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  1. I'm also with you where I've never replaced spikes on shoes. I'm generally very gentle with mine. I try to stay away from gravel/asphalt/concrete and do my best to just walk on grass. That's a sure fire way to get your golf shoes treads and spikes to last forever!
  2. It was, I ordered a pair of the Game Changer Hybrids (as well as their ultralightweight stand bag which looks nice. Will just return it if I don't really like it). Thanks for all the input guys! I expected more people to be pushing Ecco on here since they seem to have a good reputation with comfort, but we shall see how the Trues are :)
  3. You know, I keep getting their magazine, and I don't know why I never thought to look at their shoes! I'll look into True Linkswear
  4. Hey folks! Right now I'm in the market for a new pair of golf shoes. Right now I have the FootJoy Contour series that are going into their third year of play, and they're just not really cutting it. I remember when I bought them, they were a heck of a lot more comfortable than my FootJoy Lites I had before them. Maybe just age is getting to them, but they're still in great condition. Regardless, my feet are killing me. As of right now, price isn't really the deciding factor...I have yet to find a golf shoe that is actually comfortable to wear. There isn't a place anywhere nearby where I can tr
  5. Hahaha that's how I felt about the 2 wheeled pull cart that I used to use very seldom
  6. It really depends on the person, their skill level, and what they are looking for out of the game. If it is just your weekend hacker or someone who is out there just for the fun of it, then yes, they should tee it forward. But for someone who plays regularly and who is really trying to become very good, then they shouldn't tee it forward. I voted "maybe", because it depends.
  7. At my home course, the 15th hole is probably the worst Granted, it's pretty straight, but the fact that it's 600 yards makes it tough enough, especially for a relatively short hitter like me. The fairway is lined with trees on both sides (as most are), but the sheer length of it gives you the mentality that you need to kill it off the tee, which usually never ends well for most people. Not only is it long, but the green is a nightmare. Talk about slope. If you miss long, forget it. Your ball will go off the front without a doubt. This is the only hole that I will "let" myself get a double boge
  8. Alright guys, I did order myself the Rovic RV3F last night off of Amazon as in the poll, using a push cart is the majority (though slim). We'll see how much I like it! Should get it Wednesday. Last right I was reading reviews of just about every push cart out there so I think it should be a good choice. I'd like to save my back a little bit.
  9. It's an awesome feeling when your irons are spinning! A lot of factors go into it
  10. I walk almost every time I play golf (unless I'm in a league or tournament) and I have no real problem with it. I like to walk. I always carry my bag as well. However, I see a LOT of people who have push carts and I was wondering if it's worth getting one. The only push cart I've used before was a crappy one from the 90s that I didn't like very much, but I don't think that I should make up my mind off of that. So, walkers, do you carry your bag or use a push cart? Those who have done both, which do you prefer? Do you really find it easier pushing a cart over carrying your bag? I
  11. My uncle hits a 2 iron. Of course, he's also VERY good, drives it a mile, and has a fast swing speed which allows him to do so. Me? I can't even hit a 4 iron well ;)
  12. I don't think that's nearly enough loft for a 5 hybrid. 22 degrees is the loft of my 4 hybrid I believe. Going by your current lofts, try looking for maybe like a 25 degree club for your 5 hybrid.
  13. Awesome, thanks! I'll be sure to keep up with that
  14. Hello everybody! I'd like to jump in on this thread as I'm from western Massachusetts in the Berkshires
  15. Mine are standard lace ups, and I'm with you...they're the most comfortable golf shoe I have owned
  16. I'd like to get my 6 (or 7 or something haha) cousin out on the course.
  17. It's really hard to argue with Ernie Els if you ask me
  18. I would really recommend the Winn Drytac grips. They honestly feel like a dream.
  19. Last year my feet were absolutely killing me when I played golf so I replaced my LiteJoys (or whatever, I don't think that's the name) with the Contour series which is FootJoy's comfort shoe. On top of that I also bought some orthodics which I can comfortably slip ontop of the liner that was already there. It was tight at first, but once the shoe broke in I have no problems whatsoever and they fit me perfectly.
  20. If you really like the clubs themselves (and considering that they aren't that old), I wouldn't go out and buy new ones. I would stick with your current irons and do the reshafting, regripping, and modifications. No sense in buying a whole new set when they aren't even that old.
  21. When playing winter golf, chances are, I am not going to go out there to practice my game or play competitively. I will play winter golf as just something to do. For those reasons, pretty much anything goes. If I hit a bad shot, I will rehit. If I don't like a lie, I will move it. It's just going to be me and my buddies and we all know it's winter golf so it isn't taken as seriously. If I was playing competitively (which I do when not winter), then I obviously play strictly by the rules. But when conditions are cold, hard, and we are just out there to have fun as something to do, no one
  22. I will go out whenever, really. But I kind of prefer about 9am.
  23. ajst22

    Driving Distance

    This is my 3rd year of playing golf. My driver distance is only about 235 or so...not very long. Swing speed is about 87mph. I am 17 and shoot in the low 80s to occasional high 70s
  24. When I am playing well, I am the calmest guy but when I play bad shot after shot, I often can't control myself ;) haha. There are 2 reasons I have the 4 irons in my bag...as a stretching club, and a smashing club ;) lmao...but seriously I don't throw clubs. I just drop it during the swing after a bad shot and swear my head off, but that's about it
  25. I would like to start with last week when I took a demo Cobra Baffler T-Rail 4 hybrid out and hit it within 6 feet on Skyline Country Club's 190 yard par 3 7th hole. This week, during a golf team match, I had a chip in birdie on Waubeeka Golf Links' par 5 8th hole. Helped me out a lot since I sliced the drove way right and was very angry. I was in the paper ;)
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