than how low they score.
  3. Damn close! Good call.
  4. No one else felt that the high drama of a fairytale finish was just a bit diminished by that missed par putt?
  5. Spieth gave an amazing performance. But, was no one else just a little disappointed when he missed that par put on 18 to break Tiger's scoring record? "Sigh!" It would have been the stuff of myth, fable and legend.
  6. By the book and get a camera to video yourself.
  7. If I had to pick my all time favorite swing, it would be Fred "Boom Boom" Couples' swing. The tempo, the flexibility. Amazing! But, my all time favorite golfer has to be Lee Trevino. Great sense of humor, great attitude, "clutch" competitor, and one ugly ass swing. What's not to like!
  8. Oh, I forgot to mention the Iguana's around the water holes at Key Biscayne. They usually scatter when they see you coming.
  9. I once encountered a chicken on the tee on the back 9 at Key Biscayne. (For those who don't know, Key Biscayne is an island off of the coast of Miami, just south of the island of Miami Beach, and North of the beginning of the Florida Keys). But, this was no ordinary chicken. This was the fanciest looking chicken I've ever seen. I'm guessing it was an escaped fighting cock. It had colors and crests all over the place. Fortunately, it was minding its own business and wasn't interfering with our tee offs. I don't think I owned a digital camera or camera phone at the time. On another occasion, I was walking the course by myself at Mel Reese looking for my ball after a wayward drive, where a big racoon was standing in my path between me and where I though my ball had gone. Of course, I wasn't going to let some racoon make me walk around, I was going to make him get out of the way. As I got closer, he raised up on his hind legs in a menacing manner, right in my path to my ball. Now it was personal. I was determined to impose my dominance over this racoon. Although I was somewhat uncertain on the inside, with my golf back on my back, I leaned forward and hastened my stride as I got closer to the racoon. He didn't budge, and I didn't slow down. Finally, without missing a stride, I pulled out a long iron and as I got to withing about 10 feet, pounded it on the ground in front of the racoon. Fortunately, he scurried off. Whew!
  10. I take more pride in hitting the ball 250 in FW in good position to shoot for the pin with a short or medium iron.
  11. The only way I can see smoking dope lowering your score is if it helps you forget how many strokes you've taken.
  12. Says the guy with the Telecaster for an avatar! Hahaha!
  13. Hahaha! I find it amazing that in a little over a week this thread is 23 pages, and over 400 posts, long. Even the main S&T; thread only has 76 pages and 1360 posts after about 3 years. Maybe this just goes to show where golfer's genuine interests lie.
  14. Your premise is false. The pros don't employ the most difficult swing in golf, they employ the easiest swing in golf. If you get more enjoyment from the game by employing a more difficult swing, that's another matter. Perhaps you need more of a challenge to keep it interesting. However, I suspect that the rest of the golfing world simply prefers to play the best golf they are able to play, rather than something less than their best.
  15. Oops! Hahaha! The OP's first sentence provides as follows: "The past three rounds I have had 36 putts." That's an average of 12 putts per round as I read it. It should have been 12/18, not 18/12. In either event, it didn't make sense to me.