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  1. I lost a few balls yesterday.....and after the way I played probably two more. But I did not notice a difference between the ProV, Bridgestone, Two Callaways and the Noodle...they all seemed to splash the same.
  2. At least now I know I am not the only one...last minute thoughts popping into my head I have been shooting low to mid 80's for several years now always trying to break 80...only done that once shot a 75...the golf gods were on my side that day, it was amazing. Lately I have been practicing more than ever, and yesterday shot a 98!!! The one thing I learned was the sequence of the meltdown. Here it is... first hole par...second hole missed fariway into woods tried to crush the ball creating a slice, big trouble (been hitting them straight on range), double then thought, forget the driver, going to the money club, 3 wood... hooked it... ok...my irons are always consistent so I started hitting those well... long story short by the 15th hole .. i am thinking i need to change the grips, they are slipping out of my hand, so I am holding them too tight... putting...had at least 10 putts lipping the hole, but nothing sank by the 18th, i did not care any more and took the driver back out and ripped one down the middle for about 295...then hit the green with a 175 yd 6- iron...and two putted for par. Par on the first and last...everything in between disaster...can't figure out why. But walking away for a while...maybe I'm burned out, trying too hard, and always having high expectations, too high.