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  1. No I traded them in. Rookie mistake, " Oh look at these pretty new irons, I bet I can hit the ball better with these." They did feel good when I was swinging them inside on the monitor, but now that I have the burner's, they just don't feel right. Live and learn, but I now know I will never buy clubs with out hitting them outside first. I will give some of the new callaways a try at the fitting, along with many others I hope. I had thought about getting them bent when I had them, but was worried it was my over the top swing that made me hit the toe on the ground. Again, live and learn
  2. So I just made an appointment for an iron fitting next week. I played golf for 2 years about 5 years ago, and just got back into it at the end of last year. I have taken a few lessons to correct an over the top swing, and some days feel my swing has greatly improved (although has a long way to go, and is still not the most consistent). I started the end of last year and this year with callaway x20's, and felt that they were to flat of a lie, because I would always have plastic from the mats on the toe of the clubs. So about two months ago I traded them for burner 2.0s. I do not like the burners at all. My ball flight seems really really high, and they just don't feel right, I seem to hit the ball way back on the heel. I now realize that always hitting the toe on the ground was likely from my over the top swing. Anyways that was just a brief history, I don't know my handicap, but shoot a horrible average of 50 to 55 on 9 holes. I use to be in the 90's for 18 when I first started years ago. I enjoy the game, try to get out at least once a week, and go to the range almost everyday. Any suggestions on what irons I should make sure to try?
  3. The site said I was standard length, but maroon dot. I am about 5'10". I have noticed that when i stand more upright where I feel natural, and hit off the mat at the driving range, that the green plastic from the mat is always on the toe end of my irons. Lately I have had a bad outside inside down swing and I am taking lessons to fix some things. I thought this down swing might have caused the toe to hit the mat but today at the range as I worked on keeping the same swing path in my back swing and down swing, I noticed the green plastic was still on the toe and my shots where not consistent in yardage. I decided to change my stance so that my knees where much more bent (or at least felt like they were), so that I could hold the club at a different angle than my more upright stance. This different stance sort of put the club head at a more upright angle, and wouldn't you know, I was hitting the ball much straighter and much more consistent. I am going to mention this at my next lesson on Friday, and see if I can set up a club fitting if the instructor thinks my swing is consistent enough. Can my x20's be bent upright 4 degrees if need be, or will I have to purchase new clubs?
  4. Hello all, I am new to the forum. I am currently taking some lesson, and have a set of callaway x20s. I was not fit for them, just bought them off the shelf, so was thinking of having a fitting done once my swing is more consistent. Anyways that led me to pings site with their web fitting. Has anyone used this and how accurate have you found it to be for a fitting? After I entered all my measurements, it told me I would fit a maroon dot. That is like 4 degrees upright and just seems kind of far from standard. Thanks
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