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  1. Unfortunately for me, I'm a lefty, so finding a 4W is almost impossible. But it's definitely a good idea.
  2. Hi everyone, I've decided to go to a 4 wedge "system" as described by David Pelz in his "Short Game Bible". I noticed that the weakest part of my game has been from 100 yards in, and I'm taking steps to fix it like spending most of my practice time chipping and also moving to a 4 wedge system. My current set-up is as follows: - driver 10.5' - 3W 15' - 5W 18' - 3H 20' - 4H 23' - 5i - 9i - PW 47' - GW 52' - LW 56' - SW 60' - putter I was thinking of dropping the 5W and adjusting the 3H to 19'. My only question now is: which club do I pull out? I played a practice round (no s
  3. Hi Erik, Thanks for the comment. I tried most of the suggestions you mentioned: taking a few clubs (2-4 depending on where I was and what I might possibly need next), walking to my ball, and encouraging my playing partner to go to his ball. After my shot (which I played when I was ready), I walked promptly to my ball for my next shot (or putt), using the clubs that I had with me. As I signed the "non-slow play" promise, I was trying to get our group to play a bit faster - not so much rushing the players, but encouraging everyone to take their shot if they're ready and if it's safe to do
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering what your thoughts are on walking vs. "carting" (i.e., riding the golf cart) when on the golf course. Normally, I like to walk while playing golf, but this weekend, I played at a course that had a mandatory "golf cart" rule. At first, I thought "nice" as it was quite early in the morning (6am tee time). Also, I haven't used a power cart in almost four years so it was a bit of a novelty to try using a power cart again. After the round, I'm not sure that I like the golf cart. Here are some reasons/observations I had about using the golf cart: - I'm not su
  5. Not sure what you mean by "reasonable". Here are some thoughts on carry/stand bags that I'd recommend: Ogio bags are nice. The Woode club organization system is excellent and the bag has quite a number of well thought out features. I can see that the company has put some thought into what a golfer wants/needs when using a bag. My only criticisms of their carry bags is that they are a bit heavy (Ogio Edge). I wouldn't call the price expensive, but it's definitely not "cheap" either. Ogio seems to make good quality bags and seems to incorporate some new technologies (e.g., the Schwing ca
  6. Interesting comments about following the rules. For me, it's quite simple. If I keep score, then I follow as best as I know how - there are quite a few obscure rules in that rule-book... If I'm not keeping score, either during a practice round or playing a social round with my retired parents, then I just go "with the flow" and try to move our group along and focus on other parts of my game.
  7. Eric, Thanks for the thoughts and information. I've found that I like Pelz's approach to putting and now the short game. The 3x3/3x4 idea makes sense and takes the guess work out. I'm not sure that I know how to hit a 60' wedge just now, but I'll work with my golf instructor this season to see whether 3 or 4 wedges is better for me. I currently have a 47' and 56' and am likely to add a 52' to fill in the gap. I'm figuring I'll get more immediate use out of a 52' than a 60' at this point. Maybe I'll try 3 wedges for a season and evaluate if I need a 4th - maybe even try 4 wedges next sea
  8. Signed. I played my first 5 hours/round) and am considering not playing at 4.5 hr courses. I've pretty much stopped playing on weekends or holidays because that's the worst time. Death to the 4+ hour round of golf! Hans.
  9. Like the other posts, I haven't had any problems using the Zero Friction tees. I originally read about them here on the Sand Trap's review of Zero Friction tees and decided to try them out. I've been using them since early 2006 when they became available here in Canada. I haven't had to buy tees since, even after splitting half of the package with my sister. She hasn't had to buy any tees since then either. Honestly, I'm not sure how this company makes money considering I don't need to buy any new tees. I figure one package (50 tees) can easily last two if not three years. I play ab
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to get an idea about how many wedges to carry. I was reading David Pelz's Short Game Bible and noticed that he recommends players carry 4 wedges. His recommendations are: a very weak PW (50'-51'), SW (55'-56'), LW (60'), and XW (64'). When I watch golf programming (i.e., The Golf Channel or other broadcasts), I keep hearing that amateurs should not play a high lofted wedge (60+), but Pelz suggests using a 64' (assuming you can even find one). Basically, Pelz argues that larger gaps in the woods/long irons will not affect your score as much as having more precision
  11. How's the payment handled? Paypal?
  12. hansmixer

    Logos Down?

    My biggest pet peeve is when people give you "golf tips" about your swing and how to play the game during the round. It's one thing when I *ask* (a better player) for a tip, but I hate it when people start giving out free "advice". I know I just hit a poor shot - there's no need to tell me what was wrong with my swing (especially when yours is not better). I suppose my second biggest pet peeve is when people don't follow the rules and etiquette of golf and then record their score(s) and start bragging about how well they're playing. Just this past week, I played a round with my mom and so
  13. Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know that other people are tinkering too :) But, I think that I agree with Erik's earlier post about the backswing: I guess my challenge has been that my golf instructor clearly wants me to develop a two-plane swing. I don't have a problem with that. But, now that I look at my "bad swing tendencies", I wonder if my body-type and "natural" swing is more of a one-plane swing. My major challenge has been that while I try to go for a classic two-plane swing, I tend to rotate "flat" and need to remind myself every so often that the arms/hands nee
  14. I have hit the Cleveland CG2 and my impression was that the irons are very soft, easy to hit, and are long (I didn't realize the lofts were a degree strong). My overall impression was that while the clubs are well constructed and designed, I just felt that the CMM material felt a bit "mushy". I just didn't get a sense that the clubs were as "solid" at impact as other clubs that I've hit recently. I haven't hit the Titliest 704CB, so I can't offer a direct comparison. But, I don't think you can pick a "bad" set with either of these companies.
  15. I was wondering if anyone (or any people) can help explain the main difference between the one and two plane swings. Recently, someone I know mentioned that he switched from a two to a one plane swing. Ever since, I've been doing some reading on the subject (mostly articles on the Internet), trying to figure out a) which type of swing I utilize, and b) which is "right" for me. Unfortunately, I haven't really been able to find an answer to either of the questions and seem even more confused. There's a website that's devoted to the one-plane golf swing ( www.oneplanegolfswing.com ) where
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