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  1. I have started making my own beer which is turning out very well! I have the mr beer kit and have successfully made and bottled one batch, and fermenting the second which is Oktoberfest.
  2. I went yesterday and got a new driver! Taylormade burner 3.0. Last years model
  3. How long has everyone been golfing, how you got into the game, and what is your favorite part of the game? I have been golfing for about 3 years. I started by going out with my father-in-law, and now hooked. I love to just get out and enjoy the beautiful courses. I love how relaxing it is to get away for a few hours with no worries.
  4. Thanks for your advice. I might just chock it up as a loss. I guess I will watch the forecast a little better next time! I think they should give you a double refund for the bees!
  5. I went out for a round on Saturday, and got rained out on the first hole. The owner had left before we got back to the clubhouse. Do you think I should ask for a rain check, and do you think they will give me one? Thanks
  6. I actually think we may get out of class at 10 or so. Send me your number, and I can give you a call when we get done. The class is at Cummins west, so its not far. Thanks!
  7. I was thinking the 9 hole. The Marina inn, can get me right in since I am staying here. Its only $10 to play in the evening. Not sure if thats too late for you or not. As of last night, they were pretty open.
  8. I am in San Leandro CA for a work trip. I am wanting to play at the Marina inn on Friday. Anyone going then? Maybe have some spare clubs? I left mine at home, not knowing all the courses down here. Message me if you wanna play!
  9. 1. Play more than 3 times the whole year like 2009 2. Practice alot more 3. Enter at least two outings this year 4 Get my father into the game (that's my secret goal)
  10. You could put hand warmers in your pocket and warm your balls that way.
  11. I wish they had free beer at this torunament! It would have been more worth it. The had sodas, water and donuts.
  12. Thats a good looking 216. I am glad there are more people that love JD L&G;'s.
  13. Dave, I think the only thing you home owners will cover is if you damage somone property while you golf. ie-house or car. I think if you look at your scorecard it says golf at your own risk.
  14. moshdirtjumpr

    Golf Team

    I would say there are no requirements for my home town golf team. I have seen a few of them practicing last winter at the golf dome. Lets just say it was kind of scary. It is probaly because there were 140 people in my graduating class. Compared to my wifes was 800.
  15. I hit sponge ball down the hall into my dogs bed that under the end table. It makes him really mad when he is laying in it when I practice.
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